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[PC] FREE - DRM-free - Malevolence - Indiegala


Another freebie from Indiegala.
As always it is DRM-free and can be added o your Indiegala account.

From the website:

Malevolence is a retro styled first person horror adventure.

Suddenly you wake up in an ancient castle, with no recollection of how you got there.
You heard rumors about this place, about dark rituals and the extraction of souls, how it is ruled by ancient evil and that nobody who set foot on the island has ever returned.

As you contemplate your fate, you refuse to abandon hope.
Certain that a way out must exist, you decide to explore the castle and do whatever necessary to find your way home…

  • Retro 3D graphics like in the good old days
  • Explore the castle and find its secrets
  • Survive traps, monster and the undead
  • Solve riddles and find hidden texts
  • Use the items within to help you find a way home
  • The entire castle is one open world, so there are no loading screens


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  • "Suddenly you wake up in a xxx, with no recollection of how you got there."

    That old chestnut. I'm so tired of it I'm ready to crack it next time I come across it.

    • I love it, a la Link's Awakening.

      Don't give me hours of prelude, explanation, and tutorials, just drop me in and let me figure it out… :)

  • Does the world really need another game?

    • For the 5 billion people on earth who could potentially release a game.

      Just be glad it's only one horrifying retroed graphics game today.

  • It's a shame how indiegala is now, used to give away some good games for steam now gives these I wanna say indie but there's no effort lol

  • McAfee says it has the Artemis! Trojan.

    • They've updated comments. Can delete the Malevolence.exe and run the engine.exe.