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Sony WH-1000XM3 $395 Delivered @ Sony


Just noticed Sony Australia have the WH-1000xm3 down to $395 on their website. $395 is not really a bargain but when paired with the $150 back Amex offer, it makes it quite tantalising.

Just place an order up to $500 or more and get $150 back with Amex bonus offer.. I bought the Headphones and some playstation games.

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Sony Australia

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    The problem is what to buy for the rest of $105

    • A carry bag, cleaning spray, and cloth

      • expensive bag. It already comes with its own.

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    At the end you spend $500 to buy that headphone plus few thing that you don't really need or you can get somewhere else cheaper.

    Sony says: gotcha!

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      And i get $150 back! gotcha

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      The point of spending $500 is to get $150 back.

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        which leaves the price at $350 for the headphones, and some free junk you didn't want.

        • Pick the right things and you can sell that junk though, maybe not for $150 but perhaps it’ll be worth $50 to $100 depending on the items chosen.

          • @Smigit: Yeah I was thinking of buying a ps4 controller and selling it unopened on gumtree. Should fetch $40 - $50 easy.

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    Just buy two…

    • Who wants to go halvsies?

    • Even if you bought some extra junk you don't need for $105, this would still work out to be $350 ($500 minus $150 cash back), which is $45 cheaper than the JB price.

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        IF you walk into jb and ask for a better price they do it for $350. I did it a couple weeks ago

      • Finding items worth exactly $105 is difficult.

        Last AMEX deal, it was spend $600 to get $200 off. The item I wanted was $599. I could not find anything for $1. The cheapest thing they had was $25 garbage in ear earphones which HN would sell for $7 in the bargain bin.

        The non garbage ones were $35, but again massively inflated in price, and the reviews on site were poor. They fail after not very long.

        In the end, I didn't buy anything.

        I think if you are going to spend the extra $105 to make $500, you're going to end up spending more than that based on what things cost there, and everything being full price (no EOFY sales it seems).

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    Buy 2 with a mate for $320 each

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      i wanna be your mate!

    • You can get prices like this regularly just off ebay.

    • Halvsies with someone?

      • Stevtom27 I've got an AMEX and looking for someone to go halvsies with!

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    Make sure to stack with cash rewards.

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      Thanks for visiting via OzBargain - don't forget cashback via CashRewards!

  • Is a new version coming next month?

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      Nothing's been announced, but it's a safe bet there will be something this year.

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        interesting.. whoever negged me is betting against the last 3 years of trends. That and Bose has a new set of headphones to respond to that just upped the ante.

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    Is it worth to wait for Amazon prime day on this weekend? Ebay deal sold this for $280 couple of weeks ago.

    • ebay US is having their own prime sale during that time. ebay AU will likely do the same.

    • They did, but they had 2 and a half pairs available at that price.

    • missed out on this by 48 hours, so sad

  • I would consider buying them from Sonyaustralia ebay store : for $319.20 after 20% discount code(polar20) they are listed as manufacture refurbished or seconds

    • I got these ones. Refurbed literally meant a dent in the box for my case.

      • So far as you can tell..?

        Because refurbished or not the product itself could look the same. A dented box doesn't exclude the item also being repaired

    • I wouldn't risk it. Thats a crap discount if the one you get is actually a refurb.

      Id team up with someone and go halvsies on one you know will be knew.

  • So you actually have to spend $500 to get these? That’s not really a bargain for the product itself, is it?

    • No, they're $395. If you want to maximise your savings, ideally you'd spend an extra $105 so that you receive a $150 credit, making your final spend $350 i.e. less than the cost of the headphones.

      Your neg is invalid in this case.

      • No, they're $395.

        $395 isn’t a deal for these headphones. So it’s a valid neg.

      • I think his neg would be invalid if someone posted suggestions on good ways to spend that extra $105.

        I'm all ears myself.

        • +1

          Well I bought the headphones, Death Stranding (a game I will want day one of its release) and the last of us.

          $520 in total. Getting $150 back so I spent $370 for some headphones, a $79 game on release day and a another game to add to my collection.

          I'm really happy with my purchase. Plus I'm going overseas within 60 days so I'm getting $39.50 back via TRS.

          So $329.50 for that bundle of goodies :)

  • What's this Amex offer and how do you do it?

    I have a mastercard so I assume it's not for me?

    • +1

      Someone will likely neg you, just letting you know it isn't me.

      But yeah, when there's an AMEX offer it naturally is assumed to apply to AMEX cards, not Mastercard.

      • No worries. I will accept the negs! :)

        • +1

          It’s cashback offers for Amex cards. Usually spend $X and get $Y back. They’re quite good, if you have an Amex.

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