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[VIC] 20% off 6 or 12 Months ($31.20/$47.20) of Zomato Gold (Buy 1, Get 1 Free Meals & Buy 2, Get 2 Free Drinks) via Referral


long time since I posted any deals. its a referral code.

some good places around time . good for buy 1 free 1 meals

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  • buy via app on phone

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    20% off 12 Months of Zomato Gold

    So it's only 9.6 months now?

    • Lol (20% off the price)

      You can use referral codes on the 6 month membership too FYI

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    Actually sounds like a decent deal, especially with this added 20% off. Just subbed.

    Seems to be a decent amount of restaurants around my area, some of which I've been keen to try - so as long as you're ordering larger dishes, looks like you'll recoup your costs very quickly.

    Cheers OP!

    • Is it true that a Zomato Gold 1+1 Food Restaurant can sometimes exclude some menu items from the offer?

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    Thanks OP.
    I worked out that it would take ~4-5 dishes over a year to break even , so may as well give it a go.

  • Signed up. Just need a deal on friends now.

  • anyone know what the person receives when they refer someone?

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      1 month free.

      • Neil how does one add his referral code the system?

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          Hit the edit button in the grey box below the deal.

  • Rip signed up for full price at 1128 :(

  • Is the main benefit mainly 1+1 and 2+2 restaurants deals?

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      pretty much yes, but just be aware the 1 you get free is the second most expensive dish you orderr.. so just be careful how you us it. If you order 2 x $25 pizzas your fine, but if u order 1 x $25 pizzas and a bowl of chips it will be the chips that you get free. Well thats how i read it on the app anyway. On the website its worded a bit different

      • Wasn't aware I could use a side dish as the second, good to know. I see they stipulate there have to be at least two diners… we'll see how much the waiter cares.

      • I'm going to guess it will be the cheaper of the two main meals, not sides.

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        Yep, you're right. I've confirmed that with Zomato Gold chat.

        TLDR; Even if you ordered 2 X $25 pizzas and 1 X $10 entree, you'll get 1 X $25 pizza "complimentary" when you pay for the other $25 pizza. So in total, you'd be paying $35. It doesn't matter whether it's an entree, main, dessert; you pay for the most expensive item and the second most expensive item or same priced dish is "complimentary".

  • Added my referral code and used a random one on here to sign up. Seems like an awesome deal!

    • Was going to buy this at full price but decided to check ozb first. So glad I did!

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    Can 2 people use one account ( share) or no?? πŸ˜‚

    • you could, but it does say in the T&C that the restaurant has the right to ask for Photo ID, so if they don't then you could

    • Yes - the top zomato bloggers do, that's the secret to the quantity.

  • Good start. Look forward to them adding more places.

  • Seems cheap.
    Using this alongside entertainment book

    • I don't believe you can stack it:

      T&C's: cannot be clubbed with any other offers or discounts or deals or combos extended by Partner Restaurant or Zomato or any other third party;

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        I don't think they are saying they are trying to stack… that's the way I read it initially.

        • Yea I'm thinking it as a good companion to EB

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    Hmm… considering this, my main thing is that I eat alone 80% of the time, and it's not valid for takeaway.

    Are there time restrictions?

    Looking at tapas and indian, this one's going to be interesting, gotta buy two mains with no sides to accidentally mess it up - unless you can choose to apply the offer to the two mains?

    Rules - So, if you order 5 dishes on one membership, one dish priced the same or less than the highest priced dish will be made complimentary by the restaurant. - Who chooses though? You or the place?

    Just had a quick look at the first 10 pages. There's a lot of brunch spots on the list, excellent selection for Camberwell area.

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      Essentially, if you have your bill ranked from most expensive to least expensive food items, you will always get the 2nd item complimentary per unlock.
      This is fixed in place so no guesswork. For example:
      2 x $25 pizzas | 1 * $10 bowl of fancy chips | 1 * $8 artisan garlic bread =
      1st - $25, 2nd - $25, 3rd - $10, 4th - $8
      so with 1 gold unlock you will get the second $25 pizza complimentary
      with 2 gold unlocks you will get the second $25 pizza complimentary and the 4th $8 artisan garlic bread complimentary
      If you have multiple memberships on the one table then it's 2nd most expensive, 4th, 6th, 8th complimentary (ranked in order of most expensive to least).
      I find this way of looking at it a bit easier to explain.

      There are no time restrictions, it's whenever the restaurant is open, although basically once per day per restaurant (but you can do brekky, lunch, dinner, drinks all at different venues) This is the best part.

  • appears to be sold out

    • It's open again! :)

  • Hi Gang! looks like you've got it mostly figured out. Memberships are closed at the moment, so many people signed up day 1!! we will be opening them back up again shortly so please stay tuned. To clarify - You can have two or more gold members at a table and everyone gets a complimentary dish, however you do require at least two people at a table to redeem even 1 gold membership. It's designed so you can bring a friend (or experience more if you all have the membership).
    If you have any other questions about the membership post them here and I'll answer, if you have any issues when redeeming, the live chat on the app is 24/7 (even while you are in-restaurant) and we work directly with all restaurant partners to ensure you have the best meal ever.
    Matt - Head of Gold Melbourne

    • "…however you do require at least two people at a table to redeem even 1 gold membership." Damn I'm out then, unless many handbag counts as a second person, or they supply giant plushies.

    • there were at least 2-3 places that were showing on the app prior to purchasing, now all of a sudden they have disappeared. it was the whole reason i got the thing considering they are local and would typically visit frequently

      • which venues specifically? I'll look into them.

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          appreciate it Matt

          Mad Patties and also Roast Duck Inn
          both appeared in the search when looking up either the suburb "Mitcham" or "Box Hill"

          • @Schumi5: When did you sign up? I'm guess I'm not the only one who noticed then I signed up opening day and had a few places bookmarked. Already a bunch of spots are no longer on gold or switched from food to drinks. Disappointed.

          • @Schumi5: Mad patties Mitcham decided not to go ahead as it's actually changing into a different store all together. But let's see what we can do in the mean-time we have their other venues, they are a great partner to work with. Roast Duck Inn we are working with the owner currently - their chef resigned last week making things super complex for them. Owner is super keen on working with Gold. I expect they will return shortly once staffing is fixed.

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          Can confirm I saw roast duck inn and also mister K in Doncaster. Was planning to go to those as they are nearby and now they disappeared. There are now almost no places near me so feels like a bait and switch. A bunch of other places including proud peacock which I have been to before have also disappeared. I get the list is bound to change over time but they disappeared straight after signup or a few days after which is poor form!

          • @gottacatchemall: Heard proud peacock isn't very good though.

          • @gottacatchemall: Hospitality is a very tough market, this is why Gold works so well for them. However if any venue receives 2 user complaints they are automatically offline until resolved. Proud Peacock is currently offline for this reason. We are working with them on retraining. We have strict partner criteria on how they treat gold users and rating cutoff too. Mister-K is an amazing venue, the owner is currently overseas and looking forward to training their team and getting them live on gold when he returns.

            Do you have any other favourite venues around the area? We can reach out to them for participation as a gold partner.

            • @minopop: Appreciate the response. No favourites in particular but the places I listed were nearby so was keen to use gold. I typically go for either brunch/asian. Surprised proud peacock is offline for complaints as I saw a few reviews with 5 stars who mentioned gold. Also with regard to mad patties I see the Doncaster store is not on gold will that change in future?

              • @gottacatchemall: We'll speak with the owner and get back to you on the Donny store. I'll prioritise some more venues out near Mount Waverley and update you as we go.

    • Hey Matt…my concern from reading other people's comments is that some of the restaurants will no longer be available after sign up…why do they disappear? Also are 12 month memberships just for 2019 or extend past? Thx.

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        membership length is not based on calendar year. It's today's date+12 months ongoing.

        We have had a couple of restaurants require retraining after we launched, this is common in every market we launch in and settles down within a month. It's quite a big change for venue partners and we absolutely want to ensure you never have a bad meal. For this reason we tend to prefer taking venues offline until they are fully trained, all complaints have been resolved and then put them back online. All venues have signed participation contracts and our team is working 7 days a week to get them trained and live for gold users.

        More importantly we are now expanding the program to include new restaurant partners. We have 10,000+ partners globally. Please do post recommendations. It helps us show them there is demand and users want them to be part of the program.

  • Memberships open now closing off any minute now, we're focusing on the signup list (14k+) so please do add yourself to the signup list and we will ping you when memberships open again

  • So if we buy 12mnths does it extend past 2019?

    • when you buy it's today's date + 12 months. If you refer an additional 1 month is added to the expiry of your membership.
      We have been live with Gold for over 2 years, we have 1.5 million gold subscribers and Melbourne is our 9th market to launch.

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    Memberships are closing in the next 30mins FYI

  • Phew got it.

  • Got my membership but sad to see that one of the restaurants I signed up for is no longer a member…

    • which one?

      • It was Proud peacock in Mount Waverley, VIC.

        • ok cool, as per above we are in the process of retraining them, hopefully they will be live again soon.

          • @minopop: Thanks for that minopop.
            I'll look forward to when they go live! So far my experience with zomato gold has been great and have already got more value out of it than I have paid.

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    Membership still open? I signed up just now.

  • Hi there, sounds like a good deal! Any chance opening up in Adelaide?

  • Hey everyone.

    When I try and sign up for a 12m membership I only get 10% off, I've tried with a few codes still to the same effect

    Any help would be appreciated

    • I noticed yesterday on the app that referrals now only give a 10% discount to the new sign up. Dunno when that changed. Referrer still gets an additional month of gold though.

    • Yep it’s only 10% off now. My friend used my code and only got 10% off.

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