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Polarised Glass Spotters Sunglasses $239.99 @ Anaconda


Seems like a good price for Glass Polarised Spotters, other non glass variants may be cheaper elsewhere.

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    $179.55 at Anglers Warehouse mate…


      Glass ones look to be $260.55 at Anglers Warehouse. The non-glass ones are $179.95.


    i bought these many years ago and found them to be nothing special for the price. they had some strange optical artefacts (possibly from the text on the glass). i think they fell apart after a short while anyway. was not happy with them.

    "australian made"

    i prefer serengeti (amazon) or a pair of oakleys on sale from wherever

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      I have the opposite experience to you. My Oakley's would all disintegrate within 2 years. My spotters are the best sunnies I've ever had and the support has been great. Recently sent a pair back to get them resized as I've had them over 3 years and they were getting loose

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      I too had the opposite experience. I broke the hinge when I stepped on them in boat and sent them back to spotters to see if they could repair them. I got a phone call from the service bloke who said that because they were over 10 years (and this was 10 years ago!) old they didn't have that frame any longer but would I be happy if he could find a used frame, which I was fine with. He swapped my glass lenses into the second hand frames and charged me $20 including postage.

      Great glasses especially in low light, and great after sales service. My only problem is I have 2 pairs now and actually need prescriptions.


    I got a pair of crown glass from DFO, about $200 in my memory.
    Very heavy glasses, easy to get headache from wearing it within 1 hour.


    Each to their own preference but reference was to crown glass variant.


    I bought a pair of glass spotters 4 years ago in Darwin - amazing for casting to barra. Better than any other polarized lense ive had.
    Also great for driving. Unfortunately, they were damaged on recent Japan trip.
    Thanks OP!

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