expired Intel Core i9-9900KF CPU - $699 Pickup /+ $9.95 Express Pickup /+ Delivery @ Mwave


Long time lurker, first time poster.

Found this item on Mwave this morning which seemed cheap considering the lowest price static ice was showing this CPU for was $738.93 (https://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=i9-9900KF&...)

Limit one per customer.

I always opt for 3 HR delivery so i can get home and smack it into my PC but they have a range of shipping options from 24 hr pickup for free to 3HR delivery for $29.

Happy gaming!

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    $10 pickup within 1hr? Companies in this country have it too good.

  • +5 votes

    There should be further drops coming on the this and the 9700k following AMD's showing with Ryzen 3, but still a good price.

  • +5 votes

    If you play games on a 1080P Monitor at 144-240Hz then this is a good buy

    For everyone else the Ryzen 3000 series is better in every single way.
    Lower power usage, less heat, cheaper price, great box cooler, more performance in applications and only 5% slower in games on average at 1080P.. any higher resolution and its 0% difference in games

    • -1 vote

      if you play games at 1080P then just buy a 9600k.

      • +4 votes

        Well in all the reviews the Ryzen 3600 is now the recommended CPU for mid range builds

        Only a fanboy would buy the slower, hotter power hog Intel product. "All of Intel's entire lineup these days"

        The 9600k TDP of 95w is measured at BASE CLOCK not at its boost.

        The 3600 TDP of 65w is measured at boost clock (max speed TDP usage)

        LOL WOW intel is a complete joke of a company now. Their marketing department has to cheat to make their dumper fires look good

        • +3 votes

          yeh only buy intel if you alrdy got a 1151 board… but then if you alrdy have a 1151 board, unless you are rocking a celeron chip, theres no need to upgrade because intel's chips from Skylake onwards didnt get meaningful IPC upgrades for gaming anyway.

          • +1 vote

            @dabell: Their new Cannon Lake CPU's that may come out next year are on 14nm+++ and they will require a whole new socket and that means all new motherboards :)

            not looking good for upgrading.

        • +1 vote

          Ahh yes AMD, the ones claiming 4.6ghz boost on their cpus that hits that clock for exactly 1s, that's if you're lucky to get one that hits it at all.

          All these chips can exceed their claimed power envelope, especially with avx workloads and bioses that unlock it by default.

          Ryzen chips do draw less power though, but the chiplet design is much harder to cool so they thermally throttle much faster, especially since their boost clocks are thermally dependent, intel parts can run their rated stock clocks up to 100c without issue.

          • -2 votes

            @neomoz: Have to laugh when AMD fanbois are complaining about Intel heat.

            AMD graphics cards for many years have been like radiators - at least you dont need to run any heating in winter - not so good in summer though!…..

            AMD is at least making money now and not on the verge of bankruptcy like it had been for about 6 years prior to the last 12 months

            Competition in the GPU and CPU markets is good for consumers.

            Glad to see AMD finally put something decent on the CPU table for the first time since Athlon x64….

          • -1 vote

            @neomoz: Thermally throttle much faster, NOPE!

            From all the reviews they have all stated that its the intel CPU's that throttle and the AMD parts never do.

            They all state that most benchmarks run over 5-15 minutes and intel handled them fine.. once it last longer the intel CPU starts to slow down and results reflect this.

            9900k vs 3900X reviews.

            "especially since their boost clocks are thermally dependent"

            NOPE wrong again… they tried liquid coolers vs the stock cooler on the 3900X and it made ZERO difference in clock speeds

            dude.. WHY make up crap to support intel?


            @neomoz: Actually the really dodgy thing is Intel reporting their Boost clock with only 1 core enabled :) Whereas AMD is talking about all cores.


              @AusNugz: nah.. AMD also reports boost clock with only 1 core enabled and they hardly reach that level with the realistic single core speed being 100Mhz less then advertised at boost :).. i think thats a little dodgy by AMD marketing but intel does some number fudging too.

    • +1 vote

      The cooler is OK, not great. It'll keep the temps under control but you will hear it.

    • +3 votes

      The only Ryzen 3xxx series CPU that's really good value for money is 3600. 3700X - it only looks okay due to i7-9700 being overpriced. With this CPU being priced lower than Ryzen 9 3900X, you cannot really say Ryzen 9 3900X is necessarily a better buy. Basically, other than 3600, everything else from AMD is only okay due to intel's generally bad / greedy pricing. $204 for extra 2 cores from AMD isn't a good deal (well, good for AMD, not for consumers).

      Gaming - 1440p and 4K, while the difference is greatly reduced, intel 9700 and 9900 are still faster. Also, for pure gaming, 9700 is still faster. Faster is faster, don't sugarcoat it. AMD put in more cores to get the win at the i9/Ryzen 9 level.

      Lower power usage - not in every case, don't just judge it by the quoted CPU rated power usage. Overall system usages, there are still a lot of cases where Ryzen actually use more power, idle and in full load. X570 isn't really power efficient. With latest linux kernel not working with Ryzen 3xxx series (requires a BIOS upgrade - which supposedly fixed the issue) and HyperV support still not quite there compared to intel. Hackintosh on AMD doesn't make sense.

      Even if 3600 fits your need, for people who are that concerned about must get current gen performance, i5-9400F with a cheap motherboard costs less. With 3600, there is the question of go B450 (which would be inferior than equivalent intel board offering feature wise) or go X570 and pay the extra $100.

      I have a Ryzen 3xxx series CPU, but right now, I need the next BIOS and it does feel like I am beta testing the CPU (and the BIOS). Also, hackintosh on AMD is something I have given up. Need linux to do proper virtualisation on AMD and a future BIOS upgrade is needed - doesn't exactly feel so great right now. Motherboard makers - get your BIOS upgrades on AMD happening sooner please.


        "Lower power usage"

        Go find me a review showing the 3900X using more power then the 9900k… you wont find a single one. i watched about 20 youtube reviews.. all had AMD at a lower power draw.

        Please dont make stuff up.



        it only looks okay due to i7-9700 being overpriced

        That's the point though. No one is saying intel CPUs are slow or bad, they are overpriced for what they offer. There are now better value alternatives from AMD so people don't have to overpay.

        i5-9400F with a cheap motherboard

        The problem with that chip is that the frame pacing is not as good as the Ryzen 3600/3600x due to the lack of hyperthreading.For midrange, the only CPU worth getting is currently the Ryzen 3600/3600x.

        Faster is faster, don't sugarcoat it.

        Yeah, but again, it is all about the price and the performance gap. The gap is on average a single digit percent and if you play in 1080p medium/low on a 2080ti (why would you?) If you want to pay through the nose for a 5-6% advantage in games(with a 2080ti) and significantly lower performance in everything else then power to you.

        Buying the 9900k CPUs at its current prices is not a value-oriented decision, and every other intel CPU is just overpriced compared to the AMD competitor. Prices will come down.


        I'm a 8700k owner, complaining about AMD not upgrading soon enough is a bit silly when Intel tried to cover up their failings with the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws.

        Everyone surely knows by now not to upgrade to new tech one day 1 unless you want issues.

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    Took me a while to remember what the "F" suffix means. Keep forgetting my intel chip suffix meanings.

    • +3 votes

      Defective iGPU disabled. F = FAILED silicon die


      Glad you brought that up, i wasnt aware of the meaning. I think i'll pass on this model then. iGPU is very handy, at the least for finding faults with GPU.

      • +2 votes

        yeah. i was turned off it originally as well but i don't think i will eve need a iGPU when i have 2 x 1080's in SLi. If one fails, i can just change outputs to the other card. i 100% do understand the usefulness of a iGPU when you have display issues.

        • +2 votes

          iGPU is also used for video encoding/decoding (for Quicksync enabled apps), even when connected to a discrete GPU.

          Not a big loss if all you do is game, but FYI.


    core i9… I've been left behind



    The k series is only $20 more than this one, I think that has better value.

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