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Telstra $65pm for 12m with 60GB Data & $400 JB Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


Another gift card from JB hifi, not as good as deal in the past with $500 gift card but still might interest some people.

Some people able to terminate the contract immediately in the past deal without paying ETC.

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    I think this was meant to be the link; https://www.jbhifi.com.au/features/phones/jb-mobile/

  • Link borked

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    How about the 65/mo for 24mos with P30 and 80GB data. Is that a good deal?

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      No, if it was 12m then you can try do ETC without fee

  • Might be worth adding this is for customers who port in from another carrier.

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    contact online chat to get additional $10 off per month, that is port in offer.

    • Could you tell more about how to get this?

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      I too would like to know how you are able to do this. I have tried and the telstra agent said the promotion to have $10/month discount is no longer there. Is there someone who has done this in the past week and if they could share how they did this, it would be greatly appreciated!

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        I did it last weekend when jb had the same deal with free TCL tv. Pretty sure the $10 monthly port in credit offer had expired but I still messaged the 24/7 telstra chat line anyway.

        After your sim is activated they will ask for your details but tbh it really depends if you get a nice consultant or not. Some will still do it, some won't. It's how you word it to them but be friendly. Don't ask the question about the port in credit, tell them you want it applied as you are a new customer and was told by another telstra consultant that it could be done and that's the whole reason you signed up.

        Guess you're taking a risk as you are contacting them after you have ported in already but the JB deal itself isn't bad anyway.

        I probably didn't help you with my answer lol

      • I asked two weeks ago. sucessfully applied. They are happy to give me this offer. so now the discount is expired?

        try different agents

      • I've just signed up to the other deal for $45 pm with 50gb + $200 goodguys voucher. once i was signed up the next day i spoke to live chat, and they've told me the offer has expired. But i stated that i only switched to telstra due to the port-in offer, and she got it sorted for me :)

    • I ported to the $45 plan with the $200 gift card the other day and after a couple of live chats I had success. My agent however did say the offer had expired but instead gave me a lumpsum credit of $120 put into my account. So just depends on who you get, good luck

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    So it's a total of $380, taking into account the gift card, excluding any port in credit you may get.

    For the $45/m 50gb plan, it's $340, taking into account the gift card, excluding any port in credit you may get.

    So, essentially you're paying $40 for an extra 10gb/m, or $3.33/m for 10gb.

    • Is there a link to that $45/month plan that you're referring to?

      • Same JB page as for this deal, just scroll to the bottom!

        • Thanks!

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      $400 Gift card is not equal to $400 cash

      Gift card = you HAVE to spend it.
      Cash = its a cash

      In logic, you cant pay the Telstra Bill with GC.
      You may sell $400 GC for cash but I highly doubt you can get $400 in cash

      In conclusion you still have to pay $65 per month with real money.

      • But if you were deadset going to spend the cash on something anyways.
        Looking at getting a S10E for the missus but this seems worse off than the $200 gift card $45/month deal sigh

      • Some would say it's dead easy to spend it on a genuine purchase.

        Others would say gift cards usually cost 10% less, so it's not equiv to $400 cash.

      • If jb have something you want to buy then it is, they price match don’t they? If you need an Xbox one x or two apple pencils or whatever, then a $400 jb voucher is as good as cash.

      • What does "In logic" mean?

        Is that a thing people are saying these days?

        Genuinely asking, since I still have no idea what Netflix and chill means (the chill part anyway).

        • I haven’t heard of the phrase in logic before, but I assume they meant “my logic behind that statement is proven by…”. Also in this case chill means sex.

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            @Hargain Bunter: Makes sense. I guess it used to be "want to come over and watch a movie and stuff?"

  • How did people get ETC without fee?

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      By changing to one of the Telstra Plans with the ETC waived, then porting away as the new Telstra Plans have no lock in/ETC

      • Telstra plans these days seem really generous with no overuse fees for data and no early termination fees, other than paying off the rest of what the device actually costs. It must be easy to offer that now that they still dominate the market.

  • Who's betting Telstra have fixed this loophole by now?

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      After reading the discussion here ?

    • I just did it on Mon. It really depends on the agent on Telstra 24x7. First one told me there’s ETC. I closed the chat, start again with another agent, and all good, no ETC!

      • You mean after you bought this particular deal?

        • This is what I received when I changed 12 month plan to $50 month by month plan: Great news! Our Services Plans are no longer locked in contract for 12 or 24 months. They are now month to month basis.

          You may please visit this link to check out our new plan offers: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/sim-only-plans

          Once you selected a plan, that's the time you can choose your preferred device that you can pay by either outright or by installment for 24 or 36 months! :) Isn't that great? :) Longer installment period will allow you to minimize your monthly bill cost.

          Just please be reminded that Service Plan is completely separated to the Device Payment Contract if you wish to have one.

          This means you'll have great flexibility to change your Service Plan once in a month.

          And if you decided to cancel your plan, there will be no longer a Service Plan Early termination charge. You'll only just have to pay the remaining balance for your Device Payment Contract to buy out your device.

          For you to Avail the Device Payment Contract, you need to have an active Service Plan all throughout the Device Payment installment contract (Either 24 or 36 months).

          The most friendly budget we have for our new Service plans, we have $50 with 15GB data.

          The greatest thing we have for this plan is, the Peace of mind data is already included at no extra cost.

          With Peace of mind data, once you reached your data limit, instead of automatic data top up of 1GB for $10 , speed will only be capped at 1.5Mbps and data will be unlimited which is still seamless on basic internet usage like browsing on internet, checking emails, social media sites, and watching non HD videos.

          How does this offer sound to you? 🙂

          • @jimojr: What if you went for the Huawei P30 on the 24th plan instead of the gift card?

          • @jimojr: keen to know how soon you were able to change plans

            • @edrift: After you successful ported in and got the phone or gift card.

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        Double standard or no business standard at all? Discrimination for certain customers??

        Telstra has to change the way their doing business. By comments in here we can tell something not right in Telstra culture/management.

      • how long do we have to wait before doing this? can we do it like within days after signing up?

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          I did mine an hour after I signed up, talked to the 24x7 agent and got it changed to the $60 plan for two sim cards and no termination fees. $800 in GC!

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        How come different agents gave different answers? What’s Telstra written policy about it? Doesn’t this called discrimination?

        I did ask the Telstra supervisor and he said there’s no such thing as $10 port in credit. It’s not written policy, nothing can be found in Telstra website either. But still some customers got that preference treatment and get extra discount.

        How? For those who negged my comment, did you get the discount or are you Telstra online agents??😙

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          Pretty sure you are getting negged because you are spamming nonsense, "are you an agent?", "they are discriminating".

          They had a port in credit, some reps still give it to people and some don't, if you ever worked in a customer facing industry you would realise this sort of shit happens all the time.

          • @nmartin84: Then it should be a written policy! Easy peasy where all eyes can see the same thing.

        • It's called inconsistency in staff training

          • @buckster: Inconsistent in a lot of agents?

            • @brongz: What it means is that staff apply things that they're not meant to. They're then made sure to not make those same mistakes.

              The situation you want in akin to someone giving extra change at a cash register by accident, and then to give everyone else who goes there from then on the extra $5 change too.

              Telstra previously had a $10 port-in credit, but it was technically meant to apply in only some situations, but would often erroneously be applied in other (to our benefits). They've tightened up on this.

              The ship has sailed and left you behind.

  • Anyone know what the early termination fee is?

    • $390, if you change the plan to month to month, the ETC will be waived.

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      It's a fee for early termination

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    Just to warn everyone of this JB-TELSTRA deal.

    • Confirmed with JB guy that 5G is not available on this plan.

    • After porting over from TPG i find that my phone 4G speed is a lot slower at the same location and time of day.

    What i can say is i agree with what another user said that there's some throttling applied on JB-TELSTRA plan as compared to straight Telstra.

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      I had a long discussion with a Telstra rep about something else- but they confirmed JBHIFI is a third party renting Telstra network- and while Telstra is the biller, and plans are JBHIFI plans (think similar to other companies using Telstra network). Therefore I would expect that jbhifi plans don’t have full coverage and speeds. If you need the coverage and speeds I’d suggest going through a deal like this for the extras and switching ETC to Telstra plan month to month through live chat.

      • To confirm, you can sign up to JB then go to Telstra chat and have this converted to a month-month plan? Seems a bit strange.

        • Am curious as to how this works out as well.

        • -1

          Yes, initially I was enquiring about a $10 port in credit - they refused that, and said there's another option to just go month to month $60. Confirmed that and switched same day of porting in. My bill for this month is $62 though, I'm assuming $2 is for the "1 day" of being on the $65 JBHIFI plan.

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        This is ABSOLUTELY incorrect.

        The Telstra rep is completely wrong. Being on a JB plan is EXACTLY the same as being on a native Telstra plan as far as the network coverage, speed etc goes. EXACTLY.

        • You might said the coverage is the same, but as an end user, the telstra JB SIM is very bad reception, it’s a fact. Because I am using both sim.

      • they confirmed JBHIFI is a third party renting Telstra network

        This is 100% incorrect. JB are not an MVNO

    • this is massive, should be pinned

    • +1

      Given the pitiful 5G coverage and even worse phone choice it's not really a big deal.

      5G won't be meaningful (coverage and phones) for at least another 1.5 years. Apple won't even have a 5G phone until Oct/Nov 2020.

      To get the most out of 5G we need 26GHz spectrum. No Australian provider has access to this spectrum yet.

      • Coverage will expand as they make progress..
        But i was just warning others that JB-Telsra <> Telstra so others don't get into any disapoinment after signing up on this deal thinking they will get the same level of service as other Telstra subscribers.

        • Fair enough however I think Telstra are delusional if they're going to be able to charge a premium for 5G at some point in the future.

    • Also worth noting Apple devices don’t have 5g yet anyway.

    • Hi mate. I was just hoping to clarify whether you were initially on Telstra, ported out to TPG to port back in to Telstra to get the vouchers? Or you were always with TPG and moved to Telstra and noticed the slower speeds?
      I am currently on an old Telstra plan and 24/7 chat people have said that it shouldn’t matter whether I get a 'jb hifi telstra plan' and I shouldn’t experience any difference…..but who knows….might get a different response from another chat staff.
      Was hoping to ask if people that were previously on Telstra and did the port out (1 to 4 weeks or whatever) port in experienced any changes to speed etc.

  • -2

    Bit of a knob deal given transfers won't happen over Weekends and this finishes tomorrow….

    • Port in’s? Optus to Telstra literally takes 2 minutes. I did mine last Sunday.

      • Everywhere I read suggests not weekends, if not prepaid…

        • Depends what carrier you are with I guess. Optus-Telstra is extremely quick. I remember a couple years back porting from Vodafone to Optus, that took a couple business days, and forms to fill out I recall.

          • @NitroNinja: I went Optus > Telstra with this deal a few weeks ago and it took about 4 days including the weekend

          • @NitroNinja: Not to worry, actually ported out this morning and went back in…. lucky

        • Edit: Duplicate comment

  • So many JBHIFI deals! Notice it is more difficult to offload a JBHIFI giftcard, have tried to sell mine $500 one for a couple weeks now. Take that into account if you are planning to sell the giftcard

    • Try 400 or 420 and people may buy it

      • $350?

        • Essentially anything under 450 and there is a chance people will buy it

  • In Feb we will see the best deals

    • In Feb? That's a way long wait from now, mate. Any special event/holiday I'm not aware of? Or was that a joke? I am asking seriously and not being sarcastic just to be clear. Because I am on a mobile plan that ends on Feb but thinking thrice about porting now and paying fees. XD

      • +1

        Feb is when retail slows down. There were some awesome deals this Feb with JB and Telstra. Wasn't a joke.

        • Damn. Now I don't know what to do. Thanks for explaining it, mate.

          • +1

            @savemesomemoney: Hold till then if you can.
            Also flight bookings etc.

            Retail peaks NOV/DEC and Jan with SALE then by Feb nobody has money anymore so they need to come up with special incentives…

        • Will retail slow down, does amazon slow down during typical slow periods in America?

  • Can my wife without income get into such contract?

    • even fresh off the plane international student can get on latest iphone contract, i fail to see why not

    • Wouldn't be too sure, can't you put it under your name? They went through some questions like employment and how long I was at my current and previous job so maybe idk

      • I've already got two numbers recently ported to Telstra. I don't want to be blacklisted.

        • Why would they it only happens when you unable to pay the bill

  • My plan shows below:-
    Device buy out - $227.90
    ETC - $149.40
    Total - $377.30

    Any chance of using these JB offers without paying those high charges? Plan ends exactly in 5 months.

    • +1

      Not a chance

    • Talk to them in Telstra 24×7 app to change plan to $50 month to month plan, you will save $100 if you port out or cancel in a month.

      • The way I see this is $59 per month x 5 remaining months = $295 total.

        If I have to change this, I would still be paying out $227.90. Which only leaves me with $67.10. Not sure how I will be saving $100. No offence, but do you mind explaining your calculation there?

        • If you change the plan, you save $149 ETC, but you have to pay one more month for $50 15GB plan.

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    can you claim sign-on credit with telstra like I did last time?

    $65 p/m converted to $69
    $10 signup and $10 discount applied each month.
    made it $49 p/m plan with 60gb + Peace of mind
    + $500 Jb voucher.

    can we still do the same?

    • up this! waiting to hear back if we can do the same

    • -1

      See. This is why I’m commenting about that discrimination thing. I upgraded my plan to $69, asked about extra port in discount to no avail to few agents.

      But somehow some easily get that discount without so much effort.

      • be careful I tryed OzB advice 2 years ago when I contracted and it didnt help. telstra actually charged me $10 a month more than what I signed up for and after 18 months of lazy back and forth contacted the TIO and got maybe $2 per month off the price the confirmation email stated.

        edit: calculated it and I saved $4pm off what I signed up before after being OVERCHAGED BY TELSTRA FOR 18 MONTHS and contacting ombudsman.

    • I just went to telstra chat and was told the port in credit of $10 ended on 25/06/19. Can someone comment if they have success on THIS CURRENT offer. Appreciate it heaps. :)

      • I got told the same thing about Port in credit. They were able to apply $40 credit (that's apparently the maximum their system will accept).

        • What do you mean by that when you mentioned $40 credit?

        • +1

          I just got the 12 month $10 Port in Credit…. very friendly rep, I was the first person they dealt with, so lucky :)

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