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QCY T2C TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with 800mAh Charging Case $19.78 US (~$28.65 AU) Express Delivered @ GeekBuying


The QCY T2C is the successor of the popular T1C earphones featuring a charging case with lid that provides up to 32 hours of total play time and IPX4 water resistance making it suitable for workouts.

Other features include True Wireless Stereo, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, tap gestures including play/pause sound, skip forward/backward and voice assistant.

Edit: If you receive a 404 error try the Desktop site (geekbuying.com)

  • Apply the coupon TWST2C to get it for $19.78 US (~$28.65 AU)

Click Proceed to Checkout and choose Australia Direct Line to get free express shipping.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • If I don't have Jabra 65t I will get this… damn…. Spent $120 second hand for Jabra… This only $29.. sad…..

    • Huge jump in almost every aspect though. $120 for Jabra is a better deal unless you don't care about sound at all, and dno't mind dealing with sync issues etc

      • Im really curious to see how much better the higher end earbuds are. I have the QCY and i'm impressed and wouldn't care too much in the inevitability they are dropped and break.

        • If you measure sound quality on treble, mids, and bass alone, then they are fine. It's once you get into soundstage, imaging, balance that you quickly notice how bad these guys are. Admittedly most truly wireless buds are quite sound quality wise. Like I said, if you are just in it for some cheap and decent buds then for sure grab these, I use them for workouts. At home though where it's quiet, even my wifes Airpods sound better than these. They do nothing for audio at all, they don't create any sensation at all of a soundstage, and you miss out on so much range and balance, it's actually torture to the source.

      • Wondering if you have tried the Jabra Evolve 65t UC certified buds?

        Most interested in the quality of the microphone - is it the best out there (wireless) for microphone sound quality?

        • No I haven't sorry. Once I found the airpods they became my go to for making calls on and walking around in.

    • This would be good if you mainly listening to podcast. Otherwise, 65t is a great buy at $120 for a good condition second hand.

  • Any one can recommend them earbuds? I'm quite keen, especially for the price. How do they compare to SoundPeats?

    • As far as I know, they are all the same when they look exactly the same. I have SoundPeats T1C and QCY T1C and they are identical.

    • I believe Soundpeats are just rebranded QCYs.

      I have a pair of T1Cs and like them a lot. No lag issues, sound is honestly pretty good. As good as any similar buds you'd pay 100+ for in stores here.

      Not an audiophile but I do have a nice set up and great headphones for my desktop so I'm not talking total shit!

      • but I do have a nice set up

        What you got?

        • Nice pair of B&W bookshelves and Sennheiser 598s running through a Cambridge Audio amp.

          Obviously the buds are nowhere near as good as either, but for listening to music on the go, watching Netflix, etc etc, they are seriously good for the price.

          I have had other wireless headphones which were $200+ (which I lost - hence replacing with $30 QCYs) and honestly I can't tell the difference.

          • @OpenHand: I have some decent audio gear myself and i'm really surprised that these QCY buds have no harshness at all. The only criticism is you can really make calls with them, they pick up too much ambience, but i got mine for laying down in bed with my iPad as the cables get annoying.

            But, however good a set of headphones are, i wouldn't rate them over good quality speakers.

            • @Jace81: Yep that's it. I can use them to make calls in the office okay, but I have a quiet workplace - my last pair were better since the mic was closer to my mouth anyway.

              I use them in bed too. Again, my last pair were wrap around the back of the neck type headphones and they never sat quite right when lying down. These are great for that. And very handy for popping on and off during walks / commutes to work, etc. The case is nice and surprisingly sturdy (I drop them all the time and the buds go flying - no issues yet). I like how they stop music when you dock them, or answer calls when you pick them up.

              You're right on speakers, of course everything has its place!

    • check the SoundPeats previous deal, you will find that people are saying SoundPeats are rebadged QCY

    • +3 votes

      As others have pointed out, Soundpeats are rebadged QCY 😉

      • The way I see it, these are generic products and BOTH Or Soundpeats and QCY pay to badge/brand them (as opposed to inference that Soundpeats badge a QCY product or vice versa).

        • +6 votes

          Sure but that's not the case. QCY are the OEM manufacturer of these earphones that sell it both under their own brand and to others like Soundpeats.

          • @Clear: Interesting - thank you for the clarification.

          • @Clear: This video just dropped by recently, any thoughts?

            The winners were:
            $42 (AUD) - G-wack J29
            $72 - SoundWhiz Bioniq
            $116 - Raycon E50
            $145 - JBL FreeX

            A lot of commenters also recommended these options:
            Qcy TC2
            Redmi AirDots
            Soundpeats Q32
            Creative Outlier Air
            Anker Liberty Air
            Tiamat Titan 2
            Sabbat E12 Pro
            Jlab Jbuds Air Executive
            Tozo IPX8
            Tribit X1
            Trn T100
            1More Stylish TWS-I
            Haylou GT1 TWS
            Havit G1
            ….which are supposed to be as good/better, whilst being either cheaper or otherwise falling within the same budget of under AUD $150 (or USD $100). But I have no idea about any bluetooth earphones, so some of these could be trash or treasure.

    • Cheers guys I'll order one for the missus

    • I bought mine from ALiexpress..have been using for 1 week..considering the price it is an excellent device..very decent sound quality..for 30$ they worth every single $.. however, sometimes 2nd hand earphones from big brands in a good deal could be a better option.. but I am happy with mine.. the best thing is, when you take it out of the box it connects automatically and disconnects when you put them back..

  • Have been using the QCY T1C earphones featuring a charging case with lid, auto on/off out/in the case. Paid similar price.
    Sounds very good for radio & music, fits ok, but sticking out a bit.
    I'm avoiding for phone conversations because people said they're no good in noise.
    Not sure about what is improved, but would get the newer model.


      I believe that would be the T1S as that doesn't have the lid with a smaller charging case?

  • Very happy with my Soundpeats version of this. There are better earphones of course but these are so easy to use and the sound quality is excellent for the price. They are not for bassheads but have clean treble and great for talk radio.
    The charging case is good, rarely have issues with power.
    Voice calls are OK (not great) so if this is really important look elsewhere.
    I have a pair of Sony MX1000v3 as well, but prefer taking these when walking around and feel less of a dick doing so.
    Only minor annoyance is the USB charging cable not being USB-C but at this price acceptable.

    The best thing is that when I eventually lose or break these, I won't be very upset about it as replacement is $30.

  • I've owned two pairs of these now (the original and this one). Both work well and are great value for the price.

    However after a couple months both pairs have lost volume - I need to keep my phone at max volume just to get the headphones at a comfortable audio level. Not a huge deal since I use mine in generally quiet areas, but I probably won't be buying a third pair of this design.

    • Unpair and repair your Bluetooth connection with these. I have to do this daily otherwise get low volume.

  • T1C vs T2C, what is the difference?

    • +1 vote

      Main difference is that the T1C (2018 model) compared to the T2C (2019 model) has a smaller battery case without lid so you'll get better protection and battery life with the T2C in this deal.

  • I'm new to this whole earbud world - when I look at Amazon.com, models like the Tozo T10, pasonomi, enacfire E18 etc get a huuuuge number of positive reviews, yet don't exist seemingly here according to ozb. Are they just generic models like these, or worth paying extra/exploring?

    • They are different market places. Many Amazon buyers dont touch Chinese sites, we cant but many /most from Amazon, best pricing from Chinese sites (mostly).

      Some of these products go by a few names.

  • Just make sure you know that:

    "The supported audio codecs by the QCY T2C TWS in-ears are SBC and AAC which is high resolution audio for iOS devices. AptX isn't supported so there is no high resolution audio support for Android devices."

    Some reading - https://www.guidingtech.com/sbc-vs-ldac-vs-aptx-bluetooth-co...

    Ozb favorite QCY Q19 do support both aptX and SBC codecs (but they don't support AAC for iOS), so do QY31.

    I have both and yes I can notice the difference. Does not matter that much for audio books though.

    The problems is that TWS with aptx start form $75, something like Mpow ipx7 T5 TWS. There are HOCOs for approx $50, but I've never heard of them.

  • Thanks op. Got one

  • OP, I missed out keying the promo code, wondering what's the procedure that you have for me to able to get the discount? Thanks if there is

  • Do these ones have physical buttons for volume/play/answercall? Or is it just a touch gesture? And are the buttons/touch present on one or both earphones?
    I am not a fan of touch control especially on a device I take in and out and adjust on my ear regularly. Buttons would be sweet.

    • One button on each one, they are basically the entire face that the QCY logo/writing is printed on. No volume control though. That's missing unfortunately.

    • Yep regularly press the button when putting them in my ear, and because they create a seal, pressing the button is uncomfortable for me

  • Link getting 404 error?

  • Thanks Clear. Looks like the T1C's I purchased on the last deal just became a gift ;)

  • I'm using the Soundpeats Q42's - pretty decent sound through the dual drivers and IPX6 rated, so good for running and sports. The main downside is the shape of the case isn't brilliant in your pocket.

    Is there anything similar in style to the more capsule-like airpods case? Need something flatter - like a thing of dental floss - for the pocket.

  • The style and feel on these is great, sadly the sound is awful. Very tinny, almost no base.

  • Link is dead for me OP

    • +1 vote

      Try the desktop site. Issue with mobile site is getting looked at.

      • I done that and just placed an order. Thanks OP. Just left my T1C's on the plane so perfect timing. These also have a lid which is exactly what it needed to stop lint getting inside the case.

  • This pair is much better than the Spunky Buds that I also have. Highly recommend for this price.

  • Thanks OP. Might as well try wireless earbuds at this price.

  • I can vouch for these pair of BT earbuds. Whoever complains about no bass should try switching out the earbuds to the bigger size and you will notice better sound and bass. For $29 this is worth it 100%.

    I own both this and the T1C's and the only difference about this one is the case has a lid and closes. Sound quality is pretty much the same and the mic on both is not great but people on the other end can still understand what I'm saying. It does sound like I'm far away but can still hear words.

    Syncing is easy and fast. No hiccups for me.

  • try to make a purchase but it wont let me create a login, anyone can help/

  • Bought one of these 3 months ago, one of the earpieces came apart when taking it out of my ears one day. Sound quality is fine for the price. Reliability - not sure, I could have had a bad one.

  • Anyone able to recommended these over the Xiaomi AirDots (or vice-versa)? Similar price range…

  • Damn, just bought the qc1's

  • Worked out to be just over 29$ with shipping im pretty happy with that i got a good pair of Bose bluetooths for working out but i could use little ear buds for discreetly listing to music at work

  • ship from china out of stock, missed out =(

  • Any chance of getting more stock, Clear?

  • Phew, bought a pair just before lunch. Thanks OP


    More stock allocated!

    • Ignore.

    • $29.49? the price goes up?

      • -1 vote

        Have you applied the coupon?

        • $32.63 without coupon code

          • -1 vote

            @Unity55: Are you using PayPal's inflated rate? As per the post the AU exchange rate is based on today's Mastercard rate. Those who use a currency conversion fee free card like 28 Degrees would get that amount.

            • @Clear: ordered. it's ok don't worry only $1 difference.

            • @Clear: Price is $32.63 without the coupon, with the coupon it jumps to $49.18 with a $19.69 discount = $29.49.

              Are you saying this is wrong, because I just purchased for this amount.

              • -1 vote

                @ssquid: The current on sale price is $21.89 US, the coupon returns it to full price of $32.99 US and discounts it to $19.78 US. When $19.78 US is put through today's exchange rate it becomes $28.65 AU approx.

                If you decide to use the website or PayPal exchange rate it won't be as up to date and you will pay more. Here on OzBargain most of us have currency conversion fee free cards setup in PayPal to do their own rate to avoid these inflated exchange rates.

                There is a wiki article here about it with 28 Degrees being a popular choice as it's free.

                • @Clear: Clicked CheckOut, applied coupon, then I stopped before "Place Your Order" because I can't find how to apply my 28 Degrees card number. Could you tell me how to do that?

                  I know it is only $1 difference, but who knows maybe I will buy more stuff from Geekbuying, could use the how-to for next purchases.


                    @Tsort: The trick is to have the 28 Degrees added in PayPal and set to use it's own currency as outlined here and then you won't get ripped off with any overseas purchases.

                    Also worth mentioning that ontop of the extra protection PayPal provides you should also activate refunded returns.

              • @ssquid: That's what I was getting, not worth missing out for $1

      • I'm also getting $29.49 with either PayPal or Mastercard.

        • -1 vote

          $28.69 AU according to Mastercard. I can't stress enough that unless your CC in PayPal is setup properly you will get PayPal's inflated exchange rate when going from US to AU.

          • @Clear: It has nothing to do with that.
            The customer's account on geekbuying.com has to be set to use $US instead of $AU, which you have not mentioned anywhere.

            $29.49AU is the amount your website charges if the customer selects $AU (which is the default when creating an account based in Australia), regardless of how they have setup paypal, which card they're using etc.

            • -1 vote

              @ssquid: It's worth clarifying that I'm not a GeekBuying employee so my control over these things are minimal.

              Having the US price should be clear enough that it's not being charged in AU which is again a requirement of OzBargain.

              • @Clear: You stated you were a rep in an earlier post.

                The only relevant OzBargain requirement is that prices in $US must be accompanied by the equivalent amount in $AU. The dodgy thing here is that you consistently present deals in $US when the website defaults to $AU and the discounts are in no way dependant on the purchasing currency. It would be more honest to quote the direct $AU prices and add a small note that purchasing using $US may be cheaper. But that wouldn't make the deals look as appealing, would it…


                  @ssquid: Store Rep is the official title for store reps and they will show on the store page (I don't) or the employee tag. The website will remember what currency you selected.

                  Regardless I am posting to the guidelines set out by OzBargain. If you don't like it then use the Report button or TWAM as that's what they're designed for.