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Gaming Desktop | AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RX570 4GB | 120GB SSD | 8GB RAM | Leaper Case | Free WiFi Adapter | $699 Delivered @TechFast


My first TA code from TechFast. Please note that TARYZEN basically gives you a $200 discount on any config of this system, so feel free to chop and change items. They were even kind enough to throw in a WiFi adapter at no extra charge. And delivered free anywhere in Australia. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Enjoy :)

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  • Love TA, and techfast been doing great deals.
    Happy to see them collabing at last :)

  • What the hell is a Biostar motherboard :|

    • My Pentium 133 had a biostar motherboard.

      • Still going strong I hope? :P

        These deals sound good on paper, but then I worry about all the components I'll have to replace anyway and it turns me off it. Would be great for just the home office/small gaming user I guess.

        I'd end up replacing, motherboard, ram, case, PSU, adding another SSD…..ugh I'll just build my own I think lol

        • Had the same revelation. Basically only worth buying for CPU+GPU, and if you want to get started gaming without shelling out the extras for the other parts initially. But definitely worth upgrading most parts in this.

        • Can be like that, vut the suggested upgrades are optimal things - the things that'd have you better off building your own anyways.

          These systems, IMO, are for those on a budget, casual users and the like. They're absolutely fantastic at that (speaking as someone who owns one, have only upgraded the memory and I'm not sure that was actually necessary)

        • Then this deal is simply not for you. The components given are reasonably reliable and price-to-performance-wise they're an excellent choice. There is no reason to replace them if you just want a basic midrange rig that works. Not everyone needs the latest motherboard chipset and 80+ gold psu.

        • I got the 8700 with the biostar build and it would not perform to it's full potential on the provided b360 biostar board. I could increase the power limit but then the board would get high temp which I was told is a risk and not covered by techfast warranty. If you dont want to fiddle around anything then techfast is the way to go.. but if u are competent in building a pc then 1) u will change the mobo and other component or 2) just build your own system which can get pretty close to the techfast deal.. of course you will have to scourge through ozbargain to get these component on there best price..

        • This should be OK for some 720p gaming, maybe just not on the highest settings.

          • @Major Mess: Don't be ridiculous. This build can play everything at 1080. How well it'll be at 4k though…

            • @Rodgort: I have crossfire RX580's and to get acceptable 1080 frame rates requires medium settings and that still means lots of sub 60fps. Where crossfire works I can mostly game at 1440p with medium setting but it is not a smooth experience with the same wild drops in frame rate. For a good experience you want a minimum of 20 more fps than you monitor refresh rate for a good experience. Single player and I can put up with the console like performance for some eye candy in games from the last few years, but I have been ready for an upgrade to RTX 2080 + performance for a long time. Even the RTX 2080 at 80Hz+ is pushing it for 1440p gaming let alone ultrawide at that res. Note I am running an I7-3770k so the newer cpu should help, but looking at benchmarks there is not much in the cpu performance.

              • @Major Mess: Hmm sounds like your cpu is bottle necking, I have Rx580 and rarely drops below 50 frames at 100hz 1080p. No problems playing at 1440 either, but usually just run max at 1080. It’s a great card.

    • +26 votes

      One of Asia's largest and although it hasn't been common in Australia for a few years they are the mainstay of our systems and we've sold thousands with excellent reliability. I'll leave performance for others to comment on.

      • Adding onto this, I used to have a H61MHB Biostar motherboard back in the Gen 2 Intel days - still works to this day. Bought a system from TechFast last year with their B350M motherboard, also no issues.

      • +3 votes

        Biostar is massive in Asia. Very common in OEM systems. I've bought Biostar mobod before and had no problems with them at all.

      • Not to mention updating bios and setting xmp profile is a breeze on Biostar Motherboards.

      • Luke - I need to plug in an M2 NVME drive into this or the 350 board. Either have ports for it?

    • My Athlon 700Mhz in 1999 had a Biostar motherboard and i overclocked it to 722Mhz… it was a beast of a CPU

      They make high end intel and AMD motherboards as well :)

    • So many MB manufacturers have come and gone. Use to love Epox when it came to bang for the buck. DFI had some amazing motherboards as well.

    • +1 vote

      its an alright board. i have one because i forgot to do the b350 upgrade. not something you'd keep forever.

    • Haha haven't seen biostar since 90's/early 2000's Pentium and Celeron days…
      Or earlier? Starting to think that was my pre-cursor to typing "C:\doom\doom.exe" as a kid.

      Or wolf
      Or keen
      Or Duke
      Or cc (Captain cosmic?)
      Or 4dbox
      Or Willy
      Or fuzzy
      Or we (wacky wheels baby!)

      Nostalgia overload

      • I really think we were all programmers as kids with our "cd /doom" DOS commands. - Kids these days have it so easy with their point and click lol.

        not to mention cheats are built into mods etc……..none of that IDKFA and IDSPISPOPD like we had to remember for Doom :P

    • A mobo/gpu manafacturer.

      They're a budget brand tmk, but they're seemingly reliable.

    • I got a biostar a320mh motherboard with a 2600. Works fine. 2600 clocks to 3.775ghz and u can still OC the ram.

    • Someone has probably bought the name, or rebooting it after a lull.

  • +16 votes

    Beauty, thanks TA. For everyone's info, 4 GPUs are offered here - RX 570 4gb, RX 580 8gb, and GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti.

    RTX Super rigs will follow later, and probably for pre-order until stock arrives. Ditto with R7 3700X.

    I've listened to feedback on previous posts and we now offer X570 mobo (available end of July) and 16gb and 32gb RAM @ 3200mHz.

    • I know you sell systems only but any plans to sell parts or just CPU/MOBO/RAM combos? i am planning to upgrade to ryzen 3 and have other parts already.

    • I’m really happy to hear this. I know RAM is an issue a lot of people have had with your builds. Very intrigued to see which X570 motherboards you use since there’s an Asrock one for just $269 at Scorptec,but I know a lot of people also wanted to see a B450 over a 350, since an X570 is quite a step up and a lot of people would be content with just a B450.

      • Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but there's not a huge difference between the B45M2 B350 and B450s?

        • B450s will probably be able to support Ryzen 4k CPUs where as Ryzen 3k CPUs on A320 isn't officially supported by AMD (but may be by the motherboard manufacturer).

        • Are you guys limited to using Biostar? Just had a look and I can’t find a B45M2 B450, maybe you were referring to the B450MH/C? Because there’s a big difference between the B45M2 and the B450GT3 if you guys can get that, but the MH doesn’t seem to offer much. Otherwise, pretty much any other brand has great B450 boards, MSI in particular has been making a killing off its Tomahawk board. But there’s a massive difference between the B45M2 and most B450 boards if you can manage to get a supply of them. Let me know if you’d like further clarification, because I’d love to see you guys with a great B450 offering.

      • Not a great MB apparently (due to the heatsink on the VRMs).

    • Thanks Luke, any 5700 and 5700XT builds on the Horizon?

    • What power supply is installed rep?

      • From the listing, a 550w PSU, with upgrades available for a 700w for $39 and an 850w 80+ Gold for $249. Likely Allied (their partner) or Cougar sometimes though brands vary depending on their stock.

      • +3 votes

        We use Allied (what can be referred to as generic), or supplier branded ones like Aywun for 550/750. The 850W upgrade is Thermaltake, Corsair or similar. We are installing Corsair RM850X in systems at the moment but ghat can and does change.

        • Thanks but I learned the hard way not to use generic psu's and cheap out on it. They are the beating heart of any computer.

          I do realise though cost has to be saved somewhere and it's hard what component gets the short straw.

          • @Skinnerr: Well Techfast offers 1-Year warranty on the build so you have 366 days to upgrade the PSU before it fries your system :)

            • @Zazer: That's well and good, but my $70 antec has a 25 year warranty. It's definitely worth it to spend an extra 30-40 bucks for a decent one.

              • @Skinnerr: All I was saying is that you have a year until it’ll need an upgrade. So not an issue for a while. I would definitely upgrade it within 6 months.

                • @Zazer: Why upgrade at all? Why not buy a better one off the bat? Upgrading something you just bought is just wasted money.

                  • @Skinnerr: Because for the package it’s worth it to get it all installed and setup with the other components, for someone who’s not experienced with PC’s. Then they have a year to get confident and swap it out. Not sure what you’re saying, you don’t get to pick and choose to buy a better one with Techfast, they’re all mystery items.

                    • @Zazer:

                      Not sure what you’re saying, you don’t get to pick and choose to buy a better one with Techfast

                      Woops, I thought rep said you could.

              • @Skinnerr: You sure 25 years warranty? Usually top range offer 10-12 years only.

        • I been using that generic PSU with my 2600/RX 580 for about 4+ months now, plenty of heavy gaming and it has not blown up, so thats something!

    • It's so good to a store listen and accommodate what the people are asking for.
      You guys deserve success :)

    • You'll get a sale from me when 3200mhz ram is available. Looking forward to it!

      • But 3200MHz RAM is available, the rep said, "I've listened to feedback on previous posts and we now offer X570 mobo (available end of July) and 16gb and 32gb RAM @ 3200mHz."
        If you click on the link you'll see:

        16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) $169.00
        32GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 16GB) $299.00

        Guess TechFast can put you down for a sale now!

        • Ouch, those RAM prices are pretty steep, not gonna lie. Still, juice promised!

      • 16 and 32gb at 3200MHz is available now. I can Probs add 8gb if you need that? Bear in mind it's only on this particular system at the moment.

    • Reckon we'll see the 5700/xt cards when the custom versions from AIBs drop? They're pretty excellent deals store wise - not sure if that's the same case for yous when you buy them - and would probably be pretty great paired with the 3600/3700x.

      *Just saw your other post, great to see.

  • Was not expecting it to come out of TA, but not complaining! Fantastic price :)

  • Been following Techfast's eBay deals for a while, what's really put me off is the lengthy shipping times (3-4 weeks estimated).

    Has anyone purchased a PC via there website? Are the shipping times the same?

    Great prices though.

    • Typical turnaround is around one week, where’d you get the 3-4 weeks from? they had a period during Christmas time last year where there were delays but those have been fixed. Shipping times shouldn’t differ from their website. There’s a thread where people leave their experiences with Techfast, here’s the link.

    • I believe the turnaround time is around 1 week now. I got mine just over a week I believe, but I did get it delivered to my work which was outside metro so was kinda expecting it to be couple days more than usual

  • I got my 1660ti system from a deal a while back, had some issues to start with but Luke and his team were very helpful and still no complains so far (except I think now I spend too much time on gaming) one thing worth noting is that the wifi dongle that comes with the system isn't that great and I had to buy my own from ebay to reach max speed (100mbps), but free is free and at least it will get you started!

  • Need a decent Office PC that is capable of running Acrobat Pro and Photoshop without causing my Outlook to grind to a halt. I was considering one of the Dells on eBay, but this is a good offering from Techfast.

    • This would be more than capable. You could go cheaper if you’re not intending to do significant gaming, with a 2200G. Ryzen 3000 isn’t for everyone, especially those not gaming. But if you want to do some light to moderate gaming then this would be perfect.

    • You need more ram. Upgrade to 16, preferably 32 and you will be ok.

    • You still need to factor in more RAM, storage space and a Windows licence.

  • If you need a wi fi adapter on the cheap, most old android phones support USB tethering with a cable plugged into it.

    • What?? That’s not the same thing. Tethering using mobile hotspot is not the same as connecting to wifi. Besides, wifi adapters are literally $20.

      • I've noticed that some people think that Wi-Fi=Internet access. Or Wi-Fi adapter=4g dongle

      • Unless the phone is connected to the local wifi network, which I assume is what he was talking about.
        If he is using USB, it is not mobile hotspot.