[Price Error] Baccarat Signature 6 Piece Cookset $44.98 Delivered @ Robins Kitchen

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$250 on other sites.

Create gourmet meals from the comfort of your own kitchen with the Baccarat Signature 6 Piece Stainless Steel Cookset

Deal is now on their primary site, update to reflect with 10% off code.

Edit2: Appears to be sold out

Mod: Confirmed price error, orders are being cancelled and $10 vouchers being offered (check your email). See comments for further information.

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    $58.18 If you use PICKLE at checkout

  • When they dump goods like this is it because of faults in the product?

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      The products usually get cheaper the more they make. I guess they have these backed up in a warehouse somewhere and want the space.

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        Nah that doesn't wash. Think about it

        • No need to think about it… I know how China works to an extent. Not a sourcing professional by far but…

    • I guess they need cash now. for debt? for new investment? god knows

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          You'd be surprised what the factory cost is

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          Surely you don't believe the RRP for baccarat stuff… Always inflated to kingdom come, on sale so much the sale price is usually the RRP lol.

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    They have a lifetime guarantee so should be ok.

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      Yes but when they are priced so low few people bother with returning it. This is getting to be common practice.

  • 202 Stainless Steel ?
    SS 304 is better in quality and strength than SS 202 or SS 210. This is because of the high percentage of alloying elements like Nickle and Molybdenum in SS304 than SS202. … If you mean which stainless for hardware on a wood or other material gate… 304 is considerably stronger and more corrosion resistant than 202.

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    On their website use welcome10 pay $10 shipping is still cheaper

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      Cheers. I got it for $44.98 delivered from website with that code! Wasn't expecting free delivery

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      Thanks, updated the deal to reflect this. Wasn't discounted on their site at time of posting.

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        Shipping is actually free on this item for some reason :)

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          Great catch! Even better!

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            @Bourkster: When I bought it earlier it wasn’t free shipping so had to fill my cart up to over $89! Good deal at $45 delivered

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    There are hundreds of models of Baccarat Cookset.
    I know nothing about cooking.
    Are these any good?
    We have some 15yr old steel cookware and the plastic handles are wearing.

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    Bought one. Will compare to my Chef Inox Elite which is around 6x the price.

    Tips I can give to everyone:

    Wash pans with Barkeepers friend, makes pans non stick next time you use them.

    Always preheat the pan before putting food in or your food will stick as the pores aren't open on the pan.

    Handles may get hot on all SS pans, be careful.

    Never use a scourer or you'll scratch the pan.

    ALWAYS use a medium heat and never hotter. Otherwise your pan will turn brown, Barkeepers friend can restore the pan, make a paste and it will french polish the pan.

    Rinse and repeat after each use.

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      I have to call this out as well crafted BS. No chemical treatment from any dodgy chemical supplier is going to make your stainless steel pan non-stick.

      Since exactly when did
      pans get

      • i've finished kitchen operations unit 1 and 2 in highschool and my headchef/trainer said that heating the ban before putting anything on it burns off the oxygen that causes sticking when you put food on

        • I did a cert3 in Commercial Cookery and my teacher thought that you seared a steak to keep the flavour in.

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          obviously the head chef didn’t do science at school before dropping out …..one they fix the shortage of stem teachers ….

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    Damn, website now out of stock just missed out it seems!

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      Still appears to be available for delivery.

      • Tryed through PayPal express, got an error saying it's out of stock

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          you sure? I just bought a set like 2 secs ago

          • @homersyd: Haha I have screenshots but can't post em here. Interesting though!

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              @Adamarc: Yep, out of stock for me too.

              But they do still have the Maxwell cutlery set from the other recently expired deal.

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                @UncleRico: Haha thanks, but don't need, can't justify the prices on cookware 🤣 finally though I'd found a decent deal, but was too slow!

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                  @Adamarc: Pots and pans still available via original ebay link for $58.18 delivered using code 'PICKLE' at www.ebay.com.au/itm/Baccarat-Signature-6-Piece-Cookset-Brand...

                  Despite buying the cutlery from their online store - I bought the pots from the ebay site. My timing was bad, but to get a 56 piece cutlery set and 6 piece pots and pans set for $103 - I'm happy.

                  • @UncleRico: legend!

                    Happy to pay 15ish more

                    Just brought it, let's see what happens :)

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    Thanks Bourkster i got the same as hen dawg $44.98 delivered.

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    don't know how good it's but need a set of cookware urgently so bought one. for 45$ I hope I can use it for at least 6 months.

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      Protected by the Baccarat Lifetime Guarantee

      • I don't know if it's good as the scanpan Lifetime Guarantee, cuz that didn't help my nonstick pan sticking and turning into muck and eventually thrown out after 2 years.

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          Scan pan replaced my frypan after 10 years, it was a gift and I didn’t even have the receipt.

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          They never cover the coating.
          The warranty is as much use as tits on a fish.

          Unless a handle falls off or something.

          • @SJDR: yeah we mailed/called them, tried all their 'ideas' and I literally couldn't get all the burnt crap off the pan unless I used a screwdriver to scrape it off.

            Even after using a steel wool, got it all cleaned, still couldn't work it as a nonstick

            • @furyou: Go cast iron - you'll never look back.

              Easy to clean, non stick, cooks better and lasts for ever.
              Also half the price of the non stick garbage.

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      I've been using one of these sets for around 20 years. Largely taken over by an Analon "Teflon" one about 7 years ago, but still used many times a week with no issues.

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      Will completely and utterly destroy anything from Kmart. I'd be seriously surprised if you got less than 5 years or 10 if you look after it

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    Still available here for 58.18

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      good find, too sad no more room for that set.

  • I keep missing out on this! :/

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    Just received a refund from Paypal for my purchase "Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd has sent you a $44.98 AUD refund for your purchase on 26 July 2019."

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    i got refund as it was the price error!

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    Got refund pricing error.

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    These pricing errors smell like a bullshit excuse to me

    • I purchased a gift card in order to purchase this pot and pan set, and am now being told that they have refunded back to the gift card. Now I have a gift card I don’t even want because of there bs “price error”. Any recommendations?

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    pricing error refund BS, amazon were selling it for the same price just left negative feed back, everyone else should do the same

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    How can I be a price error on house website, robins kitchen, amazon and ebay! BS!

    • They are all the same company. I got a price error email from robins and house that are almost exactly the same email.

  • Pricing errors and cancellations across multiple sites and items and all they offer is a $10 discount to use in the next 14 days? Neg feedback left on Ebay.

  • dont forget to leave feed back if you got it off ebay https://my.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBay&CurrentPage=M...

  • Anyone else notice the Cancellation reason?

    "The seller cancelled this order because: Buyer asked to cancel the order."

    This is utter bullshit.

    • Yep same here

      Pricing error what be. On both website on ebay? That's wrong

  • Hope everyone bombards them with negative feedback.

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      I gave them one star on google, neg ebay feedback and reported them to ebay as they broke the rules 'had no intention of selling the item'

      • Doing the Lords work. Well done.
        Don't forget facebook if they have it too!

  • I'm actually considering buying something from Robins rather than House as I have the westpac deal. Would anyone be interested in swapping their Robins Kitchen website $10 code for a House website code?

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