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TLDR; after trying several "quality" beard trimmers that tug on my facial hair, I'm looking for a rechargeable beard trimmer, under $50 (open to higher amounts), with performance on 'zero' setting equal or better than the, cheap, entry level Wahl that runs on AAs.

After over a decade of shaving using a beard trimmer on 'zero' setting, once a week or more. I have always used the entry level Wahl, which costs about $25 $20, and runs on AA cells.

This is a fantastic trimmer, cuts extremely well, and has to be replaced no more than every couple of years. It's performance is about as good as 240V hair clippers (which I have used in a pinch). But I want to move onto a trimmer with a rechargeable battery, as it feels a bit wasteful (even if I am correctly disposing of those AAs), and I don't feel it's worth the bother for rechargeables.

Probably about 8 years ago, I bought a VS Sassoon that I found on clearance, thanks to OzBargain, and it was crap. The motor seemed very weak, and it would get jammed in my hair, and end up tugging.

Went back to the entry level Wahl within a couple of months.

Earlier this year, I tried again. This time with a Wahl that was on clearance at the Shaver Shop down from around $120 to $40-50.

I was told that the reason it wasn't popular, was because the clips it came with were too far apart in length, you could either trim on zero, two, four, six… an so on, and for my purpose, always on zero, it was perfect.

I took it home, and same problem as the previous one. It tugs and pulls, unless I go very slowly, and you can usually hear the blades/motor become overwhelmed, and you have to slow down. Even with the blades oiled.

To give an idea of the difference, the entry level Wahl would glide over my neck from the bottom up to my chin-line, almost like a cartridge razor in the TV commercials, under a second.

The rechargeable one, the same motion, takes about 4-5 seconds. Any faster and it gets overwhelmed and tugs.

Can anyone recommend a beard trimmer that would satisfy my use case? I just don't want to have to spend over $200 to equal performance of a $25 $20 item.

I don't think this is an issue of having thick stubble, as the clearly the cheapest one can tackle it no problem.

Thanks in advance!


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    I've used a hair trimmer for 30+ years, everyday.

    I went in to get a new one and asked for a trimmer and the girl said for your beard, I replied "YES". She said youi need this specialised beard trimmer for $149. I said, i'll take the $25 Wahl hair clippers on sale thanks. She said they are not beard trimmers, I said you see this beard, i have had it for 30 years and only ever used hair clippers. She said WOW, i never knew you could use them for that.

    Plus they kill 2 birds with one stone.


    TLDR; after trying several "quality" beard trimmers that tug on my facial hair, I'm looking for a rechargeable beard trimmer, under $50, with performance on 'zero' setting equal or better than the, cheap, entry level Wahl that runs on AAs.

    That under $50 requirement is going to be hard to beat.


    Off topic question - which entry level Wahl are you referring to. I actually need one with batteries for travel and from your report it works well!

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      This is what I use normally.

      And it's actually only $20!

      Over the years, the housing changes all the time, but I find that the performance is identical.


        Thanks, will pick one up this weekend.

        If it works I'd suggest just buy rechargables honestly. I've gone through countless <$50 models and they are all crap to average at best.


        If going Wahl, figure out beforehand where it is made. I brought the entry level a few years ago and found out afterwards it was made in china and eventually stopped working after a month. Better to drop a bit of extra coin and purchase the ones made in germany/ usa.


          made in china

          Looking forward to the day this fallacy finally disappears. No different from Japan in mid 80s to 90s, and Korea from ~2000 to mid noughties.


          Not always the case.

          The $120 one I paid $50 for, that I mention in my post, was "Made in the EU", and it is worse (in performance) than the $20 made in China one that I linked.


    I got this Philips trimmer, ages ago. Probably that same deal from 2014. Good $20 spend, still going strong. I either clean up a beard on level 3, or get rid of it on 0 when I don't want to go completely clean. Never felt tugging or jamming.
    Maybe there's a newer model around.


      Haha, coincidentally I have the same one too in a drawer somewhere from that same deal. It's pretty decent but the battery within a year or so. Doesn't get used as I hate plugging it in.


        Oh yea mine too. I've just got so used to it and completely forgot that it used to be portable.
        Also just remembered that low battery would result in tugging…


    I have a similar problem. My facial hair grows very flat against my face. All conventional trimmer combs just slide on top of the sleeping hair, so the only setting I can successfully use is with no comb. However, my ideal length is 2mm

    I've tried many different trimmers and even own a $300 VS beard designer type trimmer, which is a bit alright. Spoken to multiple store reps yet their advice is limited to what they sell in that particular store (that's how I end up buying multiple trimmers).

    Lift and cut systems are bullshit!

    OP, sorry to piggyback on your post :D

    Amazon has the Series 5000 for sale for $59

    Check reviews.

    I rarely use trimmers to actually trim, because i can never get it the same. I just use to clipper down to shave generally, and don't have many problems with that! I bought a $99 on sale VS model and it clippers down with no pulling. I have thick facial hair too, I won't even try use cheap trimmers on my face as i'm too worried.

    Another thing to look for is warranty as some products have 30/60 day money back!
    This one has 60 day money back, confirm what that entitles you too.

    These are expensive, but they have money back so I assume if you buy one and it doesn't work you return it free for a refund!

    20% off, under $145 I think just color is different. You need to ring and confirm you still get 60 day money back buying via eBay.

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