expired Samsung 860 EVO 1TB $178.20 + $15 Shipping ($0 with Plus) + Bonus $22 Samsung Cashback @ Wireless1 eBay


eBay codes are expiring on Jul 24th and Samsung's cashback is gone on Jul 31st.

Not willing to miss out so sat down and went through sellers to find the cheapest 860 EVO 1TB on eBay at the moment.

The PONCHO10 10% off code brings Wireless1 down to $178.20. $22 cashback gives the final $156.20 shipped price.

Wireless1 EVO 860 1TB listing

eBay Plus 120 day trial

For people without eBay Plus the cheapest seems to be Electric Bay (shallothead)*.

Electric Bay EVO 860 1TB listing

PONCHO10 brings Electric bay down to $184.50. $22 cashback gives a final $162.50 shipped price.

*according to this "shallothead" is Shopping Express/KS Computers (both accepted by Samsung).

No idea what they'll put on your receipt so buy at your own risk.

Unless some new cheaper codes come out between now and July 31st these are the lowest prices avail on eBay.

Bit sad when the 10% off guys are showing up the 20% off pricejack sellers.

Original Coupon Deal
Original Samsung Cashback Promotion deal

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