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Asus RT-AX88U Next Gen Wi-Fi 6 AX Router $423.20 C&C (or $9 Delivery) ($373.20 after Asus Cashback) @ Bing Lee eBay


eBay price: $529.00 less PLEE20 20% off code = $423.20 less Asus $50 Cashback via redemption = $373.20

Cheapest price for Asus RT-AX88U so far (RRP $569). RT-AX88U is a next gen (Wi-Fi 6) AX6000 Dual Band 802.11ax WiFi Router supporting MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology. Great price for the early adopters.

Street price from major resellers is $525 + Delivery (before Cashback) (staticICE)

Asus RT-AX88U product details (RRP $569)

Asus Cashback promo ($50 for RT-AX88U)

Wi-Fi 6: What's Different, and Why it Matters

Wi-Fi 6 is the next-generation wireless standard that's faster than 802.11ac. More than speed, it will provide better performance in congested areas, from stadiums to your own device-packed home.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced new version numbers for Wi-Fi. Here's where the old standards fit:

  • Wi-Fi 6 is the new version, also known as 802.11ax.
  • Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac, released in 2014.
  • Wi-Fi 4 is 802.11n, released in 2009.
  • Wi-Fi 3 would have been 802.11g, released in 2003.
  • Wi-Fi 2 would have been 802.11a, also released in 1999.
  • Wi-Fi 1 would have been 802.11b, released in 1999.

Don't Forget 1 Point / $1 Spend @ eBay AU via Qantas Mall

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  • +1

    From the howtogeek link

    ASUS has announced its RT-AX88U router. It incorporates some 802.11ax technologies but doesn’t support the final standard, which isn’t finished yet.
    Some routers may already advertise “802.11ax technology,” but Wi-Fi 6 isn’t finalized and here yet. There also aren’t any Wi-Fi 6 client devices available yet, either.

  • +1

    I have the RT-AC88U router and it is a weapon!

    Best I've ever had

    • I did two, and it was great when it worked…. Likewise the dsl equivalent. Than the wifi would just magically disappear…

  • Have tried on both ebay and Bing Lee. On both sites it says "COUPON CODE "PLEE20" IS NOT VALID."
    Any hints?

    • I bought one using the code just before posting the deal. The code only works for the eBay store (not the online store).

      Try clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser.

      • I just grabbed one as well. How do you claim the cashback? It's asking for invoices and invoice numbers. Do you just screenshot the PayPal transaction info?

        I just realised it needs a photo of serial number from the box. Hopefully it arrives before the August 10 deadline!

        • As per the T&Cs:

          • Take a photo of the serial number that is printed on the product itself as mandatory proof of ownership and upload online.
          • Scan or take a photo of the original invoice as mandatory proof of purchase and upload online.

          I picked mine up this arvo, and they included a hardcopy of the invoice with the product. They also emailed me a softcopy of the invoice.

          • @1bug: Hmm, ok thanks :) I'm getting it delivered because I'm in Melbourne.

            I did get an email from Bing Lee, but it's not an invoice and doesn't have an invoice number, but does have an order number. Hopefully I'll at least get one in the package.

            • @chromium: The email with the Invoice arrived after I had picked it up. So in your case, they may send it after it's been delivered.

  • I've been using the RT-AC68U for the last few years. Would this be a decent upgrade? I don't have any AX devices yet

    • This would be one option (for future proofing your network).
      Another option would be to wait for the AX version of the RT-AC68U (RT-AC86U is the updated version of the RT-AC68U, but an AX version hasn't been released yet).

      • I would like 8 Ethernet ports this time. So should probably go for the RT-AX88U

  • My NBN comes into my garage, I'm having problems connecting to my Wi-Fi in various spots around my property. I'm assuming this will handle that where my supplied Optus modem/router does not?

    Seems a bit expensive to me, is there a cheaper yet still capable alternative?

    I feel that if I purchase 2 new Wi-Fi extenders I could cover my whole property, the only downside with that is your devices won't switch over if it still detects the original signal it connected too, even if that one is shit and the nearby Wi-Fi router offers a great signal. So I'm better off with one powerful unit.

    • +1

      Use orbi or tenda if coverage is the only thing you looking for , you won't see dropouts as you mentioned

      • +1

        Cheers, do you know if that will allow me to keep my VoIP? I've been told changing from my Optus router can cause issues with that.

        Do you know if I could use my Optus router, disable it's Wi-Fi and use these devices effectively? I'm shit with networking tech.

        • +1

          You would still have to run the optus router after the NTD, and then connect these into that. If your voip comes from optus, you will always need their router plugged in.
          As for the Wifi, you should be able to disable it and then run a few hotspots, such as the Orbs, or a few Asus in mesh mode.

          • +1

            @DonnyBrasco: Great, thanks for that.

            I wasn't aware of mesh home Wi-Fis, just knew about range extenders. They look great, especially the Orbi recommended by 777. Each 4k stream can use up to 68Mbps when at high frame rates, and it looks like Orbi (current Wi-Fi tech) on real world tests can do up to 229Mbps at 150ft distance. So I reckon it is a great solution for me.


            • @FabMan: Asus only in the last few years released their mesh system, and its quite decent now, but its not cheap.
              You need your main Asus router, and then additional Asus routers around the place in mesh mode also sharing the wifi.

              I have a few around the place and the mesh works well, but if i ever changed i would go the Ubits as they are seriously tasty.

              • +1

                @DonnyBrasco: They look really nice, plus it looks like the main unit has Ethernet ports, which is a real plus. The Google Wi-Fi mesh doesn't, seems bonkers to me to not have it.

  • Any tech guru here can recommend if it Will work with FTTN NBN i.e. Fibre cable is upto apartment building but not upto home. I have currently Belong Modem/Router (single unit with both items). How can i use it with that ?

    • Any1 plz … or shall i buy DSL AC88U ?

  • Tempting, it looks like I really good price, but I've spent on a fortune on deals lately

  • +2

    Argh, bought this while time poor at work, only to realise that Harvey Norman had it for $401 before the $50 manufacturer cash back…

    • yeah I grabbed the ax11000 from harvey

      at only $100 more i think its a no brainer for the top of the line model

    • Ah that's a better deal.

      But if I get from Bing Lee at $529 I could claim price protection on the Harvey Norman price and get even more off :)

      Would end up costing me $270 with the redemption!

      I really don't think I need this right now though.

  • +2

    top of the line gt-ax11000 for $567 less $100 gift card redemption at harvey's https://www.harveynorman.com.au/asus-rog-rapture-gt-ax11000-...

    combine with amex if you have that deal

  • +1

    AiMesh Working And Updating Working On RT-AX88U (using Merlin's firmware)

  • +1

    oos =(

    • i don't think this is out of stock.
      i think Bing Lee just removed it from their listing altogether.

    • +1

      i went to a Bing Lee last Friday 26/7, and i saw a boxed RT-AX88U, sitting on the shelf.
      this was before this router was "out of stock".

      then, the listing was completely removed from eBay.AU, but the stock still remained on the shelf.
      ( the GT-AX11000 router was still listed on eBay.AU, for the "PLEE20" code )

      today (Monday 29/7), i saw the same boxed RT-AX88U sitting on the shelf,
      and also today, the RT-AX88U is still not listed on eBay.AU

      in any case, i picked up the GT-AX11000 router today and enjoying its LAN/WiFi services. so far, so good :-D

      • They'd better ship mine. I've already claimed the price protection on the Harvey Norman price!

        It'll end up costing me $270 after the Asus $50 cash back :)

  • FYI, for anyone claiming Asus cashback…

    • I got my "Application Received Confirmation" email on 31/07 (2 biz days after submitting claim).
    • I got my "Claim Approved Confirmation" email today (05/09).

    The email states: "Following this, please allow up to 8 weeks after the end of this promotion to receive your prize".
    As the promo ended on 31 July 2019, we should expect the eGift card around 26 September.

    • I got an email saying I has to provide a picture of the serial number on the device, which I'm sure I had done. I submitted everything they asked for on the web form

  • Anybody get their Asus $50 cashback yet?

    No cashback here, even though I got 2 emails so far (as per comment above).

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