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Entry Level Gaming PC: i3 9100F | RX 570 4GB: $499 + $29 Delivery @ Techfast


This system was posted by BA yesterday but I mucked up the pricing - we can go $100 lower on it. Definitely an entry level PC in terms of what we normally offer, but as people commented, it is more than capable of solid performance on today's popular titles.

Code MOARi3RX570 brings it to $499.

Spec: i3 9100F | RX 570 4GB | 8GB 2400MHz RAM | 120GB SSD | H310M Mobo | 550W PSU | Leaper Small Form Factor Case

Upgrades available on most components:
RX 570 4GB —> RX 580 8GB: $100
RX 570 4GB —> GTX 1660 6GB: $140
RX 570 4GB —> GTX 1660 Ti 6GB: $240
16GB RAM 2400MHz upgrade $99 + higher speeds available.
$29 to upgrade to 240GB SSD, $79 for 480GB.

Delivery $29.

We are also phasing out Biostar AMD cards so it's extremely likely you will receive a Sapphire.

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  • That's definitely better pricing. Sapphire cards as well - they're amongst the best (generally the best) of the AMD AIBs.

    By the way, you've got 5470 in the specs list (in the post).

  • How would this stack up against my old i5 3570, GTX 770?

    • UserBenchmark and other various sites say you'd be looking at around a 30-40% increase in GPU performance and I'd guess around a 25% bump in CPU performance. Overall it would definitely be a sizeable, noticeable upgrade. Could you get more gains for more $$$, yes of course, just depends on your budget.

      If you only have $500 to burn the main reason I'd recommend upgrading to this build for the price is you are investing in the newest architecture (e.g. you're currently stuck on DDR3) and the current upgrade path on your current build is pretty limiting. If you wanted to chuck a much more powerful CPU or potentially go to 16GB's down the track some day you'd have no problems with this build.

      It's a very nice base for potential future upgrades.

      • What would your recommendation be for <$800?

        • If you're gaming at 1080p I'd go with this deal:


          Upgrade the RX570 to the RX580 via the configurator and you've got a nice build that would last you a while at 1080p for under $800 (the Ryzen 3600 is significantly better than the i3), and also allow for future upgradeability on the new AMD platform. The 3600 is around 40% faster than your current CPU on UserBenchmark, which doesn't sound like a lot, but to put that into perspective going from the 3600 to a $600 i9 9900k is only a 15% increase…

          If you're only interested in getting the most bang for your buck there's always secondhand, but you won't find many 3600's on the used market at the moment.

          • @Oxenfree123: Same question really- what's your view about replacing this 6th Gen i5-6400 https://aldi.medion.com/md8804/au/?refPage=medion fitted with Sapphire Radeon HD4870 X2 graphics card, with this deal?

            • @alidli: Short answer is, Yes, this system will be a huge upgrade gaming-wise on your system. The long answer is you can save some money and get equal performance for around half the cost.

              Your situations a little different. The i5-6400 is a much newer chip than the i5-3570, it's no slouch even though its a couple of years old and won't bottleneck any sub-$1000 card. Your system really only needs a newer GPU and you'd have a great setup.

              That being said, without knowing too much about the Aldi Medion (like does it use a custom board, what's the PCIE slot situation etc..) I'd be pretty safe in assuming you'd be able to handle most dual-slot graphics cards so long as it has the right cables on the PSU. That's really going to be the most critical part, you're going to need probably 2 PCIE 6/8 PIN connector cables on that power supply to be beyond doubt it can handle any GPU you throw at it, which I doubt it has and I can't see that info listed anywhere online (given it's branded as a multimedia system I doubt they will have put a beefy PSU in it).

              That being the case any upgrade recommendation I could give would be based on the assumption you'd need to upgrade both your GPU and PSU. If that's something you're comfortable with grab a 80+ PSU around 500 watts (e.g. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45117/thermaltake-smart-...) and a second-hand RX580 for around $200 or anything above that and you'd have an awesome system that's fairly futureproof going forward for under $300.

              Sorry for the long-winded answer, just wanted to stress your situation its very dependant on your PSU and didn't want you to buy a GPU and be disappointed when your PSU doesn't support it.

              • @Oxenfree123: Thanks so much for the taking the time and providing a thorough answer, no use in spending several hundred dollars if current PC is OK- found some info on the innards of the Medion https://whrl.pl/RexHlV. Will go the upgrade route and may add an 8GB mem-stick

                PC stuff improves so quickly and if you've lost interest in reading all the latest computer articles, the knowledge you had becomes redundant.

                • @alidli: No worries, glad I could help. Nothing wrong with the i5-6400.

                  I also agree adding 8GB of Ram, would give you a nice bump (didn't want to assume budget), chuck in a newer GPU and you'll have a nice 1080p current system.

    • I'd save more for a better upgrade

    • Just grab an rx580 graphics card and your system should be able to run most games at 1080p near max quality. The rx580 can go as low as $220 if you can wait for a deal.

      Edit: Oh wow, that i3 9100 is a quad-core that boosts to 4.2ghz. Changed my post accordingly.

  • Great deal!

    Quick question, anyone know if the RAM config is 1x8GB or 2x4GB?

    EDIT - Website says 1x8GB

    • Any advantage or disadvantage between the two configs?

      • Using 2 sticks allows for the ram to run in dual channel which increases the available bandwidth. In games this translates to about 20-30% fps uplifts over a single stick setup and possibly more if the cpu is bottlenecking heavily.

      • Not a huge difference, but dual channel certainly gives you a bump.

        The main reason I was asking is I was assuming the board only had 2 slots for Ram, so 1x8GB is actually preferable in my opinion as down the line you can add another 8gb stick to upgrade to 16gb without needing a whole new set of Ram.

  • +7 votes

    Wow! at this price point there is pretty much no point in buying a second hand dell and putting a low profile graphics card in it (except most dells come with a windows license), this is a good 20% faster, and new.

    • don't think anyone's been doing the second hand dell for awhile now, these guys have been here awhile.

      People just keep falling for the fact that the dell systems have older i5's and that lures them in. Brand name/familiarity etc over actual performance boost and cost efficiency. Quite unlike an ozbargainer to do so but if it gives some people peace of mind then all them.

      • or even i7's, (which is what i get free from work, old stock) The i7 4770 are actually decent performers, pair them with a 1050 Ti and you actually have a decent low level gaming PC for 220 bux (thats if you can get the dell for free of course) or better yet the nvidia 1650 for 279.

        given i get them with 16GB of RAM, and 2x 256SSDs (as well as an optical drive) upgradablilty is Extremely limited, but they certainly get the job done.

        its only these last couple of generations that the older i7s have really noticeably fallen behind, that said they can still keep up with most modern games… specially when your talking GPU bound rather than CPU bound… (heck an onboard hd4000 can play eso on low settings)

        that said you could also Frankenstein them out of there case add a external power supply, decent graphics card and away you go again… better amd graphics cards.. etc…

    • $10 fixes that problem…

    • So it is a way to go for a very occasional player? :)

      • yes (with the cravat it depends on what your playing and what quality you want to play it on) , the above i3 system is fantastic for the price with some decent quality gaming, just upgrade the HDD at least 29 bux…

        the only thing your going to struggle with is the OS though…

        if your just playing simple games (or much older games), with lower settings, the dells may still be able do it at half the price.

        eg your not going to notice the difference in mindsweep.

  • Do you guys sell 4k Gaming monitors?
    Noticed the ones on the site but looking for 4k!

    • +2 votes

      Not at the moment. We're looking into suppliers though.

    • I've got a 4K monitor on my PC and they really aren't that great for gaming as they need serious GPU power to get decent frame rates.

      Personally I'd stick to the 1440p high refresh rate monitors for gaming.

  • Anyone noticed this deal may also qualify for choice cheapies ?

  • How are the 9100 processors for gaming?

    • Not too bad, but keep in mind it may or may not bottleneck if you plan on upgrading upwards in the gpu department. For this system, basically if you plan on staying at these specs its a good deal, if you have even the smallest inkling of wanting to upgrade buy something else. Literally everything in here needs to be replaced at some point. Maybe only the gpu is a decent off the shelf item.

  • just remember that not even an i5 3rd gen will bottleneck a modern gpu, i have an i5 760 quad core first or second generation of i5 i cant remember, it plays bfv on my gtx 1060 no problems, yes its nice to have a fast cpu but for gaming the gpu and ssd is more important, if you are on a budget that is

    • Theyre talking about 1080+ bottlenecking

      1060 is pretty much midrange these days

    • idk… i had a i5 3470 and it couldn't play bf5 for shit, had it paired with a RX 470.

      And the i5 760 is 1st gen

  • Is this better than the 369$ deal PC that Luke posted during the 10% off sale recently? Like what would be major differences? (I missed out on that one and waiting for another sub $400 deal but might pull trigger if worth it).
    Cheers fam.

  • And I though TA was only the only OZB'er famous enough to have his name shortened. Hat's off to you BA, it looks like you've officially reached Legend Status.

  • If i upgrade to an rx 580, would the i3 be a bottleneck?

  • This system good for fortnite?

  • $528 shipped.

    Looks a little less appealing when phrased this way.

  • Would this run well on Fortnite's recommended settings and would it be sufficient for streaming on Twitch while playing?

    The Fortnite system requirements for the best performance:

    Core i5 2.8 GHz processor
    8GB of system RAM
    Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
    2 GB VRAM

  • How good would this system be for something like Witcher 3 on 1080p?

    I'm fine with 30 fps but will it be able to run high-very high?

  • Recently read in the RACV Mag that there's a Not For Profit organization selling Refurb Laptops & Computers to Concession (low income, Student) for really good prices.

  • Just ordered one. Said that it's got a i3 9100f but then I ordered it and it said it's sending me an i3 8100?

  • You had a 2600 with a 570 for $30 extra. $260

    So this is objectively a bad deal in comparison

  • Bought computer, turned on. plugged in vga monitor and no output to vga monitor. Solution? Would've thought vga default would've been normal if nothing else is connected.

    • +1 vote

      i3 9100F doesn't have integrated graphics so you'll need to connect the monitor to the GPU ports (lower down on the case).

      • Spectacular. Will stop trying to organise it with vga monitors at work and just take it home use a real monitor

  • Didn't realize I needed to source my own windows 10 copy

    also i needed to push the pins in on the heat sink, was rattling a bit until i pushed the lower two pins in.

    are new computers not sold with windows 10 copies now?

    • at this price they aren't… I think they rely on people buying dodgy copies on eBay…

      • haven't had any issues with the eBay W10 deals for a few dollars.

        Someone else from OzBargain put me on to them.

        • they will be either VLK or MSDN keys, Im pretty sure this will be a volition of of the service agreement. So basically the same as getting a pirate copy of windows.

          probably better off just not installing it without a key and putting up with the nag screen.

  • Clicked on go to deal and tried to use the code? Doesn't work :s

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