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[VIC] Traditional Pizzas $1 (Normally $16) @ La Gustosa Pizza (Northcote)


La Gustosa Pizza at Northcote Plaza is offering $1 traditional pizzas, normally $15-$16 when you use the code 1DOLLAR. Received an ad on Instagram and linked to this page but also advertised on their homepage.

You'll need to register for an account to order from their website. Pickup is free but delivery is $3.50 with a minimum $25 order. Screenshot of coupon.

Ordering site .com.au.

Shop 2a, 3 Seperations Street, Northcote, VIC


Even though the promotion is turned off due reaching the 100 pizza limit, any one who has ordered on this date using the promo code, will be receiving this deal. We can ONLY accommodate 10 per night until everyone who has responded redeems it.
All you have to do is follow these simple steps!
Enter your name and email if you want to be put on the list
Call the shop (9486 1312) and ask if your one of the first 10 customers
Mention your name and place your order.
(Names will be cross reference with the individuals)

via Apology Page

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  • Worked like a charm. This is a great deal. Thanks OP

  • Only 1 coupon allowed per signup.

  • +1

    Not sure they thought this through, they're gonna get slammed at 5pm

    • You can preorder now for pickup later tonight. No need to wait until 5pm.

  • It may be for the first 100 customers.. So, you may want to get in quick..

    "Make sure your logged into your account at www.lagustosa.com.au and enter 1DOLLAR as the promo code to select your choice of tradition pizza
    HURRY this is ONLY valid for the FIRST 100 Customers"

  • +5

    I am in another state. But tempted to order one to give to the homeless in the area. Anyone want to pick up and hand it out for me?

  • umm I bet they don't do delivery to Sydney.

  • Ordered for pickup later tonight. I've had pizza from here a few times. It's pretty good - thin base, not too oily, etc.

  • -1

    I'd do it, but i need more than 1 pizza.

  • Thanks OP, dinner sorted !

    • +1

      Well that was a waste of my time, owner could have offered something to keep some goodwill, but nothing. They will not be winning any customers out of this debacle.

  • Not working for me. Saying "Promotional code is not yet available or expired."

  • Not working anymore

  • +1

    Hi guys,
    CALL the store before going for pick up,owner said it was by mistake. Wasn't meant for single item order for $1.

  • The guy cancelled. Saying new deal is buy one second pizza is a doller

  • +7

    Just went to pickup the guy claimed it was meant to be limited to 5. Guy is obviously full of shit if it is on the website and also advertised on Instagram.

    • Did you manage to get it?

      • +2

        Nope they didn't even make them. Claims he will process refunds but I'm dubious.

        • +1

          what a dodgy mofo!! honour your promotion La Gustosa

  • Owner is not honouring this so deal is over…

    • +1

      Boycott La Gustosa

    • +4

      Too many biz lately doing scam promo's and not honouring them . Guess they know the secret that ACCC enforcement is a joke .

    • +5

      Ah yes, accidentally creating a coupon, adding to your system, then posting on both Insta and their website by mistake.

  • +2

    Cold night to be heading out for a dinner pickup only to leave empty handed and a feeling of being had.

    The kid in the shop didn't know how to talk his way out of the deal offering several excuses that included "I didn't expect it to go viral on that (Ozbargains) website". Mentioned almost 100 orders had come through (which was inline with the actual promotion?!?). His oldies stood arms crossed to either side glaring at him as he squirmed, I suspect they were behind the cancelation of this.

    Seemed like a pretty good idea to get some new customers through the door on a quiet night and potentially add someone local like me to their loyal customer base.
    This was a real eff up in the end. Very disappointing.

  • +1

    Went in to pick up and owner says cant honour.
    To be fair, cant expect a small business to make 100 $1 pizzas.
    No hard feelings. The owner was nice.

    • -1

      Let say $5-$6 cost to the biz x 100 . What if your small biz can't afford that maybe you should not be in business .

      End result the biz has 100 + data on potential customers that mostly are disgruntled .

      Not sure of the value of that data as not the best way to get it lol .

  • +1

    From their website:

    " enter 1DOLLAR as the promo code to select your choice of tradition pizza. HURRY this is ONLY valid for the FIRST 100 Customers"

    Not honouring it to the first 100 is a shame and what makes it irritating is how many shops are doing this click& bait recently (including ebay's attempt to cancel the AirPods today)

  • Who got there text just then? smh pathetic attempt to recover…

    • What was the text?

      • It just said 'sorry we got off on the wrong foot' and then a link to order on their site. Fat chance when the customer service was so god awful yesterday.

      • +1

        We got off on the wrong foot. We hope you can give us a second chance! Head to https://lagustosapizza.com/last-1

        • We were unable to contact customers due to having our hands tied in the shop.

          Fair enough, pretty hard to make a pizza with your hands tied.

          • @neil: Lol.. 😂

            Looks like you have to walk through a few hoops to order one this time..