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$30 off Return International Fares @ Aunt Betty


Take $30* OFF your international return booking departing Australia when booking with Aunt Betty. Simply enter the promo code 'HOLIDAY30' at checkout in order to receive your discount.

Don't miss out, your promo code expires 31st August 2019

I can confirm that 1.40% Cashback worked when combined with HOLIDAY30

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Aunt Betty
Aunt Betty

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  • This always comes in handy at times

  • See, Aunt Betty never disappoint! I feel satisfied again

  • You can always get your quote, screenshots and all, then price beat

    • Who still does price beats?

      I am trying to make a booking for flights that I found on Sky Scanner, and Aunt Betty has the second best prices, but each time, I get OOPS flight no longer available at this price at the very last step (after credit card details have been entered) but when i do a search again, it has the same flight details.

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        Agreed I had this same issue 2 weeks ago.

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        BYO Jet and Aunt Betty are both owned by Flight Centre and primary exist to frustrate the online bargain hunters so they get compelled to go with the likes of Flight Centre direct. The always come up with the lowest fares which are unattainable (either no longer available or price increase) but you will only know this after you've given them all your details. In the most recent instances, I ended up going with Expedia for around $300 per ticket.
        Scumbags! Flight Centre - you'll never get a cent from me.

        • Hi Spy,

          Thank you for your comment.

          You are correct, Aunt Betty and BYOjet are proudly apart of the Flight Centre Travel Group. The fares shown on Aunt Betty and BYOjet are not faked, in the case of receiving the 'flight no longer available' message, the flight selected (in that particular booking class combination) no longer has the availability as originally selected. This, unfortunately, occurs as the seats sell out in the period it takes for the booking information to be entered.

          Kind Regards,

          Aunt Betty

          • @AuntBettyTravel: Yeah but the same message for three days straight?
            Happened when doing booking twice over three days.
            FCKn horrible experience, and I'm quite a veteran when it comes to overseas travel and online bookings.
            You lost repeat business on the same tickets for me and my mates to Expedia and Skiddoo.
            Nice theory though rep dude!

      • Hi AG ACT,

        Thank you for your comment.

        We are sorry to hear about the complications encountered. In the case of receiving the 'flight no longer available' message, the flight selected (in that particular booking class combination) no longer has the availability as originally selected. This, unfortunately, occurs as the seats sell out in the period it takes for the booking information to be entered.

        There is the opportunity to undertake a new search in order to view other available flights for when you are wishing to travel. These search results will be comprised of different booking class combinations in comparison to the originally selected flight of which it may cause for a price increase or decrease.

        Kind Regards,

        Aunt Betty

        • Perhaps, however for my circumstance, each time I perform the search (and I have been doing the same search daily for the past 3 weeks) the flights are always the same price when I re-perform the search after the failure.

          In my personal experience there seems to be something else going (or the flights disappear right at the second the payment is being processed, and then reappear 5 seconds later, each day for the past 3ish weeks).

          • @AG_ACT: Yep same.
            Rep - don't be a troll and defend everything!
            IT'S okay to say we're a no frills budget offering. If you want bells and whistles (aka service) then for to Flight Centre [shudder]

      • Just got this. So annoying.

    • Flight Centre no longer do online price beats. Reason - Flight Centre don't want to beat fares that they fake themselves (via Aunt Betty, BYO Jet etc).

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        Hi Spy,

        Thank you for your comment.

        Both brands (BYOjet and Aunt Betty) offer the opportunity to purchase price drop protection on a flight so if you do find an identical flight for a cheaper price prior to travel you are eligible for a voucher of the price difference.

        Kind Regards,

        Aunt Betty

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    Check other comparison sites (skyscanner) and check if this $30 save you money or not. Recently I purchased from skiddoo as auntbetty was way too expensive for the flight I was after. Skiddoo cashreward is 1.05% in shopback.

  • A straight return trip is easy to book online. Iwantthatflight has been our saviour. Skyscanner, Momondo are also good starting points. My advice: get some credit card with a suitable travel insurance, remember they usually cover good essentials but not silly carelessness. No need to get carried away by clumsy reward schemes. Jetstar can be messy but if you have time their mess can work out to good savings and they honor it.

  • No Korean Air flights showing up on a route and dates I know they fly and have flights… odd.

  • Is Aunt Betty part of Flight Center Limited?

    • Yes, this is on the bottom of their page:
      © Flight Centre Travel Group Limited trading as Aunt Betty ABN 25 003 377 188 ACN 003 377 188 ATAS

    • Hi gstfree,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Aunt Betty is proudly apart of the Flight Centre Travel Group.

      Kind Regards,

      Aunt Betty

      • Nothing to be proud about, flight center is a horrible company with a horrible culture.

        They've been proven and fined for anti-competitive behavior, for example trying to get the airlines to not offer discounted fares online.

        If anything I would give my business to anybody but flight center.

      • Yep, same but yet apart.

  • no deal for our dates, direct price with AIR NZ to San Fran from Melbourne $1260 with Aunt Betty $1400 ($1370 with discount)

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    Is the discount for each passenger or each booking which contains multiple passengers?

    • Hi yht,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The discount is applied per booking, not per passenger. The discount is valid on international return flights departing Australia. This excludes Trans-Tasman flights.

      Kind Regards,

      Aunt Betty

  • I recent booked with them and got near 300 bucks saved for international flight tickets.

  • Just a FYI, when I last dealt with Aunt Betty about 18 months ago we ran into an issue that required us to contact them as our return flight was cancelled by the airline.

    At that time they had no contact phone number, only way to communicate is via email, and each time it was a different person responding, the response time was about 24 hours delayed and they are not based in Australia. In fact the email did not even use the Aunty Betty domain, it was @customercare.travel so outsourced.

    If all goes well with your trip than I am sure no issues, but just be aware of the limitations if you do have to contact them.

    I personally wouldn't use them again because of this.

    EDIT: I see they do have a phone number now so you may be in better luck.

    EDIT 2: Product Review would tend to confirm my experience that if you need to contact them it's not a pleasant experience -> https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/aunt-betty

    • Just want to add my 2 cents to the above message - had very similar experience to Maveot. They spelled my son's name incorrectly, which created a bunch of headaches, and they had the gall to try to get me to pay $300+ to correct it. Luckily the airline did it for free in the end - but buyer beware, you get what you pay for with these guys. Won't be purchasing from them again (and I should note, this was for a basic return flight).

    • I needed Aunt Betty to make an adjustment for me, and while they did respond to e-mails quickly, they didn't do it right. I had to contact airline support at the end.

      Generally, if possible, once you purchased the tickets, use airlines' support system. Aunt Betty are able to sell tickets cheaper because they are pretty much online only and not much after sale service. Also, they are owned by Flight Centre (if I am not mistaken) so they can to use their ticket booking / purchasing system - hence they have the overall volume to get good price. In terms of actually getting tickets issued, I found tickets purchased through Aunt Better get issued quicker (whereas through flight centre - they seem to do them in batches).

      • That's if the Airline allows it. I know for a fact that Air New Zealand will not assist and inform you that you need to deal with the company that you purchased the tickets from.

    • Hi Maveot,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Aunt Betty has always had a Customer Care number available, this can be found on the website and also on your itinerary. The call centre is available 24/7, due to the high rate of emails it can take a longer period of time to receive a response via this contact method.

      Kind Regards,

      Aunt Betty

      • Basically have an issue, You're up to your own devices.

        What are pathetic excuse, much rather deal with other local companies who will price match

        Mann travel is one.

  • Need to book 2 overseas trips travelling in the next 6 months, getting upto 10% price variations depending on VPN/no-VPN, time of day, browsers session, skyscanner, direct with airline etc. Total mind fcuk. In the end this worked for me:

    Trip 1: $820 direct with the airline. With CR + AUNTBETTY-HOLIDAY30, it was $140 cheaper.
    Trip 2: CR to direct airlines is $60 cheaper, haven't booked it yet but direct airline wins here due to ease of use + miles and good cashback

    This is what I am trying:
    Narrow down to cheapest dates by doing a search for flexible flight dates on skyscanner
    Pick the lowest price including all booking/cc fees (sometimes not clear till you visit site)
    Then check direct airline in a new browser session
    Go to cashrewards and see if airline website has a cashback or middle-woman like AUNTBETTY has better offer.

    Its a bit of work but ROI on time is good

    • I find an incognito window can yield different results too, kinda bullsh*t that this is the length you need to go to to avoid price trickery. Pretty scammy.

    • Hi iDoNotExist,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Fare prices change consistently, this being in relation to airline yield and seat availability.

      Kind Regards,

      Aunt Betty

      • Hey Betty, fantastic to see you active on OzB. My comment re the price fluctuations is across the board with anything travel related specially with hotel/airfares I can never tell if I got a good deal. Despite some of the neg comments by other users, my experience with AB has been really positive so far. Ill keep you posted

  • +1 vote

    lol aunt-betty, good luck.

  • Is this $30 off applied to the whole booking, or per passenger booked for?

    • Whole booking. You get $30 off once.

      • So would it be possible to get the discount twice if we booked separately instead of as a couple? Is there any issues with doing it this way apart from being on separate itineraries?

        • May not get seats together (unless you pay for seat selection - also depends on the carrier, as some carriers still offer free seat selection at check-in), one may get bumped. Query whether it's worth saving $30 (if the flight is cheap enough, it probably is).

  • My cashrewards purchase didn't track, put in a claim and got denied due to using a coupon code not on their website. Should have gone with shopback instead.

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