Replacing 28 Degrees Credit Card with Citibank Plus

Hi there, just need some advise on replacing my 28 degrees credit card.

I am currently having both 28 degrees and Citibank plus debit account. I use 28 degrees to make in-store purchases while I am overseas, or shop online from overseas sites; and I use citi bank to withdraw cash overseas.

Just wondering, is it no fee for me to make online or in-store purchases overseas with Citibank plus account? If it is so, I will be cancelling my 28 degrees.

What do you guys think about these two?

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  • You're right, no fees with Citi Plus account.

    Though 28D also has price protection insurance which could be valuable. That's enough of a benefit to a card with no annual fee for me to keep it.

    • Thanks for you input! I wanna cancel it coz I have too many credit cards that i don't use. Just trying to shrink down the number.


    i have both.
    28degrees is for aliexpress and other O/S purchases.
    both no fee.
    I take the 2 with me when going overseas. the citibank card is my back up.

    • Agree is important to have two cards when going overseas, in case something happens with one. Last time I was in France 28 Degrees blocked the CC for suspected fraud, and it took a whole day to get it reinstated

      • Even when 28 degrees did not block, the card could just not work. Happened to me, trying to make a hotel payment overseas. Luckily I had ING card to fall back on. Next day I enquired, and they really could not see any block, so who knows why. Nowadays, I have multiple backups just in case.

  • They are different one is credit card one is debit? Unless you don't care about the interest free period?
    But still with cc you don't have to have balance in there.
    The one you need to cancel is Citi. And change to ing. You can use ing as your main bank too because they give good interest.

    • I still have my ING account but not in use anymore, does it work the same way as CITI plus? I only need to use CITI plus to withdraw cash overseas.

      • You are better off with Citi Plus if you are not using the ING account anymore. Because foreign fees will be waived, only if you have met some requirements the month before ($1000 deposit and 5 card trans).

  • I used the free global wifi and the free concierge service that comes free with the 28D card.

    My partner lost her 28D card while we were away, and it was very quick and painless to have it cancelled.

    …and I only read last night that if your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours you get free lounge access.

    That, on top of the interest free, price protection etc is enough for me to keep the card.

    • Good to know about that delay thing, I searched it on ozbargain and found the link, happens that I am going overseas next month. Thank you so much for mentioning it!

    • how is the connection on the free global wifi in singapore? i am going there for a couple of days not worth of getting a sim card but will get it if there is no option

      • not sure about Singapore, I was in Hong Kong and it was pretty good.
        Free wifi is very common, but this just helped fill in the odd black spot.

    • just a quick note. The flight delay lounge pass is for any Mastercard, not just 28D.

      • not quite, I just tried that link and my 28d worked fine but my other Mastercard was not valid for this offer

        • I stand corrected.
          just tried my Westpac altitude Mastercard, which has worked previously, and I now doesn't work and get a message
          "Thank you for your support. Your complimentary Mastercard Flight Delay Pass benefit has come to a close".

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