expired Nokia 9 PureView with Android One (Midnight Blue) $699 C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent deal from JB. It's north of $800 on eBay for Aussie sellers (dunno if it's Aussie stock) and I couldn't find this listed on Mobileciti.

World’s first 5-camera array with ZEISS optics
Captures 1200+ layers of depth - more than any previous smartphone
Advanced editing of RAW/DNG photos to retain the finest detail
Google designed OS + latest AI innovations

Specs // Detailed Specs
Phone Operating System - Android

Network compatibility - 4G

Colour - Blue

Device screen size (inches) - 5.99

Display type - pOLED

Internal memory - 128GB

Battery capacity (mAh) - 3320

Wireless Charging Type - Qi

Processor - Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845

RAM (GB) - 6.0

Rear Camera (MP) - RGBx2: 12MP, 1.25um, AF, f/1.8. Monox3: 12MP, 1.25um, AF, f/1.8

Front camera (MP) - 20MP/5MP

Built-in flash - True

Movie recording - Ultra HD

GPS - True

USB (Type-C) Port - 3.0

NFC - True

Wi-Fi - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth - v5.0

Manufacturer's warranty - 2 Years


No 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Recent review after software updates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C-4Abx0AMk

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    You forgot the most important detail


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    Gets very mixed reviews. Hopefully future software updates will improve the shortcomings of the camera.

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      So they saying it's got like 9 bad cameras?

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      Also the review on gsmarena is bad. The only positive thing about this phone camera system is the dynamic range.

      I would also stay from it personally.

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        this phone has great camera.. as u cant use this phone as Point n shoot… u need to use this with manual mode, is like buying a car with Manual Trans is more fun than Automatic


          The use case is too limiting. Well if it suits you, great. But for the rest, stay away.

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          A phone that you can't use as a point and shoot? How is that a good thing? I want a phone to be ready for spur of the moment shots, if I need to go in prepared to faff about, I have a DSLR.


            @TheContact: Well this phone is not for average people. .. put it that way…

            btw this is a sample i quickly take from Point n Shoot..sample photo

            it still does pretty good.. but if u eant extra mile u need Raw and everything manual

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          another sample

          Jpeg Point n shoot No edit

          Raw edited to JPEG with LR + Colour Corrected)

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    no micro sd slot :(

  • +2 votes

    dual sims or single?
    couldnt find the answer in the details.

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    Isn't this just released in aussie 3 months ago? Such a huge price drop, I guess even at this price only few people will pull the trigger to buy. Oh, Nokia


    Man this looks good! Shame my Tax return won't come in time.

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    5 cameras with Carl Ziess all over it and its still not great. What a shame. Still a reasonable price for this device though.


      This phone is apparently great for capturing raw photos, so if editing photos yourself is your thing, then it's a good phone camera.


    Just a heads-up, its an Android One phone, but the monthly security updates are NOT consistent.

    It could be the 5th of the month for updates or the 28th of the month. FYI, I still haven't received the July update.

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    Did they fix the buggy software taking photos? That's what turned me off. Good hardware but bad software

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      There's a recent review of the performance after updates linked at the bottom of the description


        Lmao. The Unlockr did a review of the phone after the updates and was honest about the fingerprint reader and other things still sucking, while Danny Winget just glossed over those. Paid promotion - of course.


          I watched the YouTube link. Regarding photography, he said even with updates, processing time after taking photos of raw + JPG is still slow. Limited to the processor and ram hardware. He mentioned future phones as they increase processing and hardware capabilities, perhaps would improve user experience.

          Basically the theory of the phone is ahead of its time. Maybe if they do the next release, they would fix all this phones shortcomings.


            @harkoliar: I think it's there, but they used last years SoC. Should have had an 855, but I suspect it would've increased the cost of the phone too much (or they couldn't get their hands on it because of the Galaxy S10)


            @harkoliar: Slow processing doesn't cut it in 2019. Lumia 1020 was in same boat and that didn't sell well either. If it's not ready for prime time then it shouldn't be released. As an overall package it hasn't gone well as a phone.

            The idea is there but some reviews have said that it does not even get remotely close to the advertised stops of extra light from the other cameras.

            Also the fact that Light signed a deal with Xiaomi and other companies to use Sony sensors to release multiple camera sensors on one phone, so other brands will do it better.

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    I am very happy with my Nokia 7.1. No need to upgrade. The photo taken is better than iPhone 8 in terms of sharpness. So no upgrade needed at this time.

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    Nokia 8 FTW. Its battery is immortal!

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    Online reviews aren't very good and mention that the finger-print sensor kind of ruins it.



    Great price….. I recommend this phone as I have this phone…. Dont look at review as most reviewer are concentrate in Point n shoot…. So far no mobile are able to beat the quality of the Photo produce by this phone…


      I was seriously considering this phone but then changed my mind after reading several online reviews. Since you have it, have you had any trouble with its fingerprint unlock?

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        after July updates.. i dont really have a major FP problem (97-98%) register with a glass screen protector


    feels like the whole RAW gimmick is an excuse not to implement image parameter optimisation and pass it on as a feature (do it yourself! :o )


    No OIS either. Could have spent the development money saved from bill of materials by not having 5 camera's at the back on turning the image parameters after the capture. Or easier still, used the same sensor as the latest pixels and let the XDA devs take care of porting the camera from Google. In its current state, unless you are type who captures RAW images on your phone to edit them later on your computer, its a pretty average phone which had lots of promise. By the way the RAW edit does not make it a DSLR competitor either, not even a RX100 for that matter.


    still good phone for gaming.. and great phone if u dont care about camera.. and more capable than Pixel 3a (except point n shoot department)


    Love my Nokia 8, am seriously tempted, but then again I have no need for an upgrade yet.


    I rekon Nokia 808 preview is the real preview


      Great phone.

      Personally, this phone has copped flak, but I love that they experiment. If nobody did, we'd not have the advancements we have (or the drive to truly be seen as innovative). Nokia has always positioned itself as an imaging prowess.


    I got Nokia 5.1 plus from JB. It's shutting WhatsApp and wechat when it's not in use. I don't get any notification and calls from what's app anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this?


      * Check your phone's app permissions to allow calls and anything else relevant for use with WhatsApp and wechat.
      * Check for android updates.
      * Re-install the apps.

      Your last options:
      * Backup and do a factory reset.
      * Your phone should be covered under the 2 year manufacturer warranty if issues still persist. Your phone and JB HiFi receipt is all you will need.

      I had to book in my Nokia 8 because my WiFi and cellular completely stopped working. The repair with JB HiFi is said to take up to 4 weeks or less at no cost.

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      It's a known issue with some Nokia phones:

      I hate you Nokia for ruining my Android One experience!!!

      Nokia 3.1 and 5.1
      DuraSpeed is not packaged as an app, it cannot simply be uninstalled, but it does have a secret settings switch that will enable or disable the service. The flag is not exposed in the Settings app; it can only be manipulated through adb.

      adb shell settings put global setting.duraspeed.enabled 0

      Toggling it will produce immediate logcat feedback.

      04-15 21:13:57.544 1063 1089 D DuraSpeed/DuraSpeedService: onChange, checked: false

      Background apps and notifications should be now running without any restrictions - even after a factory reset and enabling all of HMD’s evenwell apps (including com.evenwell.powersaving.g3).

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    ok, out of those 9 cameras i really hope i look less ugly in one among them :)


    FYI, the price is only for today and if you are lucky with your local store like I did, mine came with the free Nokia wireless buds as well.


    Did anyone take up this deal?

    Id be result interested in feedback on the device, RAW quality post update and fingerprint reader . .


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