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Festool 1600W 254MM Kapex 120EB $1749 (561288) @ Total Tools


This is the superceded model. New model has REB suffix. Difference as far as I can tell is dust port and stabilization arms. I cannot find any reports on real world difference.

I've just spent my shop money elsewhere but if I haven't…

$250 off retail. Festool rarely goes on sale.

Description from website (although if you have to read this, this item is not for you).

The KAPEX Sliding Compound Mitre Saw is a true example of Festool's innovation. It's unique design allows maximum cutting capacity of the 10" saw blade, enabling you to cut 120mm high skirting boards at their finished angle. Dual-line laser beams clearly mark the exact width of the cut for positioning the work piece from the left or right. Fine adjustments give millimetre precision for angle and bevel cuts, and the twin sliding rails ensure smooth guidance of the saw blade for the perfect cut. The compact design means no space is required behind the saw, allowing you to work easily in restricted spaces. The KAPEX is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.
Twin-column design for accurate cuts
Compact, lightweight design for easy transport and use in small areas
Dual-line laser marks exact width of the cut
FastFix saw blade change for adaptation to the material
Fine bevel adjustment from the from of the machine
Power consumption : 1600W
No-load speed : 1,400 - 3,400
Saw blade diameter : 260 mm
Cutting capacity at 90° : 305 x 88 mm
Cutting depth at 45°/90° : 215 x 88 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 713 x 500 x 470 mm
Connection d/e : 27 / 36 mm

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  • +2

    Festool sounds like a euphemism for dysentery

    • I don't see it.

      • +1

        thanks buzz killington

        • If only i could change my username to this

    • +4

      You almost have to dislocate your shoulder just to reach the switch. STUPID

      That's actually something I do not like about this saw but when I used the depth limiting function (during a demo, I didn't buy one), it felt right sliding the saw with a vertical handle.

      Overall, I don't like the handle.

      The Dust rains down on your Head, if its not connected to a Vac. STUPID

      If you're buying Festool, you have dust extraction. Like any Festool products, the dust extraction is phenomenal.

      Its not the easiest to carry and a lot of weak plastic bits that will break one Day

      It's not the easiest to carry but I doubt it will break any sooner than my Milwaukee 10 inch sliding mitre saw.

      All senior/experienced Carpenters all come back to the Makita 10" Comp/slider.

      Probably. Festools are bloody expensive and seem to only target woodworkers in our local market.

      Makita/DeWalt/Milwaukee/Bosch have woeful accuracy (as a woodworker) at full slide extension and bevel detents are too sloppy (again, to woodworking standards).

    • +2

      I've had one for over a year and it's been great. I usually have it connected to a vac so I haven't experienced the "raining of the sawdust" you speak of. Not sure of this dislocating your shoulder to reach the switch, are your arms attached to your hips? The trigger for the saw is attached to the handle, which I think is quite ergonomically designed and have had no trouble using. Are you talking about the laser button?

      • The optimal height for your Saw Bench is 25mm below your Elbow. Perhaps your bench is lower, or maybe you are tall.
        This Festool Saw switch is definitely on the uncomfortable side.

        • Most people running the Festool would build a mitre saw table so it's fairly safe to assume the height would be customised to the user.

          Still, I wish they made the switch horizontal like everyone else.

          If they made a 12 inch, standard kerf horizontal trigger with a zero clearance plate, I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

          • @DisabledUser88699: Stick with the Milwaukee, Mate. You'll have $1200 left in your pocket.
            That's 5 nights in the Gold Coast with some spending Money, and you'll be happier.

            • @Mchappy01: I like to do inlays and traditional joints.

              My Milwaukee leaves a hairline between all the joints. Having said that, I'm not sure if the Festool would fix the issue but it's certainly an accuracy problem.

              I don't get that problem if I set up the sled on the cabinet saw but I don't like doing that. Changing to a cross cut blade and attaching the sled is a waste of time.

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought 10

  • +3

    … I am surprised, there are other woodworkers on ozbargain.

    I thought it's a pursuit that can no longer be financially justified.

    • +1

      Probably more metal workers on here i know a few people on here with lathes and others that are into welding.
      Plus an average Ozbargainer wouldn't know what Festool is lol add Hiilti and Fein tools to that list. They are more so trade only.

    • I bought 27sqm of flooring on the cheap and I’m always looking for timber when I can. Amazing what can be built with a few tools. Love making stuff but back in the day I did build furniture so have enough skills to do whatever with a table and drop saw. Don’t need much.

    • +2

      We're out there. There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of bargains in Australia for woodworkers.

      I'm a predominantly handtool guy, and prices here in Australia for saws, hand planes, chisels, etc are ridiculous. I end up buying most of my stuff off UK retailers.

      • Any recommendations?

        I'm in the market for a big set of paring chisels.

  • Festool were given an exemption from the ACCC allowing them to set the minimum retail price that dealers can sell for, so they are very rarely discounted.

    • I see. That's sad but they seem proportionately more expensive than other brands compared to the US. The percentage premium to the tradie brands remain similar.

  • None available SE Qld.
    Saves getting a divorce!

    • +2

      Pro tip

      Have a nice project for the home almost completed.

      Buy new saw.

      Complete the project. (Like those cooking shows where they pull out a slow roast they prepared earlier).

      Wife is impressed before she gets a chance to be upset.

      You're welcome.

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