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Zzz Atelier Luxe Dream Mattress King $263.2, Queen $231.2, Double $207.2, Single $127.2 Delivered / Delivery @ Zzz Atelier eBay


This appears to be a newer model of the popular Black labels.

Luxe Dream vs Black label

  • 7 zone pocket spring system vs 5 zone pocket spring system
  • Firmness rating 6.0 vs 6.5
  • Mattress Height 32 cm vs 34cm
  • Luxe Dream weight lighter for some sizes

Black labels are also available, but some sizes are slightly more expensive.
King $271.20, Queen $231.20, Double $207.2, Single $135.2

Super Firm only available in Single $143.20, Queen $215.20.

From T&C

Some of the suburbs under the below postcode ranges may require additional delivery charges.

QLD: 4208 - 4299, 4306 - 4999
SA: 5118 - 5120, 5170 - 5180, 5200 - 5749, 5825 - 5854
NT: 0800 - 0899
TAS: 7000 - 7999
NSW: 2150 - 2160, 2321 - 2435, 2440 - 2999
VIC: 3210 - 3299, 3330 - 3430, 3630 - 3760, 3810 - 3999 WA: 6000 - 6999

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  • So which has more zones and does the 2 extra zones have any benefit?

    ETA I see the Black label has 5 zones

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      From what I gather, this new model has 7 zones, is softer yet 20mm thinner! Bit weird. Great matresses though and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. We still reslly like our Black Label. It's about a few weeks off being a year old and feeling fine but we're keen to get a 'Super Firm' in King size just so we can choose which one to keep as the 'daily' versus the guest bed.

      • The super firm… Is REALLY super firm. It hurt my back so much I had to return it.

        • It sags less, but you should use a mattress topper!

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    Can I just say that my mattress is still going strong. Got a firm king single iirc. It was a pain to get to my house cause I miss the pick up but after that, the mattress has been more reliable than the mattress I got from a mattress store in Petersham.

    • I guess any mattress is better than Peter sham mattress

    • How long have you had it for? I've heard the sides have been quite soft from the previous threads.

      • The edge support is much better than pure memory foam mattresses, but it's never going to be as good as a non-mattress-in-a-box.

  • Have the Black label/Chiropedic. They are good matresses, but they do get a noticeable sag on the side you most commonly sleep on after a couple of months

    • +6

      how is it good then if it sags?

      • I think its just normal compression, still comfortable and supportive just notice it is lower than the other half of the bed. I've never rotated mine either, that will help.

        • +1

          So it's lower quality?

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy:

            So it's lower quality?

            Seems so, but obviously difficult to admit so.

      • +1

        I agree, I've got one. Was really happy at first - it's comfortable, but it developed a sag rather rapidly.

        My wife is 45kg, less than half my weight and her side doesn't sag. So I would recommend it to those who weigh no more than the avg adult or as a guest mattress.

      • +2

        This is the thing though, our previous $3500 mattress and a similar value one before it sagged within about 9-12months. Our Zzz Atelier cheapie has developed a slight sag over the same period but not as much. Not bad for something worth less than a tenth of the price!

  • +2

    good mattresses, terrible courier delivery company..

    • do you know who they use?

      • +2

        Hunter Express. They were fine for me.

      • Mine was shipped using Hunter Express to Gold Coast, QLD.

    • +2

      I’m still amazed it comes in a small box 😂😂

  • +2

    Any new reviews on these mattresses?

  • Any bases?

    • +1

      I bought one from them but I wouldn't recommend it. Ikea is probably better quality.

      • Queen - Grimsbu from IKEA $69.
        Mgp10 pine cut to size for slats from Bunnings (~$52) and a staple gun with some plastic strapping or Velcro strips.

  • +1

    one day they'll ship to WA….

    • They already do post to WA?

  • +1

    Bought one of these a few months ago.

    Crap, they're garbage, forget about it.

    Massively sagging after 4 months, god knows what it does to the spine. Splash out a little more cash if you need a mattress.

    I learnt the hard way.

    • Couldn’t u claim warranty?

      • Warranty and get another piece of shit replacement?

        It's hard to dispose of a mattress.

        I'm lucky to have gotten rid of mine as part of a nice bed base I had

    • did you get this exact same model? or was it the popular ozb black label one

    • What do people expect for something that costs $50 to manufacture.

      I've always been curious about these, but wouldn't risk health. I already got lower back issues, maybe the super firm would be ok?

      • ull prob find that even the $1500 mattresses cost around the same to manufacturer lol

    • Same period, 0 sag for me.
      How much do you weigh?

  • +2

    I've had mine for a few months and I'll just say you get what you pay for, and in this case it isn't a good thing. They are fine for a guest room but I wouldn't advise as your main bed if you have even the slightest difficulties when sleeping.

    • +1

      did you get this exact same model? or was it the popular ozb black label one

  • +1

    Wonder if people with issues with these have a sturdy base with the required min gap between slats?

    Am using a very solid wood frame with small gaps between wooden slats. Haven't had any problems in months of use. Very comfy.

    • Which base you referring to? Who sells?

      • +1

        Mine is a solid wood commecially made Queen base over 20 years old.

        Some in previous deals were considering fairly flimsy looking metal slat bases that (from memory) did not meet requirements for slat distances.

        If springs are not correctly supported - that could result in slumping & if base moves as people get in & out of bed - side walls would not be stable.

        Also we are different weights & sizes, on these mattresses.

        People may be using an inappropriate base for this mattress. Bases are not mentioned when people complain. Would be interesting if base used was given.

  • I would think all mattresses that arrive rolled up in a box and expand once unpackaged, all sag (especially on the sides) eventually.

  • Where are these made?

  • Can anyone recommend a good soft mattress that won't cost me an arm and a leg.

    • Soft mattresses are typically bad for you long term. Is there a reason you're after one?

  • Worst ever

    • +1

      This model or the black label?

      • One I had was this model in queen. Got rid of it after a year of pain.

        Never had a matress cause pain for me before and I've slept on chipboard slabs in China for months

        • "chipboard slabs in china for months" ever thought that maybe that's the root of the your pain and not a mattress

          • @Gavman: no. i slept fine in GZ and have slept fine with no residual back issues on literally every other mattress I've been on before and after that POS Atelier one entered my house.
            It's just really saying something that this mattress is bottom of the pile in my experience. AVOID.

            Current mattress is a orthokinetic grandeur plush king, I'm sure there are cheaper ones and more expensive ones but i'm glad to say there's no issues with it.

  • +2

    Absolutely terrible for side sleepers - created incredible lower back pain for me. Needed to buy a memory topper after 3 weeks, and will get a proper mattress once I've got the funds together.

    • +1

      This model or the black label?

      • Black label.

    • +1

      As a side sleeper was concerned by similar comments in past deals for this model.
      Absolutely no problem for this side sleeper.

      • +1

        I've got the black label. I sleep on my side and front - no problems here either.

        I haven't slept on it long enough to see if it sags or not though.

  • +1

    Anyone tried the bed frame? We like the mattress so much we're upgrading to a king.

  • I wonder if Extra Firm with separate memory foam topper is going to be better for side sleepers…

    This one got 6 out of 10 firmness.
    Extra film is 9 out of 10.

    My concern this one will be too soft for side sleepers…

    • Yeah and there's also a 6.5.

      Wish there was an in between with ~8/10 firmness.

  • +1

    Picked up 2 x Single Luxe Mattresses for the kids; pretty happy with them so far, kids are actually happy to stay in bed. Will be interesting to see how long they last.

    • How soft are they? (Mattress not your kids 😀)
      Are they pretty plush/nice or feel like a normal mattress.

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