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AmEx Statement Credit: New Balance - Spend $80 or More, Get $20 Back


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $80 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at New Balance by 30/08/2019 to receive one $20 credit. Limited to the first 50,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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  • Now for New Balance to actually put out some Kawhi Leonard stuff…

  • Their Sydney Westfield Store is closing down and having “Take a further 40% off”. Last trading day will be this Sunday.

  • About that time to get one of those top notch 50% off New Balance deals.

  • Good deal, but i had issues with New Balance customer service last time. Btw, I like New Balance shoes and products, I think they are great - but last order their customer service was the worst I have seen. I ordered two shoes last time. They shipped only one, they never sent a email that said they shipped only one item. Waited for few weeks, called and got their answering machine saying leave a message. No one retuned my call. Waited for few weeks and called again, that time someone answered and acknowledged that they did not send the entire order and that person assured me that the balance will be shipped that arvo. Waiting for few weeks, checking my account, orders and I was surprised that they it indicated that they shipped the entire order (do not know if it was always showing that the eintire order was shipped). Called them several times, leaving messages and no one bothered to return my calls. Went online and submitted forms (they do not give you an email address) asking them to return my calls. No one answered anything. Last time I left a voicemail and sent another form saying I will be reporting them if they do not get in touch with me within 2 days - No response.
    Luckily, I ordered via PayPal. Opened a dispute and they refunded the balance of the order they never sent.

    • Similar thing happened to me. They didn’t have the item in stock but indicated that my order has been shipped.

      Called them and was told they had some issues as they were in the process of moving their warehouse. At least I got my refund (tho I prefer to get the shoes!). You have to call early morning or else you will get their voicemail.

      • Thanks.

        I didn't realise that they pick up the phone early in the morning. I am not 100% sure, but I think I once called first thing in the morning and got their voicemail.
        A shame really; I like their shoes but New Balance customer service really sucks and it was a painful experience i will not forget.

  • Anyone tried purchasing an e-gift card (2x $40) and getting the amex credit?

  • FREE delivery when you spend $100 or more.

  • Spent $105 on New Balance website (newbalance.com.au) yesterday and no notification from AMEX about claiming the statement credit yet. Any ideas?

    • Same with me - just ordered this morning - might wait until end of the day and then contact Amex … strange because usually I get the email immediately

      • I checked the offer T&C and it says may take up to 5 business days for the offer claim to be recognised on AMEX's end. I'll wait a bit longer, please let me know if you have any luck though 🙏

    • I spent 80 and got the email straight away. Interestingly my $80 pending charge was reduced to $40 when it was posted. Not sure what happened there but I didn't receive the credit for obvious reasons.

      • I ended up returning my shoes and the pending charge never posted and just disappeared. Never got an email.

  • Yeah still waiting on my credit for this and Sony.