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American Express Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,000 Bonus Qantas Points, ($450 AF and $450 Qantas Travel Credit)


Hi guys, found this while browsing Qantas website:

Details include:
100,000 Qantas Points, when you apply through the OP link, are approved and spend a minimum of $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months of approval.
$450 Qantas Travel Credit each cardholder year
2 American Express Airport Lounge entries each year
2 Qantas Club lounge invitations each year
Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium Membership (Valued at $99)
Travel and purchase protection insurances (PDS)
1.25 Qantas Points earned per $1 on eligible purchases, 1 additional Qantas Point per $1 spent on selected Qantas products and services in Australia & 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 at government bodies in Australia
No cap on earn rate. You’ll continue to earn Qantas Points for each $1 spent, no matter how much you spend each month
$450 p.a. annual fee
Offer Expires: July 31st 2019

Can also be accessed via qantas.com/cards

Stacks with 20,000 Bonus Points from Qantas. I realize this rules out 90% of OZB but might be helpful to some.

Referral Links

David Jones Card: random (38)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

David Jones Platinum Card: random (3)

Referrer: 30,000 Reward Points
Referee: 40,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Thanks OP. Tempted by this.

  • Can the travel credit and lounge passes be sold on through classifieds,etc?

    • You could try, but it's against the T&Cs for both travel credit and passes, eg:

      The Qantas Travel Credit must be used in good faith and cannot be sold or otherwise transferred for value. The Qantas Travel Credit may be forfeited if we reasonably determine that you are seeking payment, compensation or other value for your Qantas Travel Credit

      and Qantas Lounge passes are the same:

      Invitations must not be resold. Qantas reserves the right to cancel resold invitations and disqualify both sender and recipient’s access to future invitations if this policy is breached.

  • Why does this rule out most on Ozbargain? It is just $3000 spend in total over the 3 months unless I am mistaken.

    • Many of us already have AMEX cards and are not eligible.

      With the lacklustre offers lately I’m thinking of cancelling for 18 months for when this deal pops up again.

    • +10 votes

      2 things:

      You won't be eligible for the 100K bonus points if you have held an AMEX in the past 18 months.

      You won't be eligible for the 20K bonus points if:

      "Members must not have earned Qantas Points on a Qantas Points earning card into their Qantas Frequent Flyer account within the past 12 months from offer registration to be eligible."

      • Am I eligible for the point bonus if i previously held a Commbank amex card in the last 18months?

        • Yes, you'd be eligible. Better to confirm by calling Amex directly though..

      • I bought my first ever Amex card a fortnight ago with pointshacks. Will I be eligible for 20k bonus points? or did I need to apply through qantas?

    • Anyone know of any other active credit card offers?

  • How do you rate this compared to the AMEX Velocity Platinum Credit Card? Also, would you recommend this as a daily card as I'm cancelled my current credit card which is a MasterCard, from what I remember not many placed accept AMEX.

    • Do you mean from this offer? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471425

      As otherwise the bonus points for Velocity is pretty small.

      Comparing this and the points hack offer, I'd say this one is better as that one takes months to fulfill the requirements

      • What do you mean it takes 1 full month to fulfill the requirements?

      • Yeah that's the one. That is a pro for this one, but what about for daily use, do you find a lot of places accept AMEX now?

        • Supermarkets are fine but don't get surprised if you want to buy your coffee, lunch, and the shop doesn't accept it.

          Most bigger retailers also accept Amex, e.g. fashion stores

        • Depends where you are I think. For instance at my workplace, all lunch places accept my AMEX. Can buy lunch and coffee using my AMEX if I need to.

      • I'm comparing between this deal, this AMEX double referral offer, and this Points Hack Exclusive Velocity deal.

        Could you please comment on which would be best? I travel about twice a year, return, and both QFF and Velocity alliances have reasonable coverage of my expected destinations, so it's purely down to the value I get from each CC vs annual fees, which I know nothing about…

        • Depending on your origin/destination, Qantas flight can cost significantly more than $475, in which case you have to pay additional costs. Velocity card gives you a return flight no matter the destination. Even if your flight is relatively short, e.g. Syd-Mel, you will still be paying $75 more on annual fees to get a Qantas flight.

          Conversely, the Velocity card takes 6 months of spending to get all points as opposed to 3 months for Qantas.

          I'd go with Velocity card if I knew that I will keep the card for at least 6 months and spend during all those months.

          • @strang: Thank you!

            What about if I don't expect to be making domestic flights? Most of my flights are international and tend to cost >> $475 anyway. Would that mean the velocity is less suitable because I won't be using their "main benefit"? Do their other benefits still outweigh a QFF card?

            • @xrailgun: Have you tried a hypothetical reward booking through their websites? e.g. in qantas.com when you go to book, there is an option for 'classic rewards'. See how many points and cash(taxes) should be spent; same for VA.

  • Also not every retailer accepts AMEX

  • Currently have Platinum Edge for two years. Can I switch to this? Does it make sense to switch?

    • You'll be missing out on the bonus points if you do.

    • If you have the Platinum Edge now, I doubt you'll be eligible. Most of these offers require you to not have held an AMEX in the 18 months prior to getting the card.

  • There's also an additional 20000 points on offer if you meet the criteria.

    Reading the fine print, I think that you need to have not held any QFF earning credit/charge card in the past 12 months.

  • Good card got points following month gather hitting spend. Sold the lounge passes on classifieds but not able to sell the travel credit as against classified rules. Good card. Had 1-2 places not take it but majority do.

  • Income?

  • travel credit is immediately or after 3mo?

    • +1 vote

      Credit available after the AF is deducted - usually after the first statement.

      Ninja edit: Just checked my account and noticed the $450 credit. Got approved 5 days ago.

  • can the travel credit be used to pay for taxes on classic reward flight redemptions?

  • So I guess can’t use travel credit on Jetstar and what are Amex travel prices compared to qantas are they the same ?

  • tempting…

  • If this is your first qantas branded card get an additional 20,000 points by first registering through this deal in July

  • After not having an Amex card since about 1985 I took up a previous round of this offer and also did 3 successful referrals for a total of 210,000 points.
    I've already booked flights to use the $450 credit that offsets the annual fee.
    I already had premium membership of Qantas Wine, so no benefit there.

    I can't really see any downside to the deal for me, it's essentially a free card if you travel once per year via Qantas.

    You can get around the "no Amex" or "extra fee for Amex" where the seller takes Paypal, just link the Amex to your PayPal account and pay via Paypal choosing the Amex card as the source of funds. You still get the points too.

  • Thanks OP - just applied.

  • Bonus points are awarded fast but be sure to pay over $1 on the Qantas spend to get the Qantas lounge passes.

    • That carbon offsetting page does not seem to work anymore (no payment accepted on the webpage)

      • i found this too, last few days - i'd enter info, and it wouldnt respond with $ offest
        Works now for me, since about 24hours ago. Give it another shot!

  • I just hold onto my freebie AMEX Qantas Discovery card these days for the random AMEX offers and Shop Small (granted that's going downhill I find every year). 18months period is just way too long and pretty broad, compared to jumping around the Big 4 … if they ever do a free offer again anyway.

    • Didn't know about the discovery card with no annual fee, looks like it has a better earn rate then the Essentials card even after the recent de valuation

  • This has been a deal for a while…

    But no brainer, get on it!

    • It was the same deal via Point Hacks, but that ended on 15 July and there hasn’t been one available since.

      This one is the same deal but via Qantas. It’s much better than the market offer of 55k sign on bonus.

  • I just applied for the Qantas Premier Platinum (120k points if you spend 1500 a month in the first 6 months) but i cant see if there is a rule on if you musthave had the card in 12 or 18 months to be elibible.. Any ideas?


    • That's a citibank card, this is an amex card, so their exclusion periods are completely separate.

      Citibank can be very slow on their applications (around 14 days from application to outcome).

      I've read elsewhere on this site that citibank reject applications if you've applied/been approved for another citibank card in the past 7 months.

      Citibank also sometimes don't strictly follow their own terms and conditions (I'm not going to expand on that because sometimes it's in their favour and sometimes it's not).

      So bottom line: assume that there is a 12 month exclusion period on that card and cards from the same product family of Qantas-branded cards that are backed by citibank.

  • I had an Amex Discovery card with no annual fee. Phoned Amex last year when they had this promo, Upgraded me to the Ultimate card, even though promo says $450, the cost was $350, asked if they could give me some points and from memory they gave me 30.000.
    Will be interested to see if my annual renewal is $450 or $350. As we travel quite a bit this card has been great value. Particularly the free travel insurance.
    Important to note the $450 travel Credit has to be used in 1 transaction or you loose the difference, and you can’t use flight centre etc.

    • My best guess it would revert back to the standard annual fee after the first year discount, but I'd just negotiate with them through online chat. They won't reduce the fee if you say "otherwise I have to cancel the card" (it is not a permitted practice now); probably just ask for a discount

  • Any thoughts if the ANZ black 100k pts deal is better for this in terms of spend criteria? AF partially offset by 200 cashback and only 3k spend?

    • Amex is 3k spend as well. With AMEX you get $450 travel credit, 4 lounge passes and a higher earn rate. With ANZ FF Black you miss out one these. Might or might not suit you, depends on your circumstances and needs.

  • One thing to note
    - to get the qantas lounge invite, you must book through Qantas directly, not using the Amex booking site.

    I didn't read the find print properly and used the 450 travel credit thinking I would get 2 qantas invites..

    • Ah, I didn't notice that either. Sneaky. They've separated it so that you can't use the Qantas Lounge invites in conjunction with your $450 travel credit. That's a bit tight really, just forcing you to make multiple Qantas flights to access the benefits of the card. Having said that many people probably would anyway, but why be stingy?

  • Is there a fee for additional card holders? and can they earn points on the additional card?

    • No fee for additional card holders. Yes they can earn points for you. It also doesn't exclude them from their own sign on bonus if they choose to get an AMEX card within the 12 months.

  • Does anyone know how to stack referrals with this one? Referrals automatically seem to align to the 60k QP card?

  • Strongly considering this (have some big purchases lined up due to moving into a new place), but it seems like a lot of customers have bad experiences with their travel portal: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/amex_travel.html
    Any thoughts? Also, the 450 travel credit… can I purchase e.g. 2 tickets for it within one booking (for me and my partner)?

    • +1 vote

      Can't comment on the travel portal experience as I haven't used it myself, but other OzB members have reported flight prices are the same as Qantas website. Since you recieve a Qantas travel credit, I think it can only be used for flights and hotels - not sure about this though. And yes, you can book 2 tickets in a single booking. Hope this helps.

      • Cheers, one more question if you don't mind me asking. Would the PP cover tickets bought on the CC for someone else in case their trip gets canceled (e.g. me purchasing tickets for my family)?

    • Have used the travel portal twice to use my $450 qantas credit.

      Both times have been simple. You can only use it for qantas flights which i think reduces the scope for having issues (i think other AMEX cards can use for hotels e.t.c.)

      You can purchase tickets for more than one person using the credit. I've used it twice for flights for the significant other and I. Any unspent balance on the travel credit is lost.

      Once booked you can then log into the Qantas site with your booking ref. to manage your booking and apply for upgrades and assign any complimentary lounge passes to your flights.

      Seriously, just do it.

      • Im looking at flights to Fiji in June next year… Qantas website for QF flights: $588 pp return AMEX site for same flight: $700 pp return…

        Basically renders the $450 irrelevant. I really wonder how they can get away with that…

  • FYI, it seems they've changed insurance policies around de-facto partners and dependants and they are NOT covered by the policies:

    Additional Card Member means:
    1. a person who has been issued an additional card on a Qantas
    American Express Ultimate Card Account and may previously have
    been referred to as a Supplementary Card Member; and
    2. their husband, wife, fiance(e), de-facto or life partner with whom they
    have continuously cohabited for a period of six (6) months or more; and
    3. their legally dependent children (including stepchildren or legally
    adopted children) who are twenty-four (24) years of age or less and
    wholly dependent on them for financial support

    Then on p.14, under Medical Emergencies Cover:

    Additional Card Members are not entitled to cover under this section.


    • question about travel insurance, say I pay using primary card for 2 people flight tickets, we both get the travel insurance right and not just me?

  • If I sign up to this card and refer my gf would I then get 100k points + 65k points for referring her?

  • Does anyone know if Qantas club lounge passes can be used for an existing booking with Jetstar? Or do you need to make a new booking in order to use the passes?

  • thanks I just applied. I'm going oversea once a year and this $450 travel credit seems to balance out the 450 annual fee. The flight seems to be around $100 more expensive through amex travel but I guess that's fine (it'll be like I'm paying $100 annual fee + I get all the lounges and points). This is my first credit card and I'm a very responsible money person so I guess I'm alright with this? Any insight or experience you'd like to share with me please.

  • How likely is it that there will be similar offers to this one in the coming months? This is a great deal, but I'm only just starting my points journey so I'm going for the St George offer first (I don't think I could satisfy the minimum spending for both simultaneously).

    • These come around occasionally, however there can be a dry patch, there was a dry patch on this card between approx Sep'18 to Mar this year so that could happen again.

      I would do it now if i were you.

      • I ended up applying for both. Assuming I get approved, I should be able to pre-pay a few big bills to meet the spending limits.

        Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

  • Signed up.

    amex is always a pleasure to sign up with got my approval next day.

  • Does buying Woolworths gift cards count as the $3k in 3 months?

  • Everyone - I signed up and got approved and then I called Amex to double check regarding the 100k. Apparently they are not aware of this and are investigating if this is a misuse of referral. Can somebody confirm? I am not activating until I get a confirmation from them (they will let me know in next couple of days).

  • I submitted the web form, got an email to call them to verify .. then got rejected via the follow up phone call.
    I already hold an AMEX (westpac black + mastercard), and easily surpassed the requirements of this card. The person on the phone verbally asked most of same questions on the web form, and i was able to provide same answers without issue. She seemed to get stuck on the 'estimate of monthly household expenses' .. asking me couple times if i was sure about my answer. I justified why I'd provided approx $1500 (groceries, utilities, fuel, breakdown of insurances (home, car, health))… but when she told me i was declined she was unable to tell me why, only saying i'd received a letter in the post.
    Not sure if it's possible to then contest or appeal? Anyone else had experience with this?

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