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50% off Organic Bamboo Cotton Sheets: SB $89.5, DB $94.50, QB $97.8, KB $107.5 + Free Shipping @ Rollova


UPDATED: We have the following limited stock left available through this sale:
- Single White
- Double White
- Single Silver/Grey
- Single Beige
- Double Beige

Use code OZBARGAIN50 at checkout, almost all sold out guys! We appreciate your support and look forward to providing the next sale!

Rollova Organic Bamboo Sheets
Rollova sheets are some of the softest sheets you will ever sleep in!

We spend 30% of our lives in bed - so make sure that you spend that time sleeping in the best.

Our sheets are luxuriously smooth and silky, made from organic Bamboo Fabric, we think that you will never want anything else on your bed.

Breathable and super comfy
Thermal regulating - warm in winter and cool in summer
Naturally antibacterial properties
Made from organic, renewable resources
Perfect for sensitive skin
Each set is made to the highest quality standards. A 375 thread count delivers the perfect balance between durability and comfort which means you will enjoy your Rollova Sheets for many years to come.

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  • +3

    Hi there Ozbargain community! Last week we were so thankful for the support to clear some stock and we know that some people missed out. So we decided to re-post a new deal for the next 7 days! :-)

    This is for all Adult set sizes and free shipping across Australia.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    • do you have options for a 50cm deep King mattress? If you can include a link that would be great!

      • Would also like to know this… but for Queen Bed (Deep)

      • +2

        Don't have any deep wall sizes left, we will let you know once back in stock

  • +14

    The last time we posted we ran out of stock in 2 hours…

    Last time was 70% off, with a Queen set for $59…

    • +1

      Yes we had some excess stock in Queen White sets, we cleared these very quickly. A number of comments popped up on wanting other colours & sizes so we create some deal codes on the fly. All of these got used up as well so decided to post again with an OzBargain deal.

    • +5

      Yep, if OP can do the same I'll bite. If not, I'm going back to F5 Amazon Prime and eBay Plus deals!

      • +11

        Hold my beer..

        • +7

          At this time of day? In this part of the internet? Localised entirely within this comment chain?

        • Have another one on me 🍻

          Thanks, I bought with the code!

      • +22

        OK - first 10 orders can use QUEEN70 for the same deal as before - Queen, White $59 shipped.

        • +1

          Yas Queen

        • +1

          Alright.. you've won me over.

        • Cheers,

          was about to buy but wife told me the doesn't want white :-((

          Bummer :-(

          • @and: A few Silver Grey sets floating around?

            • @Rollova: Can I get one grey with QUEEN70 ?

              • @and: Sorry can't do this time around

        • KING70 ???

        • Anything for a Double? :D

        • +1

          awesome bought one. Thanks!

        • +2

          Prop for the attitude rep, I threw you an up vote :)

          • @spackbace: Thx mate! Appreciate the support!

          • +2

            @spackbace: I did the same even without buying; rep is a role example :-)

        • +1

          Any chance you can add a couple more to QUEEN70?

          • @Jmatt110: Unfortunately can't do.. the 50% is still valid

        • +2

          I had it in the cart, applied the discount, put in payment (really would have liked you to have Paypal btw), clicked pay - then the price changed and went back up.
          Have all the 70% codes been used?
          I would have bought at 70% off.

          • @Almost Banned: Yes all the codes are used up already, the 50% off is still available

            • @Rollova: Any chance on 70% off on the queen ? Looking to get it as a gift.

              Thank you !

              • @Nyclix: Pretty much all sold out mate, sorry…. (I think there may be 1 left…)

        • +1

          Not valid for.. Has this already expired?

  • Anyone used?

    • +7

      Not theirs specifically but I can attest to the fact that bamboo sheets are AMAZING and I will never ever go back to regular cotton. I personally buy mine from purezone as they have really good sales and sell well priced bamboo quilt covers too (bamboo quilt cover + sheet combo = heaven)

      I would say these seem like they may be a higher quality product, the purezone ones are good but I consider it a cheaper brand. The price OP has is very competitive for a sheet set.

      • +6

        Grab a set of Rollova sheets and give us a review? Would be greatly appreciated. :-)

        • +1

          Although tempting I don't use flat sheets so it would be wasted on me! so far all bamboo brands i've tried are amazing though so i'm sure yours are too :)

    • +1

      Got mine from the last deal. Haven't put them on the bed yet but washed it on the weekend and they seem like great value. Soft as hell and heavier than I was expecting.

      • +1

        Please let us know what you think once you've used them? Reviews are our online love. :-)

        • I'm going OS for a month without the mrs next week so I'll be able to give you a thorough review soon ;)

  • +7

    Upvoted because I like the attitude of the OP :-D

    • +1

      Awesome! Thanks @Mic Cullen

    • +2


  • Thanks, bought one.

    • Thx Nadan, appreciate the support mate

  • +4

    Hi Rep, pretty please show some love for King size :) 70% please. I missed out last time and really want one, please:)

    • +1

      Will also purchase a King if we can get a code.

      • ARGH! Can't do the 70% sorry mate..

        • +2

          I'll keep asking nicely and say please, please, please haha :)

        • +1

          They are in cart already for me to pull the trigger with 70%! Com'on!!!

    • +1

      Me too..
      Never tried Bamboo.. But Willing to buy 1 King and 1 Queen to try if 70% off.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, grabbed the queen white for $58.50!

    • +1

      Sweet! Nice work

      • Had in my cart with 58.00 already applied and by the time I entered CC details back to 195,sort of unfair. If it's in cart should've been allocated to me

        • Sorry about that, you can still use the 50% off code

        • +9

          Although it sucks that is a very very common way for it to work. People add things to their cart all the time and just leave them/never purchase, it could make the product appear sold out much earlier than it actually was and actually lose sales for them if people don't go back. It's also fair that whoever is the quickest get the product. In fact some entertainment companies (Movies/concerts) are the only ones I know where in cart = held for you.

          • -5

            @Elision: All good, however most places honour your cart for atleast 10 minutes

        • -4

          I won't buy as a show of solidarity for this poster… Hold strong.

  • Queen, white OOS?

    • Not out of stock, just used all the vouchers.

      • I'm a few minutes late it seems. :(

        • +1

          The 50% off is still valid, grab a set because they are amazing!

  • +3

    Another vote for 70% off King

  • KING Grey/Silver sets are sold out…

    We still have White & Beige avaliable

    • +1

      wowee confirmation email less than a minute before your comment

  • +1

    Just received my order from last week, thanks OP they look the goods. :)

    • +1

      Awesome, please post a review for us? That would be really appreciated!

      • No worries, I'll do that after I get a chance to try them out. :)

  • Queen size Grey/Silver sets are sold out…

    We still have Queen size White & Beige available

    • Hi Rep,

      I was after the grey/silver but since its out of stock now I may have to go beige. Are you able to show the colour of the beige? Not a fan of white sheets.

      Thanks :)

      • The colours are subtle, the beige looks really good. It has a shimmer

        • Thank you, I'll give that a try.

  • Hi rep,

    Having some trouble at the payment screen - There was a problem processing the payment. Try a different payment method or try again later.

    Any idea what's causing it? I'm trying AMEX. Cheers

    • Will investigate - gimmi 5

      • Thanks mate. I'm after queen in beige

        • Seems to be ok - could you give it a go again for me?

        • +2

          We've activated PAYPAL as well - try this.

  • Do you have queen size beige to fit a 47cm mattress?

    • Its going to be a tight fit - we don't have any extra depth sizes available at this stage…

      • Yeah a normal size queen definitely will not fit. Ahh well next time.

  • Just ordered a double set for the kids bed. Thanks guys! Will leave a review once used. We currently use Ettitudes so will be interesting to compare!

    • Awesome, thank you - please post a review for us?

  • +1

    We have added PayPal express checkout as well - this was requested by a number of people.

  • +1

    Any chance of more grey/silver being added in the King???? I told my wife I was going to order them, then I didn't because I got distracted (I'm easily distracted), now I'm scared to go home.

    • LOL! Gimmi a second, I may have one set lying around…

    • +1

      I have one but will need to process a manual transaction - will PM you

    • +2

      Not sure how to PM you? Could you send me an email to [email protected] with your address and I'll email an invoice through.

      • Legend! Thank you! I have sent you an email :-)

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