Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

After the ANC Sony headphones - travelling overseas in 2 weeks time, would love it for my flight

Can someone please look out for Sony WH-1000XM3 to drop to $289 again !
I know the Amex offer - still ends up costing $350+


  • Just type in the Sony WH-1000XM3 in the search, hit create alert & wait for an email.

    Who on here is going to remember this post & message you lol.

    • Speaking of, is it only an email alert that gets sent? I'd much rather an alert on the site. Couldn't find an option when I looked before.

    • Thanks thats a good idea. Intention wasnt for someone to message me, I was hoping someone can spot that price and post as a deal.

  • You may get luck and then you may not. $350 in 2 weeks may still be your best price. Why didn't you look out for them last month?

    • Hadn't realised last month that my new airpods are a junk post testing on a flight

  • Thanks for the notification

  • Anything under $300 would be like winning a lottery as Amazon deal got sold out instantly. Just buy it for around $350, claim gst then don't eat dinner for two nights get you under $300 ;)

  • Lol I got rid of my second hand 10 months old one for $300. The xm4 is coming soon.

  • I will stand watch, CI.

  • If you do some creative accounting it's only $245 with the Amex offer. Trouble is you have to find something for $105 that you want.

    • how do you get to $245 - are you taking into account that I will have a TRS claim to lodge, and since the invoice will read $500 then I get the GST back on that

  • On gumtree you might be able to get them closer to your target price. Perhaps with a store receipt for warranty.

  • Good choice, even for just drowning out the engine noise to sleep.

  • Wait for the next eBay Plus deal?

  • Sign up to camelcamel and set an alert using amazon au xm3 link. Although doubt you'll see them that low next couple of weeks. Two times I know of that it went down to $289 it sold out within minutes. I think you might be better off buying via ebay using a discount code if you only have a couple of weeks.

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