Cygnett CY2220PBCHE ChargeUp Pro 63W USB-C 20000mAh Power Bank $67.25 + 2000 QFF Points @ Qantas Store


Was looking for a power bank to charge my laptop and came across this. Cheaper than most retail stores at the moment (~$120+). Not as cheap as it was from TGG (~$75: if you factor in $ value of QFF points, but that didn't include delivery.

What's the difference between this and the Xiao Mi Power Bank 3? From what I can tell…

  • This is wider (~27mm) but thinner (15mm vs 27.5mm)
  • This has LEDs

If anyone's aware of any QStore promo codes, please share!

Specs from store:

20,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery technology
Features three USB outputs - 1 x 45W USB-C (PD), 1x 18W QC 3.0 USB-A, 1 x 10W USB-A port with a total output of 63W (max)
Perfect for the latest USB-C MacBooks and laptops
Offers up to 10 smartphone charges, 2 tablet charges and 1 Laptop charge before needing to be recharged - device specific
Highly functional and portable for the ultimate in convenience and portability
Portable power for your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other digital devices
Offers Nintendo Switch Rapid charging at 39W
Includes USB-C-USB-A cable so you can connect straight to the latest devices, also compatible with iPhone cable or Apple certified MFI Lightning Cable
Features Qualcomm (QC 3.0) to charge up to 75% faster on compatible smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S8
With Power Delivery (PD) technology which is the latest breakthrough in powering electronic devices offering a powerful output
Features 5 LED display so you know when it's time to recharge
Pre-charged and ready to use - power at your fingertips as soon as you open the box

Weight: 450 Grams
Dimensions: 171 x 102 x 15 mm
Model Number

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    Some have experienced compatibility issues with the USB PD here


      Looks like the guys one was just faulty


        There seems to be multiple people with issues though, so there may be a quality issue?

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          I’m one of those who had the compatibility problem with the 20k and yeah I reckon it might’ve been a quality issue. When I contacted them about it, it seems like the units they have on hand worked with the Apple 18W charger while mine only work at certain battery level. But in the end, since I’ve been through 2 units of the 20k (initially replaced it at HN), I negotiated with them if I could get the 27k instead as replacement and pay the price difference between the 20k and 27k and they agreed.

          Both 20k and 27k doesn’t work with my mbeat pd charger though, but the 27k does work flawlessly with Apple’s 18w. I don’t know what’s with Cygnett and mbeat , but the mbeat charger works with my ipad pro and previous xps 13 9360.

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    The 10k one is also available, I wish the 20k had the digital display and that the 10k had 45w out.

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    I have this Cygnett Charge up pro 20,000 mAh and a Kogan one. The Kogan one I bought last December and it was $69 for 26,800 mAh and only 60W. I noticed the 60W is $129 on Kogan at the moment however the 26,800 mAh 75W version is $59 and the 26,800 mAh 102W $79. I have had no issue with PD charging a MacBook Pro on the Kogan one. The only real difference is the size and the Cygnett might have some better aesthetics however the Kogan one is very good.


    Edit: just noticed the 102W is pre sale sorry.


    I have one of these, it's great. Charges my surface book 2 whilst in use (obviously not whilst using graphics) and has enough charge for a weekend away. One usb pd and two usb-A.

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    I have this, and I love it! Charges my Galaxy S8+ fast, works with phones with PD (like the Pixel series), surprisingly charges my Surface Book 2. Great for bringing overseas - the charge lasts forever


    Not enough points :(


    Does anybody know if these power banks will charge an old older 2017 Macbook Air which has a Magsafe 2 connection? Would I simply need to buy a USB-C to Magsafe 2 cable from eBay?


    Have one of these from last time when it was $106, absolutely love it!


    Has anyone got theirs shipped yet?