[CANCELLED] Free Train Travel On August 27th (10am-2pm) @ Public Transport Victoria

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As per MetroTrains website, the planned 4 hour work stoppage for Tuesday (27 August) has been cancelled and operations will continue as normal on Tuesday. Please carry your travel passes at all times.

Date changed to 27th as per the Age article


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Public Transport Victoria
Public Transport Victoria


    • ah, you mean the way the LNP Government is managing Australia at the moment. I think you are correct.

      • It’s funny how we had the premier, labour leader walk on the streets to protest over low wages yet all his departments and public utilities, whom he has some influence, all deliver/offer low wage offers to their employees.

        The irony

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          You should really check your facts before commenting. You'd actually find that the public transport sector, particularly rail are one of the highest paid low skilled sectors…

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            @m00c0w: exactly! Its ridiculous that pretty much the best paying jobs in this country are in trades. Why would you even bother with VCE or HSC? Skip school and just be an electrician, concreter or train driver.

            You gotta feel sorry for the sods who achieve so much only to go into a "prestigeous degree" like architecture or pharmacy and end up getting next to nothing.

            • @fuzor: I find it hard to swallow that they basically want more money to do their job even though the service they currently provide is sub-optimal. Considering the fact that they've been under-performing and actually want a 6% pay increase boggles my mind. I'm late for work 2-3 days a week and it's usually due to train cancellations, bad infrastructure or poor planning. Guess who provides all this? The people that want that 6% increase.

              • @m00c0w: If your are late 2-3 times a week then I think you need to leave earlier

                • @jjno41: Yeah, at that point it's just poor planning. You know it's going to take you that much longer, so leave earlier.

                • @jjno41: @jjno41 have tried that, but the gods of the Craigeburn line insist on cancelling and delaying trains. I regularly factor in 30 minutes extra to be in on time. But hey, why should anyone expect a service to operate per the agreed schedule?

                • @jjno41: Not everyone can leave earlier. There are school drop offs etc and potentially other commitments. But if the train services are as promised, many could still reach on time.

            • @fuzor: Average architect salary is higher than average salary for electrician, concreter, or train driver. As are other high paying jobs like doctors and lawyers.

            • @fuzor: We have the unions to thank. Way too much power given to idiots.

              • @PK88: yeah well those "idiots" did the best thing they could for their profession. they're far from anything idiotic. if anything, the "idiots" are those who agreed to what they asked

            • @fuzor: How much is the pay for a train driver?

          • @m00c0w: I’m not sure what you are trying to say, in regards to what I have said.

            Dan Andrews went on a march against low wage growth, (not low wages). Yet his departments regularly offer circa 2%, like metro.

            Here’s an ABC news, quote”Traffic has been brought to a standstill in Melbourne's CBD by tens of thousands of protesters, led by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who are rallying for better conditions and higher wages for workers.”

            So I have no factual inaccuracy, premier wants higher wage growth, unions are upset labour government lead departments offer low wage growth. Premier, I would argue,has influence over wage growth.

  • V/Line too?

    I would love to go to Bendigo to see the Balenciaga exhibition (conveniently opening on the 17th), but think V/Line is a complete rip off!

    I remember when I was a student, it cost $2 to get from Southern Cross to Geelong

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      No mention of V/Line at all, all references to Metro only.
      Not touching on for a V/Line service to Bendigo could cost you a bit more than the fare.

    • The article says suburban trains so I assume vline is a no go. I'm keen to check the exibit as well but will probably drive down.

    • My grandpa tells me he could get a return ticket from Melb to Geelong for a shilling (10 cents). V/Line, pull your head in. Stop ripping off true blue Aussies.

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    I'm not sure it qualifies as a deal?

    Anyway, I would be checking this on the mornings of those dates, and again later in the day, as you might get caught out if the strike is called off.

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      Not a deal. The irony is the average unknown poor Australian hard worker should pay more taxes and work even harder and also the budget should be squeezed where it is needed most,

      Because the greedy highest paid lowest skilled sector with biggest mouth wants more money.

      Privatise and shrink the business arm of the government or employ all Australians and make it fair with same salary for all the educated and uneducated employees in management or labour positions!

      Privatise, soon and fast

      • Please name an industry we’ve benefited from privatisation.

        • Biotechnology; CSL was a Commonwealth department in 1994, now its a global giant with ~$10billion revenue/year.

          CSL also played a big role in the creation of the Gardasil vaccine used against cervical cancer.


          • @super8: and you are saying that they wouldn't have done this anyway because…..? The problem is that Government's don't know what they have unless they are paying exhoritant amounts to consultants and outsourced organisations. What I would say is that most large organisations work in the same way. I've worked for both Government organisation and private industry, mostly the same.

      • "same salary for all the educated and uneducated employees in management or labour positions!" So you want communism? You can move to countries that offer that

      • Everything you say contradicts everything else you say.

        "make it fair with same salary for all the educated and uneducated employees"


        "Privatise, soon and fast"

        Yep, that makes sense.

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          That was the point! Thank you. Goodness I think sometimes we'd benefit from a bit of…

          No one wants to live in North Korea.

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    Kind of a weird one. It's basically employees saying, "Here, have this for free, even though we have no authority to give it to you. It actually belongs to our employer but we have a disagreement with them, so that makes it ok."

    • Isn't that what strikes are about?

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        If a fruit shop employee goes on strike does it give them the right to hand out all the fruit?

        If a bank employee goes on strike does it give them the right to give everyone money?

        Shrugs…I thought strikes were something different.

        • Depends if there are any sour lemons or not

        • Your mentioning giving away goods,
          They are giving away a service.

          • @Vicbitter: Umm, what’s your point? Give away money, give away free train rides, giving away fruit, Same same isn’t it?
            I really don’t understand your point

            • @cloudy: I wouldn’t mind a free train. Two carriages would be enough. It would be quite nice for shopping, weekend outings and as a general get around.

            • @cloudy: The NSW ambulance 'strike' has/had a similar action. ie. They don't charge people for the ambulance ride.

              Perhaps the difference is public transport and ambulance are essential services. (They also public services).

        • All depends whether their industrial representative body has applied to fair work Australia for protected industrial action and listed those actions and been specifically approved. Otherwise it would be unprotected action and therefore theft

          In this case the rail union workers have been approved to not check tickets and keep the turnstiles open. Won't stop a non union employee which there are numerous ones from checking your ticket and giving you a fine.

          On-top of this, people should still be tapping on and off. The action is not to give you free travel but if you choose to steal from the rail operators then the union members are not going to stop you.

        • This is actually how most public transport protests work. The Japanese do this, keep the services running but turn off the machines.

          Has happened in Switzerland too, bus drivers letting everyone on with no charge.

          I think it's an excellent way to demonstrate value.

          • @Telios: Yes the essential service is keep running. But the people on strike do not provide the essential service.

            They sell myki top ups, they check tickets, etc…these people would not have any duties that they if they didn’t do their normal duties. So I would argue they should not turn up to work and strike on the streets.(and not get paid)

            PS, bus drivers are not striking, nor are train drivers on this occasion

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      Would you rather them not work and screw everyones day up?

    • Maybe this is what the dudes at 7-Eleven stores are thinking with the free coffee and banana bread give aways?
      Stick it to the man!

  • robin hoods still exist. stealing from the government for us. i am crying.

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      I would say it was actually the (Kennett) government who stole our public transport from us when they sold it off to private corporations in 1999.

      • The list of things stolen off us, by successive Governments, is long and vast. Flog things off cheap to their mates and then the corporations hold us to ransom with price increases. Then the Government wrings their hands and tells the corporations they are "naughty boys" whilst doing stuff all about it. Rinse and repeat with a whole bunch of essential services. Howard stole Medibank but, at least, we got Medicare back with Hawkie.

      • The public transport hasn't actually been sold, the service delivery model of the trams/buses/trains have been franchised out to operators. Government is still the ultimate owner of the assets and rolling stock. Google "MR4 contract".

        • Yet strangely all the infrastructure is built by the VicRoads and PTV doesn't own the stations.

      • Agreed. So much privatisation to benefit the few over the many.

      • Was public transport free prior to the Kennett government?

  • IT'S A TRAP!

    • It could be.

      Nothing stopping public transport operators training new staff and asking them if they are willing to work, unions can’t stop people from working if they choose to.

      The right to work and right to strike from work.

      • This is very risky for the people if they do hire temporary replacements.

        The fine is $250. The Age claims the government can lose up to $1m a day, which means they only need to fine 4,000 people to recoup their losses.

        Assuming a train capacity is about 1000 people, they would only need to halt an entire train 4 times and fine everyone inside to make back their money.

        They can stop the trains entering the city loop at 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, and leaving 4PM, 5PM , 6PM , at multiple stations.

        Metlife can stand to make more money doing this than normal day to day operations only if they have the backing of the Police to enforce ticket inspectors.

        • You guys are paranoid as hell. Nobody is getting fined, there would be mutany from all the passengers if they tried.

        • The article states that "ticket inspectors" won't be issuing fines so you can all relax

          • @FareEvader: The news is reporting this wrong. It is protected industrial action by ticket inspectors that are union members. Non union members will still be around doing their normal day to day job as per usual as they should be. Non union members are not protected under the "protected industrial action" and cannot participate without the employer being able to discipline them.

    • Agreed, OP seems fishy.

  • Now that’s what I call industrial bargaining! Or industrial ozbargaining. Escalators broken at southern cross again.

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    I happen to buy a Myki pass unfortunately.

    • I have the 365 day pass (commuter club), no deal for me

      Would be useful if they added 2 days / dollar equivalent onto the card, but that ain't happening

  • So should I use Myki on the day and get charged nothing or do I just not use my card?

    This sounds like a trap, Admiral.

    • What do you think, brainiac?

      On Monday August 12 and August 19, station staff will keep ticket barriers open all day, while authorised officers will refuse to check myki tickets

      • Metro Authorised Officers operate independently of the non-union PTV AOs. You run the gauntlet, it's your choice what you do.

    • If you use your myki, you will be charged.

  • Do we get a refund on our myki pass

    • It's not really free. It's more similar to looting a store when no one is watching it any more.

      • It's not looting if the owners says you're free to take what you want.

        • The "owner" in this case is the government and they have given authority to a private company to enforce ticketing rules. So you are not allowed to ride for free, legally.

          • @uthmani: Let me rephrase.

            It's not looting if the manager says you're free to take what you want.

            In this case, the manager is the private company enforcing the ticketing rules.


          It is like taking items from the supermarket because the security officer and attendants refuse to check receipts.

          It is possible for people to steal, but is not store giving things away,

          That is why Myki is not credited refunded or boosted. It is not the provider offering free products but security counters not preventing theft

          • @DisabledUser64768: If you went to the booth to buy or top up your myki card that day to pay for the day's fare, will they say, don't worry about it, the ride's free today, or will they take your money?

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      Not until you give us an update on your Grandpa. How is he? Did he get home safely?

  • Free train travel when there will be no trains running 🤔

    • Exactly what I'm thinking.

    • You are free to walk the tracks

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      Trains will be running, it's not a strike. Their action is simply not taking fares while providing the service to hurt the company financially without disrupting customers.

      • Would that not be a sackable offense if you're a shopkeeper and you pay someone to do their job and they are refusing to do it and thereby costing you revenue?

        Or are they taking the day off without pay?

        If someone I employ is hurting me financially, I would dismiss them.

  • Damn I work from home on Monday's

  • Is there a forum that helps with appealing ticket fines? Mixed my kids one with mine and copped a ticket from a very hostile officer. Said it was a $240 fine :( costly error and I couldn't spot the difference between the two cards!

    • honestly you’ll be fine as they’re very lax in terms of approving appeals, but couldn’t you just show your other card when they scanned the wrong one?

    • Contest it, my colleague ation won it. The one in Sydney clearly stated kids one, unlike in Melbourne

    • if your normal card shows a history of regular use eg. commuter or every Saturday for months…. then your ought to appeal.

  • Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for travelling metro is what Cranbourne line folks hear regularly.
    If this freebie wakes up the boss,so be it

  • Does this include trams and/or buses at all or only trains?

  • I wouldnt hedge my bets on this. They can easily call this off if their demands are met.

  • Hmmm, interesting that the Gestap…. Errr, ticket inspectors can exercise discretion when it suits them.

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