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Skechers Performance GoMeb Speed 5 Men's Shoes Charcoal $65 + $5 Shipping from Running Warehouse


Amazing price for what I hope will be my second-fastest shoe. Perfect for Parkrun. Amazing review writeups for light weight, great ventilation and responsiveness.
If you know what you're doing, these shoes will help you shave seconds or more off your race times. :)

Amazingly, for RWA, most sizes are in stock in sizes US 8-13, with many half sizes. Delivery is within a few days for five bucks. I threw in some cheap socks, too. Some around half price or less, like these: https://www.runningwarehouse.com.au/Stance_Fusion_Run_Manoa_...

Reviews note this version is quite a bit lighter and as good as the acclaimed version 3.
Note the toebox can be narrow and low, which is the standard for racing shoes that hold feet snugly. I'll post a review when I get mine.

Reviews I use before purchasing:
Great review site> https://www.roadtrailrun.com/2018/04/skechers-performance-go...
92% rating: https://runrepeat.com/skechers-gomeb-speed-5
Clinician/runner review: https://www.doctorsofrunning.com/2017/12/skechers-gomeb-spee...

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  • This is 59% off. Pretty good for a cleaarance item that's not a tacky colourway.
    I've not seen anything of a launch of a v6 yet of this shoe.

  • Thanks! Got a pair.

    • Glad I could share a decent deal! RWA has some great discounts occasionally on clearance stock, but rarely across all sizes and in decent colours.
      I only found this due to some lucky searching, since the website's filters are poor at showing all shoes in particular price ranges.
      Speedy shoes for Parkrun distances, up to half marathon distance, should suit lots of people - especially in NSW for City to Surf and Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

      It's slightly ridiculous that I now have five different brands of running shoe on my rotation, once I get these!

      • +1

        At 167grams they are insanely light. Will try them for intervals. I've got 16 pairs of shoes in current rotation so another one can't hurt :D

  • Skechers for running..really ? Damn anyone else backing that up..that will be big savings if skechers can handle running.They are comfy shoes but at 92 kgs walking 10 ks a day makes the sole go in 6 months. Anyone else using skechers for running ? Cannot trust online user reviews.. OZB users reviews would be appreciated

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      Skechers need to work extra hard in changing people's image on their shoes. Their "Performance" division (hence Skecher Performance brand) has made some very well received running shoes over the last 3-4 years. They have everything from high stack easy run shoes (GoRun Max Road), everyday trainers (GoRun or GoRun Ride), tempo run fast shoes (Razor) to racing flats (GoMeb Speed). They even got racers with carbon fibre plate that challenges Nike VF4% (Speed Elite Hyper).

      The main issue is that it's difficult to find Skechers Performance shoes in the typical Skechers outlets in shopping centres. Some online shops stock them and that's it.

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        Cheers bud might give them a go

  • Thanks for this explanation of the Skechers Performance line, Scotty.

    This info is explained in some of the reviews I've linked.
    My order shipped yesterday, so I'm looking forward to doing a review and a comparison of the Go Meb 5 against my current (amazing) OzB 'recent-deal' fast shoe, the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit.

    • Got a new PR this week with the Skechers? :)

  • Parkrun people, these shoes are ultra light, minimalist shoes with just enough padding for medium length races (suit suitable for City to Suft and Half Marathon, if you want a very light, non support shoe).
    Nike Zoom LT3 is a comparable racing flat. It also reminds me of a stripped down Noosa Tri (which this shoe will replace in my collection).

    Zoom Streak LT3 v GOmeb5: https://www.letsrun.com/shoes/reviews/6990 (9/10 rating)
    Close up pics and generallly 5 star reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Skechers-Performance-GOmeb-Speed-Char...

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    Quick review - if anyone here is still considering these shoes - DO IT !
    If you are fit, light, like ultra lightweight shoes or if you're looking to up your cadence. The shoes feel like they weigh nothing and are extremely well ventilated.

    Originally I ordered sixe US10, based on reviews that the shoes are true to size. With these shoes, the upper is wafer thin in most places, so the shoe is actually a half size larger in feel due to no thickness in the upper. It is not a strech style upper, but an ultralight nylon, I think.

    Running through Hyde Park, down to Circular Quay, up the hills of The Rocks and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back, these shoes felt responsive, light and never got in the way of running fairly fast.

    With the right size shoe US9.5, I felt the upper had a firm hold, yet was light and cool.

    For $65, for runs up to say 20km, the shoes are what you'd use to run faster.
    The shoes even look OK, a frey style with subtle colour.
    Highly recommended!

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    Ordered a pair, thanks

    • Pretty amazing that this deal is still on. :) Warning: the upper is great and very thin, so best you size in these at the shop. Otherwise if could be $17 to ship back to Running Warehouse.

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