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PlayStation 4 Pro Console 1TB (White/Black) $469 Delivered @ Amazon AU


PlayStation®4 Pro is a high-spec console that delivers the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience with spectacular graphics and unrivalled power.

Same as the JB Hifi price but Amazon includes delivery.

Also available in black.

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  • Need one of these before Shenmue3 comes out in Nov. should I wait as it’s been cheaper in the past?

    • Also Persona 5 Royal with PS4 Pro support next year sometime. I'm thinking of buying too, I wish it was a bit cheaper.

      • They go down to ~$425 (eBay 20% off Big W) and even $400 with this deal but might have been an error - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/470553

      • What’s the go with this? I haven’t played it but thought Persona 5 was already polished, nearly bought it until I heard about a new version coming out.

        • It’ll add in a new hero and a new cutscene if you have an old save file and it’ll take advantage of the PS4 Pro, hopefully in native 4K as it’s actually a PS3 game really so should run perfectly. Persona 5 is kind of your typical JRPG but it transcends all that nonsense somehow. It’s for teenagers but there’s something about the game that has a Pixar universal quality, it has a guitar bassline, and the monster noises are kind of funny in a good way. The monsters in the game are real people, like people in real life that are impossible to deal with, but at an unconscious level at first, so it’s novel for a game to basically deal with psychopathy\sociopathy, in a supernatural way, but still it’s pretty deep for a video game aimed at young teens. You just need to play it, hear the bass line in the music, hear the funny sounds the monsters make, and get in the mindset of a Japanese high schooler which the game makes easy to do, half the game is just following him around his daily life at school.

  • Still waiting for Sony to release a model which plays 4K Blu-rays.

    • I'm hoping the 5 does. Their individual divisions should communicate better

    • I had thought it did. Good to know before pulling the trigger!

      • We have a PS3 because it came free with a Sony TV. Initially we used it mostly as Blu-ray player, but since then we've spend hundreds more on games and controllers.

        If Sony offered a free PS4 with TV I was going to buy one. If Sony offered 4K Blu-ray support I was going to buy one. So far the cash remains in my pocket.

    • Yeah. But are you really going to be amassing that many 4K blu-rays? I have the One X and honestly, have barely touched the disc tray since there is often cracker deals on the marketplace anyways.

  • Why does black cost so much more?

  • I thought Amazon had this for 399 at one stage.

  • Same as the JB Hifi price but Amazon includes delivery.

    Amazon also has Cash back (JB doesn't)

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