R.M.Williams 500ml Leather Conditioner - $20 + $10 Delivery @ The Stable Door


Recently purchased a pair of RM Williams boots via the Qantas Store deal. Was looking out for a good deal on the RM Williams Leather Conditioner.. now ill accept that this isnt a 'great' deal because its $30 in store.. but nowhere else is close to this price 'delivered'.

Some people may appreciate it… enjoy!

Free pickup if you live in Sale, Victoria…

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    $0 saving, thanks for sharing.

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      Depends on your lifestyle. If you dont value your time then sure this is a bad deal. But if going out of your way to go into a store is an inconvenience to you then this is a good deal.

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    Nice find for rural people that wear boots. The guy above is probably an intern living in a city - you can spot them by their boots and check shirts.

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    Not sure how good are the RM william conditioners, but for your next leather conditioner, have a look at the Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur or the Saphir Creme Universelle.


      Anywhere to get it cheap?


        Not sure what's the best prices around. it averages around $26 aud / bottle.

        Bootblack and double monks are the usual stores, but barely goes on sales and quite expensive. I get it from afinepairofshoes.co.uk if I am buying some other things as well. Saves a bit of $ since VAT will be taken out and you get some occasional 10% discount.


    Yep get the Saphir

    I also love the chamberlains stuff as well, best smelling by far

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    Bought this a year ago, feels like I haven't made a dent in it and I condition my boots and shoes monthly. It'd probably last for over 10 years. This is natural and therefore you can just apply with your bare hands.

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      Uranium is found naturally. Therefore, can I apply that with my that with my bare hands?


    I find it generally good, but it is not suitable for use with some of the new RM Williams burnished finishes.

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    Use the RMW Saddle & Leather Dressing myself (lady serving at their factory outlet store advised it was better quality).

    $21 for 250mL (+ delivery) at shop linked above.

    I'm still only half way through one tin after several years, as a few finger dabs is enough to do one whole boot :-). It restored a friend's pair of RMW boots to looking pretty good again after some major scuffing & neglect.

    I use Saphir Renovateur for my more upmarket leather shoes (as ~ $30 for 30mL), but think Saddle & Leather Dressing is good for the RMW footwear as assumed it would be the same stuff as they use in their manufacture.


    Isn't this just boot dubbin?


    Thanks, just bought boots so grabbed this and the discounted polish!


    Cheers. After moving house my old tube (100ml?) has gone missing in a box so I've decided to just grab this. Ended up getting some black and tan polish as well as suede protector and cleaner. Should keep me going for some time.

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