Peter's Connoisseur Ice Cream Tubs - Three New Flavours

There are three new flavours of Connoisseur ice creams at Colesworths. They contain 29% cream and between 22.4-24.4% sugar. The normal price is $10 per 470ml :-(

Davidson Plum & Cocoa
Not your usual supermarket ice cream flavour, so get it if you want to try something different. I didn't like it though.

Macadamia & Spiced Lime
A bit better than the usual macadamia ice creams, but not a lot better. A little reminiscent of the spiciness of the recent hot cross bun ice creams.

Bush Honey & Nougat
Easily the best of three in my book. Quite sweet and creamy and the nougat pieces are delicious.



    Thanks for the heads up. As usual will wait for the half price specials to stock up.

    The plum and pear one sounds interesting and nougat.


      None of the three flavours are “plum and pear”.


        Plum and Cocoa has caramelised pear in it as well.

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    None of them appeals but hey, I'm a Cafe Grande guy.

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      Currently half-price but only online. Colesworths have been reluctant to go half-price for a while now.


    Please just bring back Rum and Raisin.


      Have you tried Coles own brand Rum & Raisn? I think it's fabulous.

      No artificial colours or flavours

      Creamy & just strong enough. $5/lt


        After trying the Coles brand cheese when I was desperately low on money, and immediately throwing it in the bin after one bite, I will never ever buy a Coles brand product again (not that I did before anyway, but still).


    Haha clearly I didnt read OP properly.

    Saw the new ones in Coles today and they are fricken tiny. Like 2 big scoops and it’s gone tiny. And $10. Lol. What a ripoff.

    Will not buy.