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[eBay Plus] OnePlus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB $815.15 | 8GB/256GB $857.65| 12GB/256GB $968.15 Delivered (HK) @ Oz Digital Online eBay


Lowest price so far. About $85 cheaper than previous deal.

$815.15 One Plus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB Gray

$857.65 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Gray

$857.65 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Blue

$866.15 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Gold

$968.15 One Plus 7 Pro 12GB/256GB Blue

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    So much pasta goodness tonight.

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      Carb loading!

      • Well, I'm stuffed.
        I ended up pulling the trigger, despite some of my annoyances with the OnePlus 7 Pro:
        - Poor customer service, practically non-existent warranty
        - Very fragile selfie cam, glass back, weak IP67-like water resistance
        - Curved display, with only 90Hz screen
        - No Headphone Jack, and No microSD slot
        - No front-firing stereo loudspeaker (eg ASUS RoG 2)
        - Bulkier than competitors (Samsung, LG, Sony etc)

        I guess what won me over at the end was:
        - the acceptable ~$850 price
        - the software-freedom
        - and the decent-enough flagship specs (camera, screen, battery)

        In case anyone was curious, I spotted these accessories:
        - Screen Protector 1
        - Screen Protector 2
        - Back Protector 3
        - Dock 4
        - Case 1
        - Case 2
        - Case 3
        - Case 4
        - Case 5
        - Case 6

        • I'd have gone the Zenfone6 personally, but to each their own.

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            @MasterScythe: The ASUS ZenFone 6 is amazing and affordable. Many people would've got that (incl me) if not for its average LCD screen, lack of IP68 and/or Removable Battery.

            The ZTE Axon10 Pro seems to be the cheapest phone with Waterproofing and Flagship features, but it has compromises elsewhere (software support/root) and is actually very rare to find.

            The Lenovo Z6/Lite/Pro are very impressive devices all at very impressive prices. But what they offer in unbeatable value, they don't make for a great upgrade-path from an ex-flagship (XZ1c/S7/V30 or newer).

            The ASUS RoG Phone 2 and Nubia RedMagic 3, both acceptable phones are too large for my standard-sized jeans pockets.

            ….my only regret is to not get a Razer Phone 2 for $0.01 (though I would've paid upto $600 for it). So compromises had to be made in other places.

            • @Kangal:

              and/or Removable Battery.

              Is there a new phone with one of these? My LG G5 is just about hanging in there.

              • +1

                @Nomadesque: Sadly, the last (good) phones with Removable Battery was the Samsung Note 4-Exynos, LG V20, and LG G5.

                The only ones that came after that are the Samsung J7 and Samsung Galaxy 4S Xcover. There's the Sonim XP8 if you like rugged phones.

                • @Kangal: Unfortunately making batteries non-removable is just planned obsolesence from phone manufacturers. Started with Apple and the others followed suit. Really disappointing.

                • @Kangal: Yeah, currently looking at the Sonim because I'm out working in tough conditions a lot of the time.

                  Just a shame that there are no local suppliers and it's pretty pricey.

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    There's cheaper 8GB Pros (Grey) from 7272will for $830 after discount. Limited supply though.

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      I didn't post that one because the seller seems to be unreliable.

      • +1

        (and limited supply <10). I've had previous successful transactions

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        If anyone wants to buy from 7272will it's about $25 cheaper

      • +4

        I have bought a couple of phones a Oneplus and a Xiaomi one from the seller. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and no issues whatsoever with the purchases. I highly recommend 7272will

        • I bought one 256GB 8GB RAM Mirror Grey from them 2hrs ago, hopefully you are not an add bot :)

          • @linhlink: Same.

          • @linhlink: Ok, don't forget to come back and post your experience after 4 days. NO, I'm not an ad bot

        • Hello SriAvi and/or any others who can comment.quick question, since you've tried both Xiaomi and OnePlus phones.

          I'm a massive fan of Xiaomi and love their phones and launcher etc, but have never owned a OnePlus phone but keep hearing about how good they are.

          Comparing apples with apples, would you recommend one brand over the other and if so why.

          Thanks brother.

          Hopefully myself and others who are in the same boat as me might find your experience / review helpful in our next phone purchase.

          • +1

            @chicken lover: My suggestion would be to go for Oneplus for its close to Pixel kind of clean Android OS and the regular updates. Their support for older devices is comparable to that of Apple as they also follow one device a year policy similar to Apple.(mak3s it easy to test upgrades as compared to tons of models Xiaomi releases)
            Last of all Global ROM is more Western unlike the Chinese dominated Xiaomi skin, not necessarily a bad thing but depends on your preference.

            • @SriAvi: Thank you mate. Appreciated. I'll have to mix it up and try a OnePlus on next upgrade.

              Anyone else tried these two brands and would like to add their insight or personal experience? Cheers.

      • -1

        Yeah fruck that guy.

        I once asked if a huuuge price difference between colours was correct, or a price error.

        I got no response, and he 'banned me' from buying from him.

        Doesnt deserve business.

    • +1

      wow good to know 7272will is still in business. I remember buying a a sony ericsson k850i from their ebay store back in 2007, can you imagine. I only remember good things about the service.

    • I bought from 7272wil few months ago. Service is reasonable for a parallel importer, customer service answered my question quite quickly before and after sale.

    • +1

      speaking of 7272wil i just bought this Mi 9T for $407
      hope it arrives on time….

      • Thank you, Just bought Mi 9T after reading your comments. $407 is the lowest I have seen so far.

        • +1

          per my reply to ifoundabetterprice i think u should do the same. just chuck them an email asking about when will it arrive and they may provide u a faster shipping method

      • Amazing price for such a great phone, purchased mine last week (for a higher price) but so far still not shipped :(

        • did u get it from the same seller too?

          • @fatbunn: Yup 7272wil. Did a google search for reviews and it didn't look too promising. Hopefully we will get it within the specified time

            • @Ifoundabetterprice: i contacted them asking when will they deliver the product and they said that it will take 3 business days to process the order and it shipping will take 1-3 business days. fingers crossed everything is going fine for yours

              • @fatbunn: Contacted them after reading your comment haha. Was yours the black 128gb variant and how how long did they take to reply you?

                Also you've bought yours on the 28th so it will be the 3rd business day today? Please keep me updated to whether they actually ship your item :)

                • @Ifoundabetterprice: so i still have not received any tracking number from them BUT because i have a DHL account (thankfully) i got a text from DHL saying that i have a parcel in transit and will arrive tomorrow (hopefully… since DHL always provides an earlier scheduled arrival to keep your hopes up).
                  but yes i have read some posts about 7272wil and similarly they shipped their phone from hong kong instead of sydney. they didnt provide any tracking number for us probably because they didnt want us to know where it is shipped from.
                  also i think they used DHL for me because i contacted them and they promised to deliver within the time frame. hopefully they use DHL for u too but considering how long ago u bought it from them they may have already used a slower shipping method.

                  • @fatbunn: thanks for your detailed reply :-) Looks like they're sending the phones in batches. I just got a text from DHL about half an hour ago as well saying that estimated delivery is Friday (i dont have a DHL account btw). TBH i dont mind where they send the phones from as long as the delivery date is as promised, since the mi 9T doesn't have genuine aussie stock anyways.

                    Hopefully we will receive it within the DHL estimated date haha

                    • @Ifoundabetterprice: i have received mine on thursday n its been working well so farm hopefully i didnt jinx it

                      • @fatbunn: I received mine on Friday. But has sold it off as i really can't stand MIUI haha. If it comes with android one this would be my dream phone!

    • Ordering from 7272will has been a pain tbh. Almost no communication at all. Ordered and Paid on tuesday 30th July and literally had to keep on asking about the order everyday.
      They marked the item as posted on Monday 5th August but no tracking information at all till this moment. Even if it arrives I am just going to return it. Quite dodgy tbh. Would have been a better idea to order from Oz Digital Online.

      • And as of today the order status has changed back to 'PAID' from 'SENT'. So dodgy shit. Waiting for the shipping date to pass before i can get the refund.

  • Wow. That sucks. I literally bought this from the same supplier on eBay 2 days ago. Order is still pending. Do I have any options here? I paid $1007 for the 8gb model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Yeah give the seller a message about it, I've had times when I've purchased something then the next day it went on sale. They'll just refund the difference :)

  • +8

    This is GM1910 CN version. Global Version is GM1913.
    Instead of Oxygen OS, OnePlus smartphones sold in China come with Hydrogen OS.

    I am not sure other difference between GM1910 vs 1913.

    But for HUAWEI P30 PRO.
    AU version has 4 internal antenna which CN version only has 2. As half amount of base station were in china in this world, so you wont need 4.

    I am not sure if the same thing will be apply to oneplus.

    anyone who also bought P30 Pro also tempted to buy this phone???

    I went for p30 pro, between those two as huawei has better build quality, camera, bigger battery and faster charging.

    • Damn. I ordered one of these 2 days ago from this seller. Did I screw up here? I’m with Telstra. Am I going to suffer with reception and internet speeds? Any advice here on what I need to do or should do would be appreciated. I feel like I should have done more research - Doh!

      Edit: I don’t like rooting my phone, but would the best option be to do this and install a stock Oxygen rom? Is this even possible?

      • +3

        The hardware is exactly the same. Most sellers that sell to the Aussie market will preflash oxygen. If not it's very easy to do yourself.

        • Thanks. Just reading up a bit. Apparently it can be done without rooting so that’s a relief.

        • This is interesting, Im curious to understand how the preflash of oxygen happens.. Does that mean the phones are unboxed etc or Does oneplus themselves offer to do this.

      • +1

        check the spec and band that telstra on, I think there are 2 band you will need, i forgot which one…

        but be honest, I reckon you should be alright… Its just a bit hard on warranty thats all.
        I bought from jb 2 month ago for 1130-500 deal. and its 2 yrs warranty.


        • Thanks. Been doing a bit of reading. I think I’m ok. You got the OP7 pro from JB? That is an amazing deal. I didn’t know JB sold it? Did they stop selling it for some reason?

          • @snagseb: @snagseb: They don't sell OnePlus

            • @beaver2233: I didn’t think so. Nng526 must be talking about another phone.

          • @snagseb: Nah, I switch from IphoneX to HUAWEI P30 PRO

            • @nng526: Ahh ok. I understand now. Nice phone. Terrific battery life. Was also tempted to get that.

              • @snagseb: I am not really a gamer, but I been using it for a whole day and bettery never drop below 50%
                and it is fully charged just after I had a shower..
                so cant complaint for that…
                I never have to carry a portable battery charger with me anymore

                • @nng526: That’s awesome. I guess that’s why they call it the Battery Champ.

      • +2

        u can flash it easily, depending on your pc skills.
        otherwise youtube it or ask oneplus, i m sure they will send you one.
        Its a very nice phone.
        they paid over 100million CNY for Samsung just to make that screen of 90hz
        you wont regret

        • +1

          Thanks. I did some reading. Apparently just download the oxygen os zip file and out it in the phone and update and format. No rooting required.

      • +1


        Read here looks like shop from HONGKONG

        • Yes I think they are. But options seem to be so limited in buying this phone in Aus. Even Kogan imports from HK, so I thought I may as well save a few hundred and buy from these guys. I hope they agree to cancel my order. If they do I’ll get the 12gb version and still pay $40 less.

          • +1

            @snagseb: ok if you want contact ebay try this:


            Read from the seller page shipping and terms get this:

            During periods of high demand we may run out of stock in Sydney. In order to avoid delay, we will pay the extra postage costs to have your item sent from our international logistic center in Hong Kong. Specifications of the camera package will be exactly the same as per the Ad and the warranty is still valid in Australia.

            • +1

              @Apollo-Fc: Thanks. Just did that a moment ago. They seemed to dodge the price guarantee question and said they contacted the seller on my behalf. So I asked again, if the seller doesn’t agree to cancel, will they invoke the price guarantee for me. Fingers crossed.

              • @snagseb: Good and use paypal whatever you buy next time~

                • @Apollo-Fc: Yep, I did. I purchased it on eBay. Curious, does this give me other options I’m not aware if?

                  • @snagseb: You purchased on eBay or through PayPal? If you paid by card on eBay there's no PayPal protection but if you paid via PayPal you can always file a PayPal dispute and get refunded

    • +3

      Furthermore, for me personally, 1 Year Au Warranty is a gimmick, as Australia has not intention to sell oneplus officially.
      So after 2 month of ebay feedback period. basically you are on your own.
      Unless you appeal via paypal and half amount of case they will sided with buyer or you can contact oneplus in china and ship it back on your cost.
      They are very quick on responding.

      • +1

        nice find!

    • My one I bought in America… It's 1917. Not sure what the differences are. Mine is double sim though.

      • Really 1917, sounds like you are back to the future 😉

  • +3

    Paid $960 month ago for 256gb/8GB model, it's a damn good phone (upgraded from S8+)

    • Yeah I upgraded from a Mate 9, it's awesome. Seriously awesome.

    • I have used Samsung, Asus and Motorola phones, and OnePlus has been the best brand/phone I ever used.
      Great community and very lite OS, that it's the first manufacturer's ROM that I simply did not want to flash a ROM over.

      • +1

        the thing is , after 6T model (inclusive),
        OnePlus removed the 3.5mm earphone jack :-(

        So for that reason alone, Asus Zenfone 6 is a better buy :-P
        (along with MicroSD slot, a 5000mAh battery and no notch! it has that funny motorised back-camera which becomes the selfie camera)

    • I upgraded from S10 and I am so happy I did this. Faaaar better phone in terms of speed, screen, and battery life.

    • damn i got the v30 yesterday and when i got home i saw this deal, and the guy at jbhifi made me sign a paper no returns lol

  • I am still tempted to buy it after i had huawei p30 pro for 2 month.
    just because its full screen display…

  • Does thishave GST, pls update if it does

    • +1

      I dont think u can do TRS since it is not official Australian stock…

      • I have an option to salary sacrifice and it can be done only of there is a GST component :(

        Edit: removed association

        • Definitely no GST on these. You won't get a tax invoice with a GST component.

          • @plasmapuff: Have to let the offer pass then unfortunately , thank you for the info

  • any deal for the basic oneplus 7?

      • Nice find, and i was going to pull the trigger on Aliexpress for $650.

      • good find! but seems no band 28 (700)?

      • Thanks.

      • Nice find, just bought this

      • -1

        god dammit bro id totally would have paid the extra 200 for this over the v30 i got yesterday, is there any way to return it? lol they made me sign a paper to say no returns for change of mind.

  • +4

    The signal strength meter on OnePlus phones are misleading btw. It'll show strong reception when cell reception is actually very poor.

    If you look in the build.prop file of the phone it literally has a line that says ‘#enable signal cheating’

    • I need more excuse stopping me from buying it after I just had HUAWEI P30 pro…

      help needed..

      • Dont, HUAWEI P30 pro is just as good.

        • screen….

          • @nng526: You could save some bucks for the new Note 10 & Note 10 Plus coming in the next month.

            • @linhlink: not fan for samsung unfortunately, even I can get it at least 35%-45% off when its launches..

              • @nng526: Same, I work for one of the big network carrier, was waiting for the note 10 but One plus 7 still won me over at the end, mostly because I dont care about the camera, just want that 90hz.

                • @linhlink: seriously mate,
                  I am a owner of iphone X and HUAWEI P30 PRO, should I swap or not?
                  Apparently oneplus is earsier to get scratch than other phone as it is using gorilla glass 5 while others using gorilla glass 6.
                  People love the fast charging but huawei I am using is even faster.. with 1080P will have much longer battery life.
                  huawei got best camera yet, and oneplus cant do microfocus if u r moving too close…
                  extremely low light huawei is second to none..
                  but huawei has a water drop screen… thats a big down side…
                  oneplus fingerprint sensor is not always on unlike huawei, u have to wake the phone first..

                  Do u want to buy a huawei ?

                  • @nng526: "I bought one 256GB 8GB RAM Mirror Grey from them 2hrs ago"
                    That was my reply above, the ship already sailed.

                    I bought the RhinoShield case and screen protector so scratching or dropping is a non-issue for me.

                    u have to wake the phone first
                    You can do 1 or double tap to wake the phone, not really a problem to be honest, always on sensor may even cost more battery life.

                    HUAWEI P30 PRO is a good phone, but I just do not like Huawei in general.

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