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[XB1] Assassin's Creed Unity - Digital Code $1.79 @ CD Keys


Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One - Digital Code $1.79 from Cdkeys.

This game was half this price (less than a dollar) only a few weeks ago (also from CDKeys) but that deal has expired, and this seems to be the cheapest price around for this game atm.

It's been selling for two to three dollars for a couple of years now, so chances are that most people have already got a copy, but if you still haven't got one, the game is well worth getting.

Battlefield 1 Revolution is $4.89 at CDKeys right now. Cheap but not the cheapest (G2A have it for around four dollars).

I'm not sure it's even worth the four bucks, but someone else might like it (not a terrible game, just not my cup of tea).

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    I would recommend waiting for it (ACU) to drop to under $1 again.
    It seems to drop in price very often.


      It sure does.


    bought when it was 69c
    also I think this was free on pc before

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    Okay since last year this has been posted 12 times. Maybe everyone can just stop now?

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      That's like saying that the Samsung Galaxy S(whatever) has been posted 100 times now, maybe people can stop now?


    I got it free on the pc the other day and still looks fantastic !


    At $1 or less now, and below $5 for a good couple of years(I bought it for like $3 over 2 years ago) who hasn't bought this game by now?


    Why it was 0.89c last weekend?