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Philips Airfryer XL White HD9240/30 $239.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Bought too much pizza and chicken from deals on OzB and want to reheat it in style?

Try this discounted airfryer!

Bon Appetit

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  • How do you do pizza

  • Is this much better than the cheap airfryers you can get for 60-70$ from the Kmarts and the Aldis?

    • I borrowed a friends one. It was a lot better than my cheap one. It was faster and more even cooking than mine. Plus better control of the temperature. I’m just waiting for my cheap one to die, so I can justify a new Phillips one.

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        I had the one from Kmart and it’s been pretty reliable so far. Is your cheap one from Kmart too? I heard the cheap ones from other places are not as nice.

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      299 vs 239

      • I grabbed the white model off their eBay store but if you missed it and are in the market for black it looks like you'll get a further 10 per cent off tonight via myer.com.au. So the $299 would be around $269 if what I think I saw fleetingly before is correct.

        EDIT: Apologies - I checked it out more closely for others and realised that small appliances/kitchen appliances are excluded from the extra 10%…) Therefore, it is $299 on their home site.

  • Okay, shall try it out - lots of friends and colleagues talking about air-fryers lately for some reason. I'm always all for healthier eating - lets see if they live up to the hype.

  • is this any good

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      There are four left at this price - buy now and then do your research 😉

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    I love mine. At this price, you can't go wrong. Accept no imitations. Phillips uses patented tech and blows the rest out of the water.

    • The patents are owned by Fred van der Weij and Hans Brocker. Phillips licences the patents from their company.

  • $179 this year Boxing Day if you don’t need one now and can wait.

  • just missed one, out of stock

  • Missed it. :(

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    If you have a convection microwave you may not need one of these as they operate in a similar way.

  • Should have grabbed this.
    Damn dinner obligations….

  • What's the diff btwn an air fryer (oxymoron?) and oven?

    • Nothing, just a bit more efficient with a smaller area and better circulation.

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        Air fryers also use microwave energy to heat the food.

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    I have the Philips XXL Air Fryer, It is one of the my best purchases. I have used everyday since my purchase.

    • I came to say exactly the same thing. Great purchase but I don’t think I’d manage with anything smaller than the XXL version.

    • how big is it? Is it comparable to a rice cooker?