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[eBay Plus] Tenda Nova Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System MW3 3pk $102, 4pk $118.95, MW6 2pk $102 Delivered @ Shopping Square eBay

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  • If Im using a portable modern, can Tenda connect wirelessly rather than via Ethernet cable?

    • At least one needs to be connected via a wired connection. The others can be wireless.

      • So I'm stuck with wifi extenders for now? are there any other options for a optus portable modem?

        • I think there is router using sim card like this so you can put the sim in and voila.

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          Or you can keep your portable modem and use tenda MW3 as AP mode share wifi signal via wifi signal and dont have to be cable. It support all bridge mode, Ap mode and modem via Wan port mode just like normal modem if you know how to setup.

    • Currently using 4 tenda MW3.

      If any one of them is connected to Wan by ethernet/cable you are good to go.

  • might be a weird q but: could i connect the mw6 to an ethernet cable, and then use the extra port to connect to my desktop? or would this not work at all?
    just checking my options here

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      Yes on MW6 it have 2 giga port not like MW3 only 100mbs port. One in and one out, one in for modem and one out for pc desktop or simple switch with 8 port to share it to another console or other devices.

      • cheers, appreciate the info!!

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    Does these wifi system slow down the internet speed like wifi extender?

    • I think this mesh system is another level to compare with wifi extender, it fast it stable and the range is very far.

  • anyone want to go halvies on a Mw6 2 pack just need one to connect to my other mw3 3 pack. Located in Sydney

    • Damn if only ur in melb

    • can do half. in Western Sydney.

  • I have mw6 it is awesome, highly recommended!

  • If your modem router has a wifi signal can you connect to either that signal or the mw3/6 signal??
    Not sure why you would want to or the pros and cons, just curious.
    Excuse my noobiness on mesh systems

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      you disable your modem router's wifi, plug in a ethernet cable to the mw3/6 and let the mw3/6 do the wifi part.

      your modem router just because a modem.

    • Not that I have tried with these kits specifically, but when two routers are connected via ethernet and share the same network, each router is able to broadcast its own wifi with either unique names/passwords or the same name/password; in both cases, any device connected to either one becomes a part of the same network. If the routers broadcast wifi with the same name/password then your device can seamlessly switch between them based on signal strength.

      So I would imagine that yes, your current router and these kits could work in tandem, and devices could connect to either - assuming the kits simply boradcast wifi for their connected network, which I think they do.

    • Yeah, you can. I have a mw6 and right now have both my modem/router wifi and the MW6 mesh wifi on.

      All devices in the household are connected to the mw6 wifi right now, though, I just haven't turned off the wifi from the modem/router.

  • I have mw3 for my parent and in-laws.
    It is pretty reliable and probably best roaming performance in the price range.

  • People were bitching about the version 1 of these versus the v2 - does anyone know which this is?

    Was that even real a occurrence, or did I dream that up?

  • Bought the MW6 a few weeks ago, got 2pack.
    Extremely happy with it.

    Was using a wifi extender because the router that connects to the modem was in a far corner room, so had huge issues connecting to devices in the lounge, far bedroom.

    This solved all my issues. I even have an old laptop permanently on with an external hard drive connected to it as a Torrent machine/NAS/media server through the MW6 and it works great with my normal PC and nvidia shield.

    • That’s the kinda thing I want to hear!

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