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20-60% off Storewide @ Supercheap Auto (Saturday, Online & In-Store; Sunday, Online Only)


This Saturday, get 20-60% off everything storewide. Discounts are off regular prices and includes 20% off special orders (normally not discounted). Sale excludes tyres, services, gift cards, and shipping & handling charges. Examples: 50% off SCA jacks, 40% off Castrol engine oils, 40% off specialty tools, 30% off dash cams & reversing camera systems, 30% off paint. Enjoy :)

Cashrewards has 5% Cashback (up from 2.1%) for the duration of the sale.

Mod Note: Sale extended until Sunday, Online Only.

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  • Any idea on discounts on batteries TA?

    • I'm also looking to buy one.

    • +1 to this

      need a new battery

      discount GC + Cashrewards hopefully gets it to a decent price

      need a DIN53LMF one and their century pricing on these is already too expensive compared to the competitors

    • Need a new battery for my car as well

    • I've been waiting to get a new battery, last time they were on sale I tied to order a battery and they charged my GC and failed to place order. It took 2 weeks to sort out so hopefully doesn't happen again, I've still got the credit to use

    • +8 votes

      Work in a store in WA standard batteries are 20% off and 4WD batteries have 30% off.

      • Thanks! Not as good as the 30% I was hoping but might be okay with discounted cards and some cash back.

        • I always found the NRMA battery service to be reasonable, considering it includes fitting and a 3 year warranty which they come to you for.

          • @Jackson: Fitting a battery is probably the simplest thing you can do yourself on your car, other than topping up fluids.

            • @kapone: Yeah but if you are anywhere in nsw and your battery gives out they will bring you a new one. Cant beat that for convenience and it could save you ages. I do a lot of my own work but I still use their batteries for that reason.

              • @Jackson: Ummmmm, doesn't that convenience cost you hundreds every year? I'm not a member and I got the same convenience for $250 from NRMA. One off fee. Not sure about the quality of the battery as my car almost didn't start up two weeks after the replacement…

                You'd be much better off forking out for a good battery from super cheap instead of waiting 8 years like I did for mine to die in a car park.

                • @supersabroso: I dont know what you misunderstood but we are talking about the same thing. 250 for a battery and if anything goes wrong at any stage during warranty wherever you are someone is brining you a charged replacement. Realistically though if you dont get a lemon it will last a lot longer. A similar battery from SCA isnt much cheaper, and they could have been sitting on the shelf for ages shortening the overall life. And if you are driving interstate and it goes, good luck, and see what price you get for a battery a Bourkos mechanical repairs

            • @kapone: Not simple if your car or some of its features lock up without a memory retainer.

  • is there a list of discounts anywhere?

  • would this be a good buy at $177 (50% off)?


    I'm after a new jack, want a good one and can jack up reasonable height like this one.

    Currently have this one: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-hydraulic-trolle... and it's complete rubbish - drops by itself (not that I don't use stands), but can't use this jack as a backup as it drops away. Also, doesn't go that high.

    Or is there another jack I should be looking at?

    • Not exactly sure about the price, as far as jack is concerned I'll go for it, have similar as yours, mine is sill working, as soon as it dies I'll go for this one, check YouTube there are some videos. If I remember an OZ guy has reviewed same jack

    • Be wary of price jacking though…

      Just google online reviews :)

    • I got one when it was half price. Highly recommend it but it's heavy so don't expect it to be easily carried around.

    • You could check out the Torin jack for ~$160 at Costco.

      It's 1800kg but aluminium (much lighter at 26kg and easy to manouvere around), 100mm - 470mm. I reckon it's exactly the same rebadged Arcan one they sold previously.

    • I have the smaller one of this I believe. Not sure if it exists. Bought it for really cheap when they had a promo release.

      I’ve experienced near death situations with it. It creeps/leaks lower quite often. I still use it but use jackstands. I’m thinking of going something more renowned. Too risky to damage my undercarriage or die. Mostly die.

      And of course it started just after 12months.

    • Paid $185 in February and that was a good deal at the time. Included additional jack oil though. I think this price is on the lower end.

      The jack itself seems to be built really well and goes up pretty high. Just note it's bloody heavy to done plan on taking it places.

    • If it drops by itself there is something wrong with it, it's not because the Jack sucks in general. I have had one of these for years and apart from the design limitations its been fine. Could potentially be fixed but if you arent doing it yourself it cant be worth it, parts are cheap but there is a bit to it.

      If it still goes up and down you could still use it with Jack stands I guess, I havent heard of jackstands failing but I guess you ha e some extra piece of mind.

      • Yeah I'm sure it could be serviced, but I'm also not happy about the height limitations also. But I want to upgrade to a jack that doesn't drop height by itself, as I use the jack as backup when jack stands are in place. Hell I sometimes even put a spare tyre under there too. You can never have too much safety, even if it takes a bit longer to set up.


    • Don't quote me but I heard that the Australian standards are changing when it comes to Jack's so these could be getting cleared out as they wont soon comply.
      Not sure what differnece that really makes.

  • Anyone gone through SCA to install reverse sensors (or do they do it?)

  • Oh great, I just bought a 4 dollar interior globe for the gf's Civic from there yesterday… I could've saved serious bank by waiting

    • Ebay dude…

      • You're right.. Doesn't hurt to search eBay and I learnt that the hard way.

        Bought headlight globe from Repco for $28 (price after NRMA member discount) and the exact same globe turned out to be available for < $18 on eBay by multiple sellers.

        • I only buy headlight globes from PowerBulbs.com - so much cheaper and great brands too. Currently 25% off - check ozbargain!

    • I thought sca member will get credit if price drops?

  • Thanks OP, might pick some stuff with 10% off using gift cards plus this discount plus cashback might get a good deal on some stuff.

  • Looking for discount for battery :(

  • OP Im just curious. How T is your A?

  • anyone recommend windscreen wipers for a Mazda 3 2012??


    • Do you actually need the wipers or just replace the rubber inserts? Much cheaper if just the latter, and no need to change the arm unnecessarily.

      • The rubber inserts, mines been worn out for a long time now. Everytime I use it screeches, last time I bought new ones was in 2017 hahaha

        • I think this is what you need - https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/tridon-tridon-wiper-refi...

          Then you simply trim the excess off each one once it's on the blade.

          Also clean your windscreen properly. I find car wash often doesn't clear road grime off the glass. I don't use dishwashing liquid on the paint (strips wax), but once I year I squirt morning fresh onto a cloth and scrub the windscreen and then rinse down carefully (trying not to splash too much onto paint). I find it helps my wipers glide on the glass better.

        • Don't scratch your glass…

          • @justtoreply: SIFA Steel Wool 50g Hobby Packs are ideal for preparing and polishing flat, curved or grooved surfaces. The Steel Wool is more gentle than a scourer, making it ideal for multiple types of surfaces.

            Prepares and polishes flat, curved or grooved surfaces
            Gentler than scourers, will not scratch
            Ideal for cleaning multiple types of surfaces such as steel, glass, stone and porcelain
            Ideal for cutting back waxed floors and furniture
            Source: Bunnings

        • Use a green scourer on the actual rubber blades. They get a scale build up. A couple of runs across (plus clean glass as per other comments) and they come up new. Had the same blades for 10 years!

          • @tunzafun001: lol i might try that

          • @tunzafun001: I wiped down my wipers over the weekend and it was a HUGE improvement! The screech noise is very minimal now.

            The wipers were so dirty that even after wiping it 10 times there were still dirt marks. Thanks for your help!! You saved me $15 - $20 :D

            • @Homr: i have to wipe my blades nearly every day or so during the dry summer months when there's so much dust flying around

              • @tdw: wow everyday during summer, this is my first time wiping it in 2 years, no wonder it was making all sorts of funny noises.

      • Have you checked out https://www.wipertech.com.au
        Not associated, just a happy customer for 3 years (new set of blades per year).

        • I checked them out, but I'm not overly sold on those flexible blade versions. I just replace my rubber insert once per year or two, and properly clean the windscreen and it's perfect.

        • I used to use them, but then I found a seller on ebay that does flex for $25 a pair, side by side they look almost identical!

    • Yes, absolutely. I wouldn't drive without them.

  • Awesome, was in need on a new head unit. Would anyone have any reccommendations? Basic Bluetooth is enough for me, don't see any reason to get Android Auto/Apple Carplay.

  • Any idea on what the discount of Penrite oil is?

  • Oh no looks like i'll be stocking up on a lot more Bowden's Own products.

  • Have $43 loyalty credit, obviously something I've bought has come down in price…since a bit over a week ago.
    I wonder if on this 20-60% day sale, how long it takes to credit to my account, if I'll end up with higher loyalty credit from previous purchase, or that's it once I've been credited once.

  • Awesome, right after I spent over $300 a few days ago! Just my luck…

    • If you're a Club member, you'll get it back in credit. Just track it as sometimes they're a bit slow

  • Waiting for the gold car wash to drop in price

  • Great been waiting to buy a new 12v cigarette lighter for the Bentley. Just don’t make em like they used to.

  • Where is this coming sale advertised / how do you know ?

    • I'm sure I saw an ad on Facebook or similar for it today

      • thanks….just trying to find full ad as I have quite a few purchases to make & want to see if they fall in the discount categories.

  • Hopefully a good price on degreaser, used my last can today

  • According to the facebook advertising I saw, special orders are part of the exclusion list

  • Hope spy cameras are 60% off.

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