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20% off at Selected Sellers (Sony, Sydneytec, Sydney Mobiles, VideoPro, Techmall, Futu & More) @ eBay


Enjoy :)

20% off at Selected Sellers

Terms & conditions

Acceptance. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 15 July and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 24 July 2019 (“Offer Period”).
Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on eligible items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars

Selected Sellers means: ( Thanks to Trishool & putshan )

7 Star Bathroom
Acqua Bathrooms
Appliance Central
Appliance Giant
Apus Auction
Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies
Aquatee's Fishland
Ausu Tek
Auz Retro Gaming N Collectables
Bargene E-store
Bestart Australia
Boutique Cellar
Brandport Pty Ltd
Camerastore Australia
Canningvale Australia
Chalet Online
Crazy Victor
Custom Home Theater
Eastlakes Electronics
Elegant Showers
Espressorium Nespresso Coffee Pods
Excel Store Online
Fab Living
Fitness Fanatic
Flex Fitness Equipment
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
Futu Online
Games We Played
GFL Marketplaces
Global Export Online
Golf Mate Ebisu
Gorilla Film Gear
GraysOnline Australia
Green Concept Lighting
Hasbro Gaming
Home Online Superstore
Just Wines
KG Electronic
Knives Online
LANplus Australia Pty Ltd
Life AU Shade
Life -Style-Store
Linen Dreams
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Mansfield Hunting & Fishing
Matchbox Australia
Mazuma Mobile AU
My Phonez
NES Printer Supplies and Services
Oz Office
Pet and Live Stock HQ
Planet Linen
Pool Room Supplies
Press Play Audio
Radio Parts
Reborn Electronics AU
RepoGuys NSW
Smart Flash
SOBRE Smart Living
Sony Australia
Supp Kings
Sydney Mobiles
Tech Mall
The Whisky Company
The Wine Providore
Tiimeless Design
Time2Shop Australia
Tommy Swiss
Treasure PC Online
Trigger Brothers
Trinity Connect
True Blue Bargains
Videopro Australia
WORX Power Tools Australia
Xhunter Australia
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

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  • +60

    Search links here:




    For those who want to try the full link

    Hopefully got them all

    • +1

      Out of interest - how do you create the full search link with all stores? I tried by taking the whole list of store names, merging them all into a single string (separated with a comma in between each store name) and then doing a advance search by 'seller' to include everything the string i created. Each time though it throws an error to say one or more stores could not be found.

    • +3

      a subsequent search on ebay page is bringing back "Service Unavailable" - is there an outage or is the search link broken, or am I doing it wrong?

    • +1

      Can't use the full search link, can someone help?

  • +1

    What is this max $300 crap. Hopefully increase that limit in future deals.

    • -4

      Have you considered that higher priced items might have a smaller margin to play with…?

    • +1

      Genuinely curious about how frequently you're purchasing items over $1,500 on eBay that it not only is an issue for you this time but you also foresee it as an issue for you on the next sale. Or are you purely looking to purchase things to resell off eBay to profit off of the sales? No judgement either way, just curious.

      • +4

        Purchases >$1500 on eBay very infrequent that is why when I do I would want the full "20% off". Given that and the fact that many sellers increase their prices when the sale starts we are not getting anywhere near 20% off sometimes.

        Previous eBay sales has either no limit or at least a higher limit of $1000.

        Doubt you could get much profit if any reselling on eBay given the fees.

        • +1

          HAHAHAHA “the full 20% off”. Like how sellers have been consistently jacking up prices by 10-15% during these 20% off sales? The $ limit in the t&c has far less impact than the illegal pricejacking. Too bad the ACCC doesn’t even care though.

    • +5

      totally dude I was about to drop 15k on baby wipes

      • The limit's per transaction, so just make 10 x $1,500 orders and your dreams can become reality.

      • totally dude I was about to drop 15k on toilet paper and resell on eBay for sweet profit

  • +12

    Sydenytec. Is that in Sydeny Australia like the olympics?

  • search link please

    • +2

      Lol someone commented this on the last eBay post and got a bunch of up votes. OzBargain is a funny place.

    • Why the down votes?
      It is a legitimate request.

    • +1

      its already provided above

      • It wasn't there earlier when the user posted it. It is only up top because it have been pinned there. You can even see from the time stamp.

        • +1

          woah! when did ozbargain have a pin function?!

          • +2

            @havok44: When scotty realised ppl dont need to waddle all tru the crap to find useful posts.

  • +1

    Sony doesnt have the WF-1000XM3 !?!??!?!

  • +14

    Trying to get in on prime day lol

  • I’m looking for a new tv for someone between 40 - 50” but they only have $550 to spend. All the good brands including hisense are over $550 even with the 20% off, any ideas?

    • +1
      • +3

        That’s not a good brand

        • +3

          Hisense is good brand?

          What do you want for $550? May be Aldi TV if you 5hink it is a better brand

          • +14

            @SnoozeAndLose: Hisense is a good brand and it chops Viano to pieces

          • +10


            Hisense is good brand?

            No, only the brands that you know from TV commercials are good and nothing else.


            • @nikoris: That's why Panasonic no longer advertises , it no longer wants stupid people to buy its products lol

    • +1 Something like this? Prime day is coming up so cross your fingers for another deal like this one

      • Yeah i saw that when it came out but $595 would be really pushing it

        • Sony make great Tv's, but their entry level stuff is not good. A Hisense R6 or TCL P8M (both 2019 models) are well within your budget and out-spec anything else at that price.

          • @aja12: +1 for tcl. Best bang for the buck imo.

    • Aldi has a 58" 4K Ultra HD TV for $499 starting on wednesday 17th july

      Also read their returns policy

    • I’d look at slightly used better TVs on gumtree or marketplace

  • +1

    Is this to counter Amazon Prime day sale 15,16th July.

    • -4

      Sadly I doubt Amazon "Prime" day will be anything worth worrying about, in Australia at least.

      • +3

        It was pretty good last year. Happy with my PS4 pro

      • +2

        Nice make sure you spread the word more for us :)

        • All yours, and yeah meh so far.

    • 100%. They didn't have these sales pre EOFY to boost numbers

  • +2

    begun, the price jacking has

    • +6


      • Sonos One RRP $299, $322 before the "20%" discount at SydneyMobiles. Did they "jack" the price for this sale or is misleading consumers their SOP is the question. There will be hundreds more if you look, and a few actual 20% deals as well.

        • I noticed that. When I was on Sydney Mobiles they already have 20% off using code ‘Polar’. So they are rolling straight into another ‘sale’. These sales are just taking the piss now. Finding a decent priced item is becoming rare.

        • +1

          Just checked..Its showing $299 since 8th July where do you see $322 ?

          • @Being Askhole: It was $322 on the ebay listing when I used Murpha's search links yesterday. It's possible that was an error they corrected or just as likely they (read the comments re RRP and) realised they're on shaky ground wrt pricing and discount claims. Many would be aware of the ACCC's actions against Kogan and others.

            Thx for pointing out the price drop though. Drops the price to $239.10. $269.10 at Amazon, possibly less on Prime Day(s)

      • This WD Blue 4TB HDD from futu_online was listed for $138. I bought one when they had listed stock and got the 20% off as per this offer.

        They cancelled my order saying there was stock issues and now the HDD is $188 with 0 in stock.

        Blatent price jacking. Watch how the stock level will return.

    • -1

      Jacking begun the price has.

  • What are TCL tv’s like does anyone know?

    • +3

      Watched few sitting in Jb Hifi and costco. From picture quality cannot fault them. Some of them come with nice audio bars/speaker bars. Personally I prefer Hisense, LG and Samsung (Sony picture quality wise is good but not very nice reviews about Android OS they installed)

      • I’ve read that the new FFalcon tv is made by TCL also, i wonder what they’d be like

      • Yeah the Android OS is a massive pain in the arse

        • +1

          Android OS itself is great, but it's a resource hog which can cause issues on cheaper Tv's.

          • @aja12: I have a reasonably good Sony from 2017, and it has heaps of issues like not waking up from sleep, heaps of lag, intermittent wifi issues, etc

            There's fairly poor software support from Sony unfortunately

            • @buckster: Many of those issues are problems on non-Android OS TV’s too. Which model Sony do you have?

    • +2

      I have had a 65P6US for a year now, can't fault it. The only annoyance - slow to boot up.

      • I’ve read that the new FFalcon tv is made by TCL also, i wonder what they’d be like

    • Are u going to use it as main tv or bedroom? Will u be playing games or watch sport?

      • Main tv and tv shows, movies and sport. He might get a PS4 later on down the track

    • I have a 55C2US (off the top of my head). Started on Android TV 6 and is now on 8. Wasn't expecting to get any updates. Must say it is faster than expected and not what I'd consider slow, but booting does take a little while (faster with Android TV 8, though). I've been happy with picture quality, but HDR on anything other than QLED or OLED isn't great.

  • +2

    well if they are trying to counter Prime Day … this is not how you do it…

    • No worries, Prime will counter ebay and that is how they do it.

  • -1

    Can I stack with this deal:

    Buying 2 for $790, 20% off takes them to $632, $150 Amex cashback takes them down to $482 or $241 each.

    Will this work ? and I need a friend who wants the same thing.

    • +2

      amex cashback is not living in ebay 20%off's universe.

  • I'm the first to beg shamelessly for search link.

    • Nope, second. (didn't search, lul)

      • Lol, didn't get negged to death though. Winning .

  • +5

    Wonder if AirPods 2 will be available for more than 43 seconds before being completely sold out?

  • SydneyMobiles already has 20% off, with POLAR20.
    This just continues it on.

    From items I've searched, prices are within $5 of others.

  • -2

    Release the price jackers~~

    Come on, someone had to say it.

    • +3

      These deals are designed to catch out the unaware, hence why the ACCC has laws re misleading discount enticements (even if they won't enforce them).

      For example, a "SPONSORED" GME XRS 330C UHF radio sold by be-start for $588 (less 20% = $470) can be had elsewhere for $405 (or $384 with "parsley") - that's 14% less, more with the parsley Ebay discount. Worse still, the be-start asking price is 18% ABOVE RRP. Bloody disgraceful.

        • +3

          Back at ya. Your deal to comment ratio is far higher than mine I see. Hypocrisy much? Wrt business practices I guess you're a rule of the jungle man then eh? Irrespective, why don't you find something better to do than commenting about my comment? Never know, might be more productive.

        • +2

          maybe cos price jacking is illegal

      • I get it, and agree 100%. Price jacking is $&#)*@%. Offenders should be slammed. But they've all found their loophole.

        Not sure you've picked a working example, though. They can ask $1000 if they want. RRP and competitor pricing means nothing.

  • Why doesn't anyone ever have the OnePlus 7 Pro 😔 dammit.

    • What price are you hoping for? I think I'll jump when I see it at sub $900

  • Futu is alright not jacking prices, right?
    Time to get new SSD and ram

    • Certain items already jacked..

    • +2

      They do, but because they are always in the discount list the prices are always high. Check their Shopping Express website for better general pricing and occasionally better special pricing.

      • i see.. i assumed wrong. yeah, checking the ram prices, nothing special with them

    • +1

      Can't say prices are jacked much for what I bought earlier today.

      Picked up 2x Western Digital Reds 4TB for $158.40 from futu. Decent price, better than shopping express and lowest I could find.

      Same for The QNAP TS-228A which was $204 after discount. Best price out there right now.

      Disclaimer: code used was POLAR20. Same same though.

  • I tried to look into The Whisky Company, but they have Zero items for Sale.
    Am I missing something?
    Hopefully it's not asking me to come back in 3-days time….

  • +1

    PILOT to co-pilot looking for life in Ebay's deals sir… No sign of it.

    • +1

      All I can see is a bunch of prices rising and they're so high I might die if I go buy it

  • No computer alliance :(

    Want to buy the xbox controller again

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