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Knipex 8702250 10" Cobra Pliers - Comfort Grip $53.21 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Some decent home tools I've bought to take advantage of the free Prime shipping (ended tonight). Basically I tried to get the combinations of:

  • Useful tool: things that are actually used often and not just some fancy or rarely used stuff
  • High quality: reputable brands, made in Germany or USA
  • Very good reviews
  • Currently on sale
  • Free delivery to Australia (ended tonight)

Listings are as below:

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    How much is this normally?

  • Apologises for hijacking your post OP but can anybody recommend a good quality and absolute essential tool set to have around the home? Something that might cover common/basic jobs.

    I have an old tool box which I have inherited, full of odd pieces and find myself always making a trip to Bunnings when easy DIY jobs come up! It's occurred to me that I'm doing more around the home and I should really invest in a good set myself.

    • Check out SuperCheap Auto. Their sale has been extended until midnight tonight.

    • Do you have a budget? I'll write up something tomorrow

    • A good set costs a lot since there are so many tools you need just to tackle the standard fittings around the house. Then there's the specialty items but let's not even go near that.

      Most important tools are safety, followed by tools to put things together and lastly, to take things apart. Your view on their importance is paramount to every job because you shouldn't start if it is unsafe, and you shouldn't do anything you cannot put back together. So here's what you'll need, exact model will depend on budget.

      1. Voltage tester, safety glasses, dust mask.
      2. Screwdrivers, wrench set, pliers set, ladder, measuring tape.
      3. Hammer, mallet, bench chisel, hand saw, hacksaw, pry bar.
      4. Drill/driver combo, drill bits, driver bits.
      5. Circular saw, speed square, long and short spirit level, F clamps.

      With these alone (ex consumables), you can even frame, clad, power and plumb a shed.

      • Thanks. I should've specified better but essentially I was after hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches. I don't need any electric tools for now (except for a basic drill) as my place is relatively low maintenance and I don't have the skills to take on bigger jobs. At least not yet. I don't even attempted anything too complicated and which I have little knowledge in. Especially if I know it will cost me a fortune if things were to go wrong or might cause an injury to myself or these around me.

        • Any cheap screwdriver set will do. I suggest a magnetic set for general work and an insulated one for working near wires. (Always kill the mains if working near power).

          Get a cheap wrench set. Don't bother with ratchet function for handyman use. Even the cheapest nastiest stuff is drop forged so it will take more abuse than a handyman can inflict. Make sure you buy a metric set.

          Get an adjustable wrench and slip joint plier. Same thing. It's drop forged so for handyman use, cheap is good enough.

          Three piece pliers set should be decent. Cheapies seize so this is one area you don't cheap out on. It doesn't have to be high end, just don't buy junk.

          Get a small magnet mounted torch lamp. Those things are a godsend for places like under the sink.

          • @tshow: So cheap screwdriver and wrench set but a decent set of pliers - got it! Thanks for your help and going in detail. I've made a note on what I need to consider when it comes buying a set and will start to going through the old toolbox and begin throwing out few things out to give me extra inventive.

            • @cheepo: For pliers, Knipex are known as the gold standard.
              A good all-round set would be:

              • KNIPEX 87 01 250 Cobra Pliers
              • KNIPEX 26 11 200 Long Nose Pliers with Cutter, 8 Inch
              • KNIPEX 02 01 200 High Leverage Combination Pliers, 8 Inch
              • KNIPEX 74 01 200 High Leverage Diagonal Cutters, 8 Inch

              As with the screwdrivers, they're a bit pricey but they'll last and you'll have a much better time using them with much cleaner results on anything you do.

            • @cheepo: For wrenches, if you want something premium Irega manufacture most wrenches for top tool brands like Stahlwillie (Bahco too I think) so you can save a bit of money by purchasing their brand.

              12" is a good all-round size.

        • For screwdrivers buy a good set of Wiha. Spend the extra $$$ now and save yourself the headache of stripped screws and having to replace crappy screwdrivers.

          Bunnings have a great set of the Wiha SoftTouch screwdrivers I love. It's only flathead and Philips head but that'll get most things done.
          If you're going to do electrical work at any point you might find the VDE (insulated) set more useful. Bunnings sell that too!

        • For hammers people love Estwing. Amazon is a great place to get them for a good price. A 20oz is a good size.
          Nylon grips seem to be the most popular but you could even go for a leather grip if you're feeling fancy.

          Sorry for the wall of text! All of the stuff above is fantastic quality and not only will you have a better time using good quality gear than you would with cheap crap but what you do with it will come out better and if you take care of them these tools can last a very long time.

    • Just a heads up I endorse buying the best tools you can afford as you tend to never regret it. However this might be entirely unnecessary for what you intend to do.

      Hand tools:
      Screw drive set x2. A small precision set (I'd recommend Wiha) and a regular set (a Stanley set will be fine, although could go Wiha/Wera. You will only really be using a PH2 and a medium sized flathead 90% of the time so a small set is fine).
      Folding allen key set.
      Claw hammer.
      Hand saws x3. A hand saw, tenon saw and a hacksaw (buy 24t blades).
      Tape measure. Don't cheap out, at least 8 m, metric only and easily legible. Stanley/Lufkin.
      Combination square.
      Spirit level. 1200 mm.
      Stanley knife.
      Pliers set. Combination pliers, side cutters and needle nose. I bought those three and above Cobras in 8" off Ebay for $160 a few months back, highly recommended.
      Vise grips/locking pliers. Very partial to Milwaukee here, 125 mm.
      HSS drill bit set. Do not cheap out here.
      Driver bit set.
      Wrecking bar. 600 mm.
      Voltage checker and multimeter. Very useful to learn how to use.

      Things to have on hand.
      Tapes. Duct, electrical and teflon.
      Saw horses x2.
      Ladders x2. Step ladder (make sure there are steps on both side as they are much more stable) and an extension ladder.
      Bench vise. Do not cheap out here.

      As for power tools, do buy a drill and driver set. Keep an eye on here as they come on special all the time AEG/Dewalt/Milwaukee/Makita are all a pretty safe bet.

  • The Knipex 8701250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers are only $42.65 (normal handle, not comfort grip). Another good buy is the KNIPEX 8603250 SBA Pliers Wrench at $71.33.

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