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3kg Grass Fed Scotch Fillets $118 + Free Shipping (Save $50, Excludes WA, NT & TAS) @ Sutton Forest Meat and Wine



Starting to feel like Spring? Well spring into this with 3kgs of grass fed black angus scotch fillet steaks PLUS free shipping for ONLY $118!

What you get:
• 15 x 200g sliced Scotch fillet steaks
• Everything is individually cryovaced to last 3 weeks in fridge or 6 months in freezer
• If you would like your scotch fillets to remain whole please select this option in drop down box
• Normal retail including delivery $168


Enter code OZ to receive your free shipping


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    This Rep really should be banned from posting deals until he complies with title guidelines. Every post of his has required editing with no store name and usually no price. This is becoming tiresome.

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      New feature request - have posts by non L/P users automatically be unpublished until these posting requirements/title guidelines are met.


        Not sure how many mods they have but if they go this route they may need more




    I prefer grain fed personally. I think it's a better flavour and juicer/fattier meat :)


    No deal. Aldi has fillet steak at $20 / kilo right now.

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      I can't comment on Sutton's quality but Aldi's Scotch Fillet and Porterhouse steaks aren't anything to write home about. I rate them pub level at best. You really need to up around $40/kg for Scotch and $30/kg for porterhouse.

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        I don't follow the logic that we should be paying around $40/kg for Scotch…

        A higher price does not guarantee better quality.

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          Well I haven't seen 20Kg Scotch Fillet that is great. Buy a good quality whole Scotch or porterhouse ($120-180) for around 4-5KG and taste the difference. I slice them into 300-400gram steaks, sous vide them, then finish of over red hot charcoal. Supermarket steaks just not worth the effort.

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            @BlinkyBill: Fair enough, if you can afford that price-point, have the time to sous vide and then charcoal, etc.

            Some people don't have that $
            Some (maybe most) people don't always have that much time
            Some people prefer Aldi's Eye Fillet (for $19.99/kg)
            Some would argue that you shouldn't have to sous vide a steak


          Agree, A higher price does not guarantee better quality.
          Same as water does not guarantee a fish.
          But there is no fish without a water.
          And there is no premium quality meat for a budget price.

          I am too a person who can't afford to have this every day for lunch and dinner.
          I will resort to other food, not to a steak, for most of the days.
          But when I have a steak I want to have at least a half decent meat.
          And you just can't have that for $20 per kilo. I would rather wait and save.
          Happy to report back about the quality of this meat.
          For the record - I don't like the one from Aldi. Tried it and did not liked it.


        Agreed the Aldi Scotch Fillets aren't great.


        geez, lucky I'm not that picky with my steaks then.
        That $16/kg Scotch and $20/kg Porterhouse from my local butcher suits me good enough.

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        I rate them pub level at best.

        I rate them as unedible.

        And I am not a meat snob, usually buy from Coles.


      I have to say that Aldi meat has a lot to be desired. I bought rib racks from them the other week and they were terrible. The other night in a rush I bought those ribs in a box at Coles and I have to say that they were a lot better and cheaper.


    Nobody who pays $50/kg is going to stoop to mail-order meat, and no bargain hunter pays more than $40 normally, so no savings at all.
    Agree with above - ban rep.


      any recommendations? im in Sydney

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    I like it. Comes to my door, cryovacced and easily storable. Really good meat for $40 a kilo and I'm supporting a small business. Lay off boys. Jeez

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    I agree. Too often we support the multinational companies and not the little businesses. This is not a bad deal

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      I like the environment where the little guys snatch the niche markets that the big boys can't or aren't interested in competing for .

      If the little guy can't match it quality wise or price wise I'm not going to be paying more for it .


    I haven't received dispatch notification for my order from the last deal. :(


    Ordered from them before. Enjoyed the steaks.


      How is the quality compared to supermarkets?


    I didn't know Scotch Fillets ate grass.


    So when do they get shipped?