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Free Delivery over $39 (Was $49) for Non-Prime Members @ Amazon AU


T&CS have been updated to reflect the change -

What are eligible items?

You receive free delivery within Australia if your order includes at least $39 of eligible items. Any item that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU, or sold by a third-party seller and fulfilled by Amazon AU, and has 'FREE Delivery' eligibility messaging on the product detail page is eligible and contributes to your free delivery order minimum of at least $39.

Cancelling items, combining orders, or changing your delivery address, speed, or preference might affect your order's free delivery eligibility.

If your order doesn't qualify for free delivery:
• The order may contain ineligible items such as items sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers, bulky goods or special products.
• An eligible item may have been cancelled resulting in the order total falling below $39.

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  • Good spotting DB. I need Amazon to bring free US shipping back for orders <$49 for good..

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    They have price-matched the falling AUD!

  • Weird Im still seeing $49

    • Might be a A/B testing.. so if they see more people converting and meet their cost - they might make it permanent.

  • Amazon Prime is well worth it.

    • -22 votes

      Explain how

      • I've had it the last 2 months, the free shipping alone has made it worthwhile.

        • Agreed. Free shipping itself is already a big advantage especially when things are cheap and just a personal experience, it ALWAYS arrive on time.

        • I live in a very rural area. I love Prime. I cannot believe how quickly Amazon can get stuff to me and always on time. I also love the service. I have had to return a couple of items. No questions asked and they have posted out replacement items prior to me returning the item. I recently had a kindle warranty claim. After less than 5 minutes on chat they had me purchase a new one, refunded the total price and had it delivered to me the next day. So love Prime. Oh and I make use of the free books on Prime and Prime Video.

        • The Prime free shipping is Expedited shipping (2 bus. days) whereas the non-Prime free shipping is Standard (3-5 bus. days). So there is that consideration too.

      • Free shipping on all Prime orders in Aus, subscription to Prime Video, Prime Day deals, exclusive Black Friday deals etc for $59 per year.

      • For me it's the speed of the shipping that I find the most appealing. If I order something today from amazon AU it is generally here tomorrow (sometimes the day after). And from US site I have been receiving packages in 4-5 days. The US site has had a lot of good deals lately.

        • How does ordering from the US site work for us? Is it still ordering from amazon.com.au just as an international product? Or do you order from amazon.com?

        • Yep. Especially being in WA, getting orders in 2 days is pretty decent for us.

          US has been about 8 or 9 days, though always have fingers crossed they don't use Fastway for the final leg or that can add 5 or 10 days

          Although on my last two orders, Auspost dropped the ball for the first. 2 day ETA passed, didn't come on the 3rd (which was Friday), had to wait till Monday (of course was the order I wanted for that weekend)

          The last one I ordered early in the morning but Amazon didn't ship till the next day, 2 day ETA is Thursday so we'll see if it gets here on time.

          Hope it's not a sign of things to come

          • @bamzero: The sooner Fastway goes out of business the better. All orders (8 in a row) sent via them fail to arrive or get dumped off at a store several surburbs away. Disgusting lazy couriers. No doubt others have better luck but Sydney inner west franchise is awful :-(

      • Prime Video alone makes it ok, they have released amazing shows in Good Omens and The Boys, LOTR and The Expanse in the works.

        Free shipping just makes it even better.

      • Prime is dirt cheap when they comp you all the time for missed delivery targets. At one point I had 3 months free. Customer service were unable to add more so they started giving me $5 account credits instead. Amazon's Sydney warehouse can't hit the 4 day target for orders shipped to country Victoria. I'm happy to take $5 in exchange for waiting the extra day for something I don't need urgently.

      • 410 orders so far.

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      It depends on how much you order from Amazon.

      When I lived in the US, I would have 2-3 Amazon deliveries arriving every week. But the Australian store is a pale imitation of that.

      I rarely find anything I want on there for non-extortionate prices. Amazon’s marketplace sellers can often be 3-4 times the price of eBay equivalents. Some of the prices are just mind-boggling.

      I only ever order games from Amazon AU, and those orders are above the free shipping threshold anyway.

      • Same experience here. I'm on the fence - I'm getting a few staple items on sale lately that are bulky and I'd prefer not to carry home myself. For now it's working out well. Hopefully the range grows and lot and they keep the sales up. Camelizer has been a Godsend!

        • what do u guys buy…

          • @furythree: I'm ordering cereal when it's half price or better (they seem to match the supermarkets). Laundry detergent, toilet paper, tissues (although they aren't the cheapest), paper towel and cleaning products. Mostly stuff that I don't want to carry. I'm basically getting the same deal as the supermarkets but I'm happy to pay $6/month to have it delivered. Cashback brings the price down a little bit.

      • Agreed. Even the recent prime day sale was quite lacklustre on the technology front, unless you wanted nappies and toilet paper.

      • true…extra due diligence is required to ensure you are actually get a proper deal.
        Exception is when you want something brand specific they may not be able or easily found elsewhere

    • Esp with 12% shopback

  • I have multiple orders from amazon in the past where it was shipped for free from amazon when the total order amount was way less than $49 even if if the fine print and postage section still said "free if order is over $49". For example the futurama deal was $32 total. This lower than $49 is by no means a new thing it just seems they are now offering lower price points on some items officially.

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    Innocent question: Does Amazon collect, or offer to collect, the packaging it uses for the products it ships?
    (i.e. not the packaging that a product is provided in, but the additional packaging around that)

    • have you got an excess of Amazon boxes that you want to return back to them ?

      • +5 votes

        No, but some other online retailers collect on their next delivery.
        In my view, it is a flaw in online retailing where additional packaging enters our recycling or rubbish systems with no consequences to the retailer.
        Germany has a long history of addressing this and have just introduced even more stringent laws this year, to place the onus on the retailer.

        • Innocent question too: Genuinely interested to know which retailers here do that?

          I know from one delivery of YouFoodz once that they'll collect the polystyrene box the next time they deliver again to you but that's all I know of.

          • @unco: Lite n easy is the same

          • @unco: Youfoodz have got worse - they used to collect all their packaging. Now it's a cardboard box with soft plastic cooler bricks and insulated liner, all of which ends up in the bin. I'm sure it's saved them a few cents though.

        • that's a very good initiative.
          i did not know that before.

          so, in a way, the retailer could guilt you into buying more items from them (in perpetuity),
          while you think you're being more conscious by returning packaging.

          ( or different retailers/couriers should be accepting ANY return packaging, because it's EVERYONE's responsibility to look after the environment - near and far )

      • LOL , always on the feedback I always ask them to sell those boxes . I love them .

      • I had one of the sellers send me my order in an inside out portion of a new balance box. Was pretty impressed

    • Great question I would like to return the packaging somewhere. Also with hello fresh all those ice bags and insulated bags we get every week.

  • Yes Amazon use alot of packaging but they sure know how to pack

    • Thankfully they're usually not wasteful although recently I received something in a massive box which was filled with dozens of the blow up bags. So much plastic!

    • REUTERS: Amazon Rolls Out Machines That Pack Orders And Replace Jobs

      Amazon To Roll Out Automated Packing Machines, Offers $10k For Employees To Become Gig Workers

    • Tuffstuff80, I Shred All Packaging and use for Chickens for Laying. So not a waste. Then it all Goes into the garden after Used.

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      Amazon's packaging is starting to really annoy me. It's so incredibly wasteful and unnecessary in a lot of cases. Nothing worse than receiving a pack of paper towels in a huge box surrounded by 20 billion plastic pillows.

      I wish they would at least have a minimal packaging option you could select.

      • For me, it's either that or a total lack of care..items shipped with no protection at all…Never in the middle :)

      • Have you considered buying from elsewhere to avoid the issue? Or at least buying multiple items to make the shipment less of an impact?

        A pack of paper towels as the only item of shipping, must have been a huge saving (in $ terms) to make it worthwhile for your time of breaking down the packaging, putting it in the recycling, your council's time / effort / cost in additional recycling, etc.
        I assume that the plastic pillows were recyclable?, or did you need to add those to your rubbish?

  • I want to buy an international product from US amazon on AU site but it is under $49. Can I add any product to qualify for the free shipping or does it need to be an international order ?

    • Free shipping offer as described about is for non Prime members and for purchases made on Amazon AU website. If you make a purchase but the item is sourced/supplied from the US site you won't be eligible for the free shipping.

      As a Prime member myself, US sourced items provided by Amazon US (through AU site) provide free shipping if the item is over $49 AUD (but you have to be a Prime member).

      If you haven't already done this, sign up for a free 30day trial and cancel the auto subscription in your account options.

      • watch out though for returns they may not pay the shipping which effectively makes the return not worth it

    • Needs to be >$49 from Amazon US.

  • I've been with Amazon Prime for about 6 months, and there's just no comparison in terms of shipping cost/speed, for Australian goods and products from the US. I bought board games in the past from US stores, but a $40-50 board game would have $30-40 of shipping, you'd pay it on occasion just because you didn't know if you'd get it in Australia.

    Now if you spend over $49, international shipping is free, and its not too hard to get up to that amount. I don't think anyone can compete with FREE international delivery.

    For the people that say that Amazon is not that cheap, yes that's generally true, niche products are usually expensive on Amazon, though they sometimes get discounted (just set up a wishlist and watch the prices). But for many mainstream products, Amazon will happily lower their price to match or below competitors. Black Friday Lego and just before Christmas is SUPERRRRRRRR cheap (for some sets).

    I hope when they have their Prime vans in Australia, they'll have a minimal packaging option, because using so many boxes and other packaging is a major problem.

    • The over-packaging problem is still an issue in the US and UK.
      If purchasers are serious or concerned about this (I think we should be), they should take action.

  • People should just consider getting Prime. It's 60 bucks for a whole bloody year and you get Prime Video (lots of original shows and plenty in the library) and the Prime music service included (as well as the free amazon store shipping). Absolute bargain.

    Edit: just realised how many other people are also saying this.