expired [Android] GPS Distance Meter Pro $0 Was $2.69 @ Google Play


No ads, No IAP. Rated 4.5 but from only 8 ratings, though for free who cares?

"GPS Distance meter PRO" is used to measure real distance between two geopoints.


-Application is using only GPS reciver for locking geopoints, so you don't need internet connection.
-Application is intended for measuring distances above 8 meters. (You can't measure how long is your car or how long is your arm.)
-To ensure accuracy, make sure the sky is clear.

-How to use: Go to your start point (A) and press "Lock point A", then walk or drive to end point and press "Lock point B".

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  • +2 votes

    Thanks this is exactly what I needed

  • -1 vote

    What exactly does this app do. I downloaded app and it does nothing other than nonsense Nissan Adds

    • +18 votes

      Sure you didn't accidentally download the Nissan Ads App Pro?

    • +2 votes

      Works for me. Turned off all ad-blocking and no Nissan Ads (or any other ads) appear, just like the promised "No Ads" on the play store page. Maybe something else on your phone is showing ads?

      For me, I ran the app, agreed to the terms, gave it access to my location, pressed Lock A, walked down the road and pressed Lock B, then it told me the distance. I changed the measurements to metres in the settings. It told me the accuracy rating was within 3m. No issues.

      Hope you figure your issues out…


    Perfect, was just looking for an app that does this a minute ago.


    What's the use case for this app over google maps' distance measuring tool?

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      That is nowhere near as accurate, but could be used also. Whatever floats your boat, I guess…


      It measures actual distance between 2 physical points as the crow flys.
      You set a START point and an END POINT.
      A bit like measuring the length of your street but without using a tape measure.

      I guess other map measure apps do the same but between 2 points on a map.
      This app woould be much more accurate in that respect.

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    Finally, I'll be able to measure the size of my manhood.

  • +4 votes

    This app assumes a spheroid Earth so if you need Flat Earth measurements, just multiply the calculated distance by the square root of a unicorn.


    Nice, will test it tomorrow on the way to gym.

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