expired Large Value Pizza + 2 Selected Sides $8.95 (Pick up) @ Domino's


Basically, if you're ordering a Large Value pizza (worth $5) you can get 2 sides for $3.95.

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Until 25 July 2019, you can get a Large Value Pizza and 2 Sides for just $8.95!
Normally costing up to $13.90 ($5.95 for the Value Pizza and $7.95 for the 2 Sides deal), you can choose from the following sides:
Garlic Bread
375ml Can
Oven Baked Chips
Choc Sundae
Cheese & Garlic scrolls

Also remember that for the next week or so there's this deal.

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    It appears the sides include Choc Sundaes 4 Pack and Cheese & Garlic Scrolls which are usually $9.95 and $5 respectively. It appears the 4pk might be a mistake, the cheese & garlic scrolls are listed in the text though:

    Value Pizza + 2 sides (Choc Sundae, 375ml drink, Garlic Bread, Chips, Cheesy Garlic Scrolls)

    VOUCHER: Value Pizza + 2 sides (Choc Sundae, 375ml drink, Garlic Bread, Chips, Cheesy Garlic Scrolls) from $8.95 $8.95

    Click 'swap' after entering the voucher, next to the default pepsi option and you'll see a list of sides you can choose (Garlic Bread, Cheese & Garlic Scrolls, Oven Baked Chips, 375ml Cans, Choc Sundae, Choc Sundaes 4 Pack)

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      Yeah, the 4 pack seems like it might not be honoured.
      I'll add the cheese & garlic scrolls to the deal.

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      Unfortunately, they updated the options and they are not available anymore

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        Ah yeah, they removed the scrolls as well.

        Just garlic bread, oven baked chips, 375ml cans and single choc sundae available now.

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    Domino's calling their normal pizzas large lately is absolute horseshit. I'm aware me saying a large should be 11/12 inches is subjective and based on my own shit, blah blah blah, but I think we can all agree if you are calling this large, it's at least bigger than something else on your menu, right? Like this would be bigger than the old square Chef's Best range, but they are gone now.

    I saw last night these new things called personal pizzas or something like that on their site, so I guess they have me there, they are smaller, but calling what was, until very recently with the introduction of those personal ones, your smallest pizza a large pizza is absolute horse shit.

    And sure, legally you're fine because it doesn't have to be larger than something else, but I mean, you know it's still some bullshit.

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      They're compensating. "Large"

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      You're making me feel better about eating a full one every time. In my head large means a pizza that could be shared.


      we can all agree if you are calling this large, it's at least bigger than something else on your menu, right?

      or smaller than something else on the menu…

      They started calling it Large last December when they introduced the $3 Extra Large upgrade.


        Next year they will upgrade (the labels) to Extra Large (=large) & Gigantic (=extra large).
        But where is Small & Medium?


    I just picked up a mega meatlovers… 3 of the 8 slices had no meat toppings. I rarely get dominos, is this normal? shouldn't the image on their website be partly representative of what you are buying?


      You can leave a shit review and they'll usually give you a voucher for a free pizza


        i sent them a msg via their website.. I included a photo. They replied back with an apology, free pizza voucher and a promise to do better. Google reviews at my local franchise reveals this isn't an isolated incident. If Dom headquarters haven't reprimanded the operators by now they never will.


      Message dominos on Facebook and they should give you a voucher for 1 free pizza and 1 free side


    Can't find a decent pizza place around anymore, thanks to dominos and all the tightwads that buy from there.

    I can make a better pizza myself and I'm shite at cooking. How are these guys still in business?

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    By the way, their Cheese & Garlic Scrolls have no cheese or garlic in them.. I tasted the remnants of cheddar cheese oil. I think the guys are recycling the same piece of cheese for each scroll they make.


    No available at any of the stores near me


    The only thing worth getting was the four pack, which they now canned


    Well done

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