expired Winix Zero 4 Stage Air Purifier $399.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


WINIX ZERO 4-Stage Plasmawave Air Purifier retails fit $639 and most sales bring it to +$500

Costco appear to be clearing them out (advertised as limited stock, no rainchecks and implying no restock) with an additional $50 discount to the member price of $450

Winix is a hugely popular brand in South Korea and globally, so finding the replacement filters is easy enough and relatively affordable (Nb. Costco don’t sell replacement filters themselves).

It’s a quick sale so it’ll expire today - ring your Costco ahead (8 for admin) to check stock, get in while you can.

Description per distributor: https://airpurifiersdirect.com.au/products/winix-zero-4-stag...

The Winix ZERO 4 Stage Plasmawave Air Purifier features 4 Stages of air purification. This air purifier has a washable pre-filter, Activated Carbon filter for Volatile Organic Compounds and odours, hospital grade True HEPA filter and Plasmawave ® v1.0 technology
Features include reactive Dual Smart Sensor, Smart Air Quality Display, Sleep Mode and 4 Fan Speeds to make this the perfect all-rounder home air purifier.
The Winix ZERO 4-Stage Plasmawave Air Purifier comes with filters included for approximately 12 months of continuous use.

NEW MODEL AUS-1050AZBU: Manufactured to meet Australian Standards & comes with full 2 Year Australian Warranty

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    How much are filters and will Costco keep selling them


    Great price. We have the 9500 and it's brilliant at keeping the air relatively clean.


    Never understood why these things are needed in Australia?


      Dust mites mainly…

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      For cleaner air. Household air is generally full of TVOCs (paint, floorboard lacquer, furniture, cooking, all these things release all sorts of fumes either immediately or over time). You can open the window. Unless you live close to a busyish road. Then you have to contend with allergens from pollen, mould. Smoke from bush fires, industrial plants, diesel vehicles. Last month Sydney West experienced PM2.5 over 400. Anything above 60 is not great. Above 200 is dangerous. It's very difficult to qualify the benefits to most people especially as the pollutants are invisible and hard to detect (unless you have asthma). It's not needed if you or someone in your family doesn't have asthma or allergies. You will live. Just maybe not as long or as well…

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        The irony is they really don't use much electricity. Most of them are a simple fan and a HEPA filter but what a difference they make! I love mine!


      Can’t tel if you’re having a lark but for some folks it’s just a comfort thing all the way to some folks having serious breathing difficulties.

      1 in 9 Australians have asthma – around 2.7 million. I don’t know the stats on dust mites or cat allergies but yeah, it’s a thing. mould smells are my particular kryptonite.

      Local councils around Australia tend to use White Cypress (Murray) Pine and London Plane trees for urban planning - which cause an itchy, burning feeling for those sensitive.

      It’s also useful for things like Winter colds and flu, to breathe easier and so your whole house doesn’t get sick. For me it’s about controlling the god awful smell of my cat when it poops inside and the regular dander flying in the air.


        How does it do with cat fur?


        Fair enough.

        I’m from the uk & worked Singapore for a while. London / half the cities in Asia I totally see the need but Sydney’s air is amazing in comparison hence the question.


        There are various pieces of furniture you can buy to put the cat tray in to minimise the smell. We had a cat door that lead to out balcony, we put the cat tray in a tall dog house and had the door hole in a sheltered area. The cat was fine with going there to do its business. It needs to be tall enough for the cat to sit up. The dog house top came off so it was relatively easy to clean the tray.

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