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Same message, looks like they just blanket cancelled.
07/08/2020 - 15:00
Picked one up earlier. Hopper is perfect for cat or small/medium dog. Easy enough to connect to the app. The USB wall plug wasn't great, so...
28/05/2020 - 17:31
Dogness Auto Compact Dog Feeder $99 at JB Hi-Fi
Potential pricing error missing a leading one; same model sells for $199 at Myer and The Good Guys or $179 at Appliances Online eBay. Price...
28/05/2020 - 16:37
Still appears to be available for delivery.
26/07/2019 - 20:37
Thanks, updated the deal to reflect this. Wasn't discounted on their site at time of posting.
26/07/2019 - 20:25
Moved to Forum: [Original Link]( $250 on other sites. Create...
26/07/2019 - 19:34
Thanks for the response. Is pickup still viable today, or are you only shipping? If so, how does it work with the forced ship charge?
14/08/2013 - 09:08
Hi rep, I'm just checking out the climbing gear. Are we likely to see discounts on helmets and passive protection?
13/08/2013 - 23:01
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