Headspace 40% off 12 Month Subscription $58 USD (~ $83 AUD), Was $96 USD ($137 AUD)


Works out to be around $6.92 AUD per month.

Auto renews after 12 months at full price, so set a reminder to cancel - or look for another code,

There is also a 1 month trial to see if it is beneficial for yourself.

I personally find Headspace to be great, however may not be for everyone.


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    Thank you!

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    "Expert guidance from a former monk, Andy Puddicombe"

    Only 10% of ppl quit religion, 90% of ppl quit their Buddah.


    I had this for an year and it was expensive for what it does. A majority of them (Focus, productivity etc )were repetetive and I could not see the value it gave after doing it for 6 months.

    I think it does help you a bit I would say 10% and makes it worth 2$ max a month. This is way expesive.

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    Smiling Mind is a good free alternative that was developed by health professionals and is run by a not for profit.


      Thanks for the reminder, I'm giving this another go, before considering a paid Headspace membership


    I signed up to calm, I think it gives you a free week (on apple). then i went to subscription to cancel it and there was a $12.99 a year subscription available so I grabbed that and worked a treat. I did the same with Memrise (a language app).


    Just a heads up if you can sort out an Indian payment address for goggle play, its 120inr or about 2.49pm


    Is the best quality app of this sort or are there any better ones?


    Thank you, was just about to post this. It's a good deal if you utilise the programme. It's one of the better ones, Headspace. I have used it successfully before but lapsed now.


      I've been using the Basics, the 10 day free option in Headspace, on and off for years, I just get to day 10 then restart at day 1 again.

      Is there really much more value in paying? I wonder.

      I'm tempted at 40% off but hmm

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        The concept you learn from using The Basics remains the same throughout most of the excercises (concentrate on the breathe, weight of the body, scan the body, etc). But it's nice to have a voice walk you through excercises for specific items, such as stress/anxiety, performance, meditation during public transport, trouble falling asleep and so on.

        Personally, I really enjoyed the guided excercises supporting me through the meditation so I did not hesitate signing up at 40% off (having already subscribed to a previous deal 2 years ago and trying the full app).


          Thanks for the info. I decided to revisit Smiling Mind again, which seems to cover most of those things/topics, they came to my workplace a couple of years ago and seemed good / similar to Headspace, but free.

          I'll give Smiling Mind a go for a few weeks, then come back to this before the deal expires, if relevant.

          For me personally, the main thing is the "voice" giving the guidance, I find American voices too distracting and could never stick with them for more than 1 session. British (or Aussie) accent is ok, but I didn't like the female one they recently introduced in Headspace… Perhaps I'm strange but if their voice isn't soothing / pleasing to the ear I can't meditate properly šŸ˜‚


    Does anyone know if this stacks with a current active subscription? Also Iā€™m surprised no one has mentioned Sleepcasts, I use them all the time and they are excellent!


    How do i get it for 40% off? i go to buy it with my paypal but it reverts back to $96 USD a year ?