expired [NSW] Free Coffee up to Value $5.50 Uber Eats App via Pickup (Sydney CBD)


Same deal as this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/466687 but now marked expired. Mods suggestef I post a new deal as the expiry date has now extended to 9th August.

How to redeem your free coffee:
If you have been selected to receive this promo, update your current address and switch your order method from ‘Delivery’ to ‘Pickup’.

Look for the coffee emoji in the Uber Eats app to find participating restaurants and cafes in the Sydney CBD near you.

Add any item with the coffee emoji to your cart and place order.

The price of your promo coffee will be deducted from your order (up to a maximum of $5.50).

Track your order and head to the restaurant or café to collect.

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    Mine only till 26th July


    UberEats pick up???? So they take 20-30% and you do all the leg work?

    Who do they think they are, the Govt?


    Look for the coffee emoji in the Uber Eats app

    Can't find this in the app. Probably not targeted :/


      This only applies to cafes in the CBD and not every single cafe on the app offers this.

      I’ve had a few free coffees around the city and Surry Hills the last few weeks because of this promotion.


    How does ubereats work? surely they pay for all this promotion not the store?
    I wouldn't like to get a free coffee from the same store at the store's expense for a month.


      I believe Uber pays for this promotion in order to market their Pickup option as a way to compete with all the other food pickup services around such as MealPal and Ritual.


    Got an email that they extended it by another four weeks. So awesome, every day $5.50 free on anything (provided it is a participating store- which isn’t many).

    I’ve tried to get some of my friends onto this deal but they haven’t been targeted. Don’t know why!

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