expired [Refurb] iPhone 8 64GB (6 Months Warranty) $569 Delivered (Grey Import) @ Hulii


*Hulii offers you mobile phones that feel renewed. All our devices are checked extensively and guaranteed 100% functional. All phones come with a 6 months warranty and 14 days no questions asked free returns.
*Condition: Light scratches visible on the body as if the phone had been in your pocket for a few weeks.
*Any issues and we will send you a return label.
*Call us with any questions at 03 6118 7190.
*Free shipping and returns. The phone will be shipped in a well protected box.
*Charging cable and sim pin needle are included.

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    So this is what Gavin Belson has been up to…

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    I generally would warn people not to buy from 3rd party refurb sellers, as all kinds of shenanigans can go on. It looks like Hulii has good reviews on trustpilot, but I still don't know whether I would recommend them.

    Its not clear whether original or 3rd party components were used, and its not clear whether due to 3rd party servicing if the phone has any remaining apple warranty or not. Apple will NOT service or replace phones that are 3rd party tampered, so if you get your phone liquid damaged, you will not be eligible to pay for a refurb replacement at an Apple store, but will instead need to find a 3rd party repair shop. It would be nice to be able to purchase phones that came with some original Apple warranty, rather than 3rd party warranty.

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      Agreed, it is a big risk.

      Much better to get an iPhone 7 brand new for the same price, local supply.


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      Hi Pinchies, thanks for your feedback. Completely understand the hesitation of buying from a 3rd party. At the moment, at places like eBay and Gumtree, it is hard to know where you can buy high quality used electronics from a trusted party, that's why we started Hulii. We don't like to see great quality products like iPhones ending up in someone's drawer, so are hoping with Hulii that we can give these phones a second life.

      A little bit about Hulii; we vet all the sellers on our platform, who have to ensure that all products they sell are fully tested and functional before they are being shipped out. The phones are all original and come in different grades, "perfect" if you want a phone that looks almost like new up to "good" if you don't mind some scratches on the phone from the previous user. On the components, our refurbishers do replace batteries where the battery health is below 85% to ensure your phone can last a long time.

      Regarding the warranty, as most phones are over 1 year old, the Apple warranty has expired. In case you have any issues, we offer a 6 months warranty on all the phones which is backed by the refurbisher as well as a 14 day return option, to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. In the unlikely event that you have issues, we help you arrange the repair or replacement with the seller, so you do not need to find a 3rd party repair shop. In case you experience any issues that fall outside of the warranty, we are more than happy to recommend you some qualified repair shops that can help you repair your phone.

      Although we know building trust takes time, I hope the answers have helped and yes… we are 'real people' behind the Hulii brand :) https://www.hulii.com/au/about-us


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    From experience I would advise people to stay away from these refurbs, they are flooding eBay and usually in poor condition

    Ask yourself if you're buying a luxury item like an iPhone do you really want a dirty old used one?

    I mean there are sooo many new, high spec Android phones out there for this price you need not go with a used phone

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      “Dirty old used one” I’d argue that my ‘dirty old used’ iPhone X after a whipe down would look almost like new. Internals are the same as new, so don’t see the problem u less the battery / warranty isn’t great. For an iPhone 8 I don’t think this is a bad deal.

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      Some people don’t want android phones.

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    Hi OP,

    To what extent have these devices been 'refurbished'?

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      Hi Miq,
      Refurbishment means different things for different companies, so it can be a bit confusing! In our case, refurbishment means that all phones are fully checked and graded on their visual condition. We also ensure that they are cleaned, from a trusted source and are unlocked. Our refurbishers keep the original components, but they do have to ensure that the battery life is at least 85%. If not, the battery will be replaced by the refurbisher.

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        I wouldn't really call a reset and wipe-over with a cloth 'professionally refurbished' as your website states. Quite misleading.

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        Our refurbishers keep the original components

        Does this mean they take out original components and replace them with cheaper ones?


        seems like a lot of companies don't know what refurbishment means, or are being deliberately misleading.


          I was legitimately asking because it can be read both ways, a clear response would help clear any hesitations people might get from reading that
          Refurbishers keep original components.. if you find later that Apple won’t fix the phone because it doesn’t have the original screen or home button etc, they could say “we told you refurbishers keep the original parts”.

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            @unco: i see so many listings on ebay for "refurbished" phones but they conveniently neglect to detail what they did to refurbish it.

            sellers simply need to state they are selling a 2nd hand phone — like EB games do — otherwise they're about as dodgy as some random on gumtree flogging their used phone.

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            @unco: Hi Unco and TDW. Thanks for asking and sorry for the confusion. What we mean with the original components is that the phones on Hulii have all original components. Regarding the replacement of the battery, as Apple does not sell batteries to 3rd parties, the battery will be replaced with a non-Apple battery. These batteries perform like an original new battery. Hope that clarified your question :)


    Hulii as in the Hooli?


    i wouldnt touch an android phone


    Cheaper on eBay with coupon 'PAPER' from other sellers.

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