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$5 & $10 Discount @ WeXchange Foreign Currency Exchange


WeXchange Foreign Currency Exchange Discount

Promo code:

OZBARGAIN5 - Recieve a $5 discount off any transaction over $500AUD

OZBARGAIN10 - Recieve a $10 discount off any transaction over $1000AUD

Available for over 45+ currencies, with no fees and great rates!

In-store or order online 24/7 - www.wexchange.com.au

Simply enter the promo code OZBARGAIN5 or OZBARGAIN10 at the online checkout, or mention it in-store.
Get the most out of your next overseas trip! Get your travel currency sorted with WeXchange today!

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  • Your rates are horrible and the discount doesn’t make up for that

  • 2.4% for online rates and 3+ for instore. discount less than 1%???

    where is the bargain. It would be better getting cashout at the ATM's in the foreign country


    Thanks for checking out our deal, squaddie and punkman! I can see you're not convinced that this is the best deal. We understand it's important to find the best rates, so I've looked at some of the other prominent exchange currency providers. And just to confirm, we're looking at CASH exchange (not transfer).

    For example, right now at WeXchange you can get JPY at 73.9118, with no fees AND the discount above. Looking at their websites, Travel Money Oz is currently at 72.6431, and Travelex is at 71.7719. Commonwealth bank is also at 72.3400. This is before we consider fees, which some of these other providers might also charge. Also, if you change money in the ATMs overseas, the fees will often bring the rate down lower than this (depending on your card of course!).

    Looking at this, I'd say we have some of the most competitive rates out there! If you have any concerns about our rates, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website at www.wexchange.com.au


    • https://www.visa.com.au/travel-with-visa/exchange-rate-calcu...

      We all have no-fee cards (e.g. ING). Your rates are over 10% more than Mastercard or Visa so a 1% discount doesn't get us close.

      Having said that, your rate does beat AusPost and Foreignexchange.com.au for USD and VND so since I need currency before my destination I will get a little bit.


        Hi JoJoker,

        Thanks for providing your thoughts! We certainly agree that some no-fee cards and the rates offered can be quite competitive and can be a good option for some travellers. Of course, depending on the location, availability of ATMS, security, convenience etc., getting cash organised before you head off can also be the best way to hit the ground running and get the most of your holiday with one less thing to worry about.

        It's great to hear that you'll be doing the same and getting a little bit of USD and VND before you go. If the USD if for South East Asia, let our staff know and we can do our best to get nice new notes and small denominations for you too.

        We'll look forward to seeing you soon.

        • Brad