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[Amazon Prime] Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $289 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Almost gone be quick, lighting deal. Filling words in.

Waitlist now available so try your luck.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • Got one..

  • Now this is a deal! Cheapest ever?

    I got mine last year and it’s awesome!

    91% claimed as of 9.11am

    Edit: 100% claimed as of 9.12am LOL

  • Gone already….4 mins?

    Amazon: ends in 5hrs 46mins LOLOL

  • Tried to get a pair for my bro in law but was on waiting list from like 9:07

    • I was on waitlist when deal was 80% claimed. It became available just now and I purchased it. So wait a little longer.

  • No, it was this price 3 weeks ago during the Ebay plus sale

  • I see it.
    I like it.
    I want it.
    I bought it!

  • Fingers crossed they'll add more

  • Is there a way you can subscribe to lightning deals?

  • Got one through waitlist :)

  • Does anyone know if this are eligible for TRS at this price? I checked the tax invoice and they show up as 395 with the corresponding GST, but there's a $-106.95 line item applied as a promotion. Going abroad in a couple of weeks so would be awesome to get this.

    • No. The invoice is rather clear as to the amount paid and GST paid

    • You can buy more things from amazon au and include separate invoices but if it makes $300 or more you can claim TRS. I claimed an external hdd, microwave rice cooker, sd cards, camera bag as well as headphones on my last trip, all on different invoices but all sold by Amazon AU and all were approved.

  • Wow.. very fast

  • got it immediately when the timer went to 0! luckyyyyy congrats all who succeeded

  • I passed cause I didn't like this color.

  • Congrats to anyone that got one.
    I genuinely went looking for these headphones this morning and they were standard price, 30min later check out ozbargin & they've gone on sale and sold out,… typical :P

  • Forgot the cashback.
    Was too fast to hit the button

  • Literally got alerted ot this and the time it took me to take a leak I missed out!

  • Does shopback work after its already in the cart? Ill find out tomorroe but eonering if anyone has experience

  • Got mine from the last deal and going to be returning this week - anyone else had an issue where the band (part that sits on your head) is out of shape…it's a slight annoyance but for the price I want them to be perfect!!

    • Nope, my headband is fine. Sorry to hear about yours.

      • Ah cool - yeah i noticed mine was bent as soon as i took them out of the case and just wouldn't sit straight on my head… Good thing is it will be an easy replacement ;)


    I got them! Super Amazing price!

  • anyone able to provide a receipt ? wanna claim 28 degrees :/

    edit still shows price for claiming :)

  • Got lucky and saw this and got one, can’t find a good way to get notified of these deals.

  • What are these weird lightning deals. I went thought the entire list constantly and this was never in the list and suddenly it is part of lightning deal?

  • This will be the reference price for future deals on this headphone

  • Lol i sold mine for $300 second hand after almost a year of use. The new version is coming soon, usually announced in Aug. In the meantime I am using Nuraphone, it is fantastic.

    • I'm waiting for nuraloops , are the nuraphone cans better than the Sony

      I'm interested in noise cancellation more than audio quality as I primarily use them for audiobooks

      • Nuraphones to be frank are an acquired taste…the earbuds inside the cans are not for everyone. For me they're fine, I've even slept with them on. Because of this, the isolation is better than the Sonys, hence a better experience overall. To me effective NC is a combination of isolation and tech, the Sony's were a bit small for my ears and I had hotspots.

  • Was on the waitlist and I just received the notification saying it was available for me… so finally got one!! :D

  • I signed up for amazon prime specifically with this deal in mind

    Made sure to be up at midnight to check if this deal was on

    Slept through the lightning deal and missed out


  • Wow that was quick !!!

  • Ordered at 11am and order shipped at 2pm, didn't think it would be that quick with the number of orders they would be getting!

  • I bought one from Amazon a couple of weeks ago during the eBay Plus sale. Was excited to get it, used it for 10 mins and decided that I prefer an earphone (I have the Sennheiser). Now I’ll have to sell this on FB marketplace or something!

  • Got mine in the last Amazon deal. Anyone noticed any popping/wave noises coming form the left ear cup? I get the noise mainly watching Youtube and on Skype for Business calls.

    It seems like it is an existing issue identified in the forums from first batches, but I am surprised to see it affecting my set - my production is May 2019.

  • OMG went sooo quick fml …

  • Currently $351 on The Good Guys Commercial website. Not a bad price if you can't wait until the next super deal like this one.

  • How much do you guys think the price will go down by with the release of the WH-1000MX4 come September?
    Average price right now is $350, would you estimate $100 reduction?

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