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AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor $175.20 + $12.95 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


I believe this to be one of the lowest prices ever for the R5 2600. Even cheaper if you have discounted gift cards. Limited stock available currently but they seem to have been putting a bit more stock up after they run out each day.

6 Core 12 Thread CPU running at 3.4 GHz.

Credit to doweyy for originally spotting the deal in another post's comments section

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    Good price. Bought from them at this price on Sunday. Still hasn't been delivered though.

  • Just wondering, does anyone know of a good deal on the B450M MSI Mortar/Mortar Titanium mATX motherboard currently?

    • +3 votes

      I grabbed the MSI Tomahawk for $162 delivered last Friday night from Futu. Highly rated board from my research on the internets.

      Edit: whoops didn't see your need for matx.

    • looks like they are going for around $160 delivered on Ebay with sale's coupon code.

      I got mine for $152 with the same coupons 5 days ago from ebay.. looks like they upped the price a little :) i wonder why eheh

    • I use this exact same board. Amazing looks and performs really well. A really good board. Been using it for about half a year now and really digging it.

    • I got the B450M Msi Mortar through Computer Alliance on ebay for 143, should be arriving either tomorrow or monday for my new ryzen 3000 build. For ryzen 3000, i need to do a manual bios update before i can use the cpu using bios flashback (basically insert usb with bios file, click bios flashback button. only need to be connected to psu, no cpu needed). If you're going for the ryzen 2000 series it should be ready to go. Reviews seemed really good for this card and compared to the Tomahawk, its a mATX. The tomahawk is a ATX motherboard (so its larger). Reviews seemed good but if you have any questions, once i finish my build i can update you.

      • How did the BIOS update go? All over reddit people have been complaining that the MSI BIOS for Ryzen 3000 compatibility is terrible looking and unstable and that they will never buy MSi ever again (sounds a bit over the top from some of them haha)

        • The flashback features works really well, though people seem to have trouble with it working with usb 3.0 and those with 16gb+. Luckily i still have a 8gb usb 2.0 usb from ages ago so that worked. With other board manufacturers this feature seems to be on higher end boards so idk how you would update it cause you can't boot the computer with a ryzen 3000 cpu while having a ryzen 2000 bios i believe. Yeah, they replaced the nice looking bios with one called Click bios (GSE Lite) which is extremely bare bones and lacks any nice visual look to it but i believe it still has the main features. I'm not the type of person to fiddle a lot with the bios with overclocking any stuff so the convenience of a quick 5 min update before commencing the build has me satisfied.

          I understand peoples concern regarding the bios and its looks and stuff but as of yet it doesn't really affect me alot, but may some time down the road where i decide to overclock and stuff.

          I'm not sure about unstable, the model i have (B450 mortar) just got the second ryzen 3000 bios update and has worked well with my ryzen 3600, 3200mhz ram and amd radeon 5700.

          edit: any other questions ask away

    • I've got the MSI B450M Gaming Plus and been very happy with it. Might save you some extra $$$ and perform just as well depending on your needs.


  • Damn just bough a Ryzen 5

  • As more sellers would want to clear their existing stock..
    how low can this go, now that ryzen 3000 are out?

    Does a b350 motherboard support ryzen 3000?

    • Check manufacturers website site for support.
      Even some B320's have bios updates with support for 3000 Series

      Each board and manufacturer is different.

    • i doubt it will get much cheaper, $150 off the 3600 is what I would consider a way better than a good price for the 2600. the 3600 isn't that great thats its worth double.

      Yes b350 does support ryzen 3000 with a bios update, I think it is up to the motherboard manufacturers discretion as to which boards from the first gen ryzen launch will be supported though so just look up the bios updates for a board and see if it supports new ryzen CPU's.

      I probably wouldn't put a high end ryzen on b350 though. Most of those boards had like a 4+2 phase VRM where as most x570s were sporting like 12 phase so they probably need it.

      • so what is the acceptable price for 3600 vs 2600?
        Is $175.20 good price for 2600 or wait some more to see if it goes down more..

        I got an existing b350 board but the existing cpu 1700 is stuff (broken cpu pins)

        so should I get
        -a 2600 at this price or possibly going lower?
        -buy a 3600 and use it on my existing board b350
        -or buy new x570 board + ryzen 3600 etc?

      • Depends what you're using it for. While 3600 only gives about 25% better performance in gaming vs 2600, for productivity it's 30-100% better depending on the type of workload.

        • I would like to see the evidence suggesting 30-100% productivity increase.

          • @neferseki:

            up to a 35% performance boost in games and at least a 45% boost in applications, though as we saw in WinRAR it can be over a 100% boost.


            Above statement is when compared to 1600, which is about 10% slower than the 2600.

            • @Ryballs: Yeah thats not compared to a 2600 haha, also you can see from the real world applications it remains a 5-20% performance increase for a 3600 compared to 2600.

              using the gaming cost per frame graph you can see the r5 2600 averaged 114 whilst the 3600 averaged 130 which is roughly a 14% increase. not worth an extra $150 in my opinion.

              But not too mention the 3600 is basically not overclockable where as the 2600 is able to be overclocked so if you do that it closes the gap to like 10-13%.

              • @neferseki: 3600 not overclockable?

              • @neferseki: Yes like I said it's currently better value for productivity than gaming.

                • @Ryballs: Sure but from most benchmarks ive seen productivity is still mainly a 20% increase (adobe, blender, corona, vray etc etc). And at $175 vs $320 the CPU's are not really in the same budget range I mean if you want to argue that you may as well go a 2700x or 3700x well that is unless you really want that winRAR performance.

                  what kind of programs do you think has such a huge increase (that you can show with evidence) that warrants the price jump?

    • You would have to check the motherboard manufacturer's CPU support list for each specific B350 to be safe. Youtube poster "Hardware Unboxed" has a B350 running a 3900x. The same goes for the website "Techpowerup".

  • Seems to be half the price of a 3600. Whats the performance difference like?

    • About 25% better performance in gaming vs 2600. Productivity is 35-100% better depending on type of workload.

      • Not sure why the downvotes, I'm just repeating what I read in a recent review. Seems like there's some butthurt 2600 owners in here..

  • Sorry to railroad, but does anyone know if the Intel 9700K or 9900K will drop in price in the next couple of months?

  • anyone know if the 2600x is worth considering? theres an average of $50 differences between 2600 and 2600x.

  • Good cheap board to use with this?

  • Any good over the 1500x?
    Do I need to upgrade anything else?
    Is it a worthy upgrade?

    • Yes it's a substantial upgrade over the 1500x, but since you are that far back I'd recommend a 3600 as an upgrade.

  • Back in stock right now

  • hey guys, what is your thought on buying this CPU? Am I better off waiting for next gen AMD prices to go down a bit rather than pulling the trigger now?

    My use will be primarly be for CS:Go for gaming and video editing for youtube. I might play other games like PUBG/Fortnight, but only care about hitting high FPS in CS:GO. I know Intel is better for CS:GO, but for video editing, AMD wins no? And I am not playing my CSGO with max resolution anyway.

    Assuming budget is $1000 (I already have a decent casing and power supply), so can spend the A$1k on CPU/Mobo/Graphic Cards/SSD. What are your thoughts?


  • Back in stock with new PILOT code. Also there is an alternative listing from the same seller at the same price

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