Samsung SSD Cashback Multiple Model Deals Eg. Samsung 860 EVO 1TB $167 after Cashback - Pickup MSY ($148 Delivered W. eBay Plus)


Was looking for an SSD and have seen a couple of deals using the cashback from SAMSUNG deal posted a while ago so thought I would post what I found to be the cheapest.

The following is the cashback offered and the models included ($ figure is the cashback from your purchase price), then the participating retailers
Note that it includes ebay stores if the retailer has one eg. Shopping express and computer alliance
For how to redeem, see the bottom of the post

Maximum Eligible Claims per Participating Product Purchased = 1
Maximum number of Gifts per household = 3
Although some have had success in entering other names at different addresses to get around these limits.

Promotional Period
End time: 11:59 PM, 31 August 2019
Redemption Period
Within 28 days of purchasing OR End time: 11:59 PM, 28 September 2019

Ill add the best deals I or others have found for models. I did try put some similar prices to help if you dont have certain retailers in your area for pickup

970 PRO NVMe M.2

  • (1TB) MZ-V7P1T0BW - $50.00 cashback MSY $389 pickup after cashback or scorptec and PCCaseGear $409 pickup after cashback
  • (512GB) MZ-V7P512BW - $30.00 cashback MSY $179 pickup after cashback

970 EVO NVMe M.2

  • (2TB) MZ-V7E2T0BW - $85.00 cashback


  • (2TB) MZ-V7S2T0BW - $85.00 cashback
  • (1TB) MZ-V7S1T0BW - $35.00 cashback MSY $268 pickup or UMart $274 pickup after cashback
  • (500GB) MZ-V7S500BW - $22.00 cashback MSY $137 pickup after cashback or eBay $113.15 eBay Plus delivered after cashback (credit to Neopet Hunter) coupon expired

860 PRO SATA III 2.5 inch

  • (4TB) MZ-76P4T0BW - $140.00 cashback
  • (2TB) MZ-76P2T0BW - $70.00 cashback
  • (1TB) MZ-76P1T0BW - $40.00 cashback MSY $329 pickup after cashback
  • (512GB) MZ-76P512BW - $25.00 cashback MWave $164 pickup after cashback

860 EVO SATA III 2.5 inch

  • (4TB) MZ-76E4T0BW - $100.00 cashback
  • (2TB) MZ-76E2T0BW - $50.00 cashback CPLonline $398 pickup after cashback
  • (1TB) MZ-76E1T0BW - $22.00 cashback MSY $167 pickup after cashback or eBay $146.3 eBay Plus delivered after cashback (thanks particle) coupon expired
  • (500GB) MZ-76E500BW - $17.00 cashback MSY $92 pickup after cashback or eBay $77.35 eBay Plus delivered after cashback coupon expired

860 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch

  • (4TB) MZ-76Q4T0BW - $80.00 cashback MSY $589 pickup after cashback or eBay Coupon: PILOT $580 (credit to Keveira)
  • (2TB) MZ-76Q2T0BW - $35.00 cashback MSY $274 pickup after cashback (credit to chigga) or eBay Coupon: PICKLE $264.73 eBay Plus delivered after cashback (credit to p3nf0ld)
  • (1TB) MZ-76Q1T0BW - $20.00 cashback MSY or CPLonline for $139 pickup after cashback


  • (1TB) MZ-M6E1T0BW - $22.00 cashback MSY $188 pickup after cashback (credit to Serpeant)
  • (500GB) MZ-M6E500BW - $17.00 cashback


  • (2TB) MZ-N6E2T0BW - $50.00 cashback
  • (1TB) MZ-N6E1T0BW - $22.00 cashback
  • (500GB) MZ-N6E500BW - $17.00 cashback

Participating retailers:






















How to redeem
1.To be eligible to claim a Gift, an EligibleClaimant must:
1.1.Purchase a Participating Product from a Participating Reseller during the Promotional Period;
1.2.during the Redemption Period, visit the Redemption Websiteand register a personal account (if they do not already have one)by following the prompts and instructions on the Website;
1.3.follow the prompts to the online claim form (“Online Claim Form”), and;
1.3.1.input all requested details, including, without limitation, the claimant’s full name, phone number, email address and residential address;
1.3.2.provide: (a)the model numberof; (b)the serial numberof; (c)a photo of the serial number of; and(d)a copy of the original tax invoice for,the relevant Participating Product, and other such details as required by the Promoter;
1.3.3.provide the bank account details of the claimant’s Australian bank account; and
1.3.4.submit the fully completed Online Claim Form within twenty-eight (28) days of Purchase of the Participating Product (Online Claim Forms will not be accepted after the end of the Redemption Period).

Full T&C

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  • +8 votes

    Props for the detailed post, good to see this back after EOFY.

    • +1 vote

      Agreed but this promo started April, it's not a new one, is it a duplicate? I admire the effort though.

      • +2 votes

        I did see that one, but it didnt have any links to deals (and even if it did they would likely be outdated/expired) - which i have tried to do here as Shostaholic said
        Also the cashback period was (recently?) extended which i dont know if everyone knew about

        • -3 votes

          I did see that one, but it didnt have any links to deals

          Origanl link

          • +3 votes

            @O O: I can only see one deal with a long expired coupon in the comments of that post.
            Even if it were still active, the price i posted is still cheaper (860 EVO 500gb)

  • +7 votes

    Initial Samsung SSD cashback post here, but this post is not to inform ozbargainers about the cashback. It's about where to get the best deals on each product at the time of posting. Props to OP for the effort!

  • +2 votes

    Wow thanks for letting me know, claimed cashback of a 970 Plus I bought over the weekend without knowing this deal.


    970 pro $400+ …..and people keep comparing the crucial 1tb p1 at about $150 ……looking forward to 970 pro at sub $200 before in same price point to compare.

    • +3 votes

      While the average user likely wont notice the difference, there is some pretty big speed differences between the two.
      Userbenchmark shows the 970 PRO at nearly double or more than double the read/write speeds in most categories. You pay for the high end if thats what you need.
      Plus Samsung for me just has that reliability factor

      I do however completely agree with you that the price for that speed at that capacity is too much at the moment. I went with the 970 EVO 500gb for boot drive and 1TB 860 EVO for most other things (games, media projects etc)


        It's interesting to hear Samsung and reliability in the same line - especially given Crucial was pretty synonymous with that term too. ;)


          I dont disagree at all that Crucial is a good brand
          I was just trying to say that for me Samsung SSDs have held a strong reliability factor - I have had an 840 pro that was my boot drive for about 5 years and is now one of my games drives for 1-2 years that still hasnt skipped a beat. Of course there are other brands that would produce similar feats though, but that is just my bias.
          And they must be doing something right as basically the long term top dogs in the SSD world.

          • +1 vote

            @Pyrock: Most Samsung SSD models are alright, but some were horrible: 840 & 840 Evo. I had an 840 which died within a year. Before it died, it suffered from the infamous slow old data read. I was glad Samsung changed it to 850 Evo. While 840 Pro doesn't seem to have the same issues, the way Samsung handled 840 & 840 Evo was poor, especially 840 - no firmware fix.

            950 Pro has rather high failure rate & thermal throttle kicks in early. Frustrated with Samsung's next gen first iteration products that I simply refuse to go for their first gen QVO. Been burnt twice.

            Also had 3rd party SSDs using Samsung flash ROM chips died - 3 of them, all sudden death and hardly used.

            Brand isn't a good way to measure quality for SSDs, actual models matter.

  • +2 votes

    +1 for great effort :)

  • +1 vote

    OP has listed the 2TB QVO being cheapest at $413 from CPL. This drive is only $309 from MSY less $35 cash back.

    Great post though. I only knew about this cashback when looking at another deal that was posted on here. Bought the QVO on the weekend and my cashback has already been approved.

    • +1 vote

      Oops i got the EVO and QVO mixed up for that one. Thanks and added yours in


      The link to the Samsung QVO 2TB at MSY is not working.


        Actually, none of the links to MSY seem to be working (I get an error).

        I didn't check all of them but I checked about 5-10.


        Ok, I think I checked all the links to MSY now, and none of them are working.

        Which is too bad, because it would take a LOT of work to replace them (unless you can see some of the changes you made from other stores to MSY in the 'Revisions' tab).

        Ps. the Cashback link is also temporarily out of order (not much you can do about that though).


        Ps. I found the problem - the whole MSY website is down (and not just the links here).

        Hopefully they'll have it up and running soon.


    Maximum Eligible Claims per Participating Product Purchased = x1
    Maximum number of Gifts per household = x3

    I bought 2x 500GB different orders but both addressed to me from same supplier. Can I claim both? Has anyone purchased more than x1 and claimed. If so what method did you use.

    • +1 vote

      The same model right? if so then officially with you as the purchaser then i think you cant do both.

      But the likelihood of them checking both (especially if you claim at separate times) would be pretty low i would assume? Maybe put one in someone else in your household's name which should give you better chances - or better yet someone else in another household. I doubt they would be matching every single address entered to addresses on invoices.

    • +2 votes

      Over the Xmas Cashback offer I did similar. 2 of each for 3 models, claimed the other 3 with my mother in law to avoid name. I even had phone calls with them half mentioning it without issue.


    Bought a 1TB 970 EVO Plus to turn into a thumbdrive.


    If you're quick and have eBay plus the 500GB 960 EVO Plus is $135.15 delivered before cashback, as per Neopet Hunter's post here - The prices on the 1TB and 2TB on the same page aren't the worst either.

    That 15% off eBay Plus code expires tonight though.

    1. What is the difference between the:
      860 EVO SATA III mSATA and 860 PRO SATA III 2.5 inch? Is the first one just larger?

    2. Also, why is there no MSY link for the 860 EVO SATA III mSATA when they have it on their parts price list?

    • +1 vote
      1. The mSATA drive is a different form factor and has a very different connection (you dont connect it to your motherboard like you do with the SATA 2.5inch - The 2.5 inch is likely what you're familiar with and it is just connected with a normal SATA cable)
        Here is a link that explains the different form factors of SSDs
        In terms of performance i believe those to models are pretty similar.

      2. I didn't get around to links to each model as i try to cross check each one i post between stores and ebay too - yes there are plenty of them available at various places.
        If you find a good price, post it here and ill add it. I added the one you mentioned though

    • +1 vote

      mSATA looks similar to the M.2 interface on a motherboard (although aren't physically compatible) whereas the 2.5" SATA III is using the regular SATA power and data plugs.

      so mSATA supports the SATA standard, yet is a different physical standard to both M.2 and SATA.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks op, great work. I believe with the 1TB 860 EVO it's even $2 cheaper: $168.30 with eBay Plus, and a $22 cashback makes it $146.30.

  • +1 vote

    Sweet post. Thanks!

  • +1 vote

    I think you can claim up to three times in this promotion and only once for a product, e.g. you cannot claim the same 1TB EVO 860 three times even if you bought three SSDs.


      You sure?

      that is pretty crap, if someone was gonna buy 2 of the same model and size SSD
      to find this out..

      i was gonna do something like this
      if that is true then only gonna get one


        it is in the terms that you can only do one per model of SSD
        See above for a workaround at Borg's comment though. basically claim it under different name and address

  • +1 vote

    860 QVO 4TB for $580 ($9 cheaper) after cashback from futu_online on ebay using 20% off PILOT code (valid til the 24th of July).

    • +1 vote

      added ty

      • +1 vote

        Great post, thank you.

        Is it eBay Plus only? I have it but I don't think you need it to get the price I stated, unless I'm mistaken somewhere

        • +1 vote

          Youre right, it doesnt need Plus. Just incorrectly assumed as much since the other coupons needed it


    I am wondering if I get an ssd and stick it into a usb3 enclosure, does the speed still matter between nvme and sata III?


      Up to USB 3.1 Gen 1 the SATA will saturate the connection, so no difference between SATA and NVME. If you use USB 3.1 Gen 2 and above the NVME will be quicker. For most day to day use cases, you will waste money to stick the NVME into an enclosure.


    Has anyone ever done a similar comparison for the Samsung T5 drives? I'm looking for a 1TB one…

  • +1 vote

    woohoo it worked! (bought 500gb ssd from futu)

  • +2 votes

    went and bought an 860 EVO today.. the serial number is only 14 characters long, not 15.. so the redemption page will not let me continue.. anywone else have the same issue and how did you resolve it please?

    EDIT: solution - the packaging does not show the entire S/N, open it up and read it direct from the SSD to find the missing 15th character.

    • +1 vote

      Yup. It will also show up in samsung magician if you use that software - Handy if you already installed it and dont want to have to take it out again to check the S/N


    Has anyone actually received the cashback? I lodged mine on 27/6, and got approved on 28/6, but nothing received until today.

    • +2 votes

      As per terms and conditions

      Eligible Claimants should allow twenty-eight (28) days from the date their claim is deemed valid by the Promoter for the EFT to be made to their nominated bank account. The Eligible Claimant may need to allow further time for the funds to be cleared by their bank.

      Looks like youre right on the 28 day mark so you should be getting it in the next few days?


        Thank you. Today is 31/7, 33 days from the valid date but has not received the cash back……


    I got an 860 EVO 1tb but getting an "invalid serial number" when I enter it in. I'm copying it from the drive not the box. Anyone else have this issue?


      It has indeed. Guess they didn't give away all their money yet.


      sceptics might say it's worthwhile to extend the cashback, especially with the worldwide glut of volatile memory and the prices expected to plummet in the near future.


    why don't they just reduce the price


      Purely my own opinion here but a temporary price reduction from Samsung doesn't mean retailers will pass it on


    Msy are selling the 860 EVO for $205.

    Can someone please advise how op is able to get it for $167 please.

    Samsung is only offering $22 cash back.


      Looks like MSY have changed their prices as well as their website
      All these prices were current nearly a month ago - so there are likely plenty of changes (as well as all the MSY links not working now)
      I actually purchased that exact 1tb model for $167 total. Recently got my cashback.


        Thank you. Someone did mentioned retailer will up their price to offset the cashback, not sure why as they getting the profit margin anyway.

        Guess I'm going to eBay this one.

        Thank you for replying.

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