This was posted 2 years 5 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wolf Blass `Blass` Shiraz 2016 6x750ml ($15ea Elsewhere) $36 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


Using the POSTIE code, you can get 6 bottles of this SA Shiraz for $6 a pop delivered.

Seems like good value - a quick Google search shows it currently available at BWS for $15.00.

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    You win this round.

  • good deal!

  • Nice drop for the money.

  • Thanks op.

  • Just when I was out of wine! Great! Thanks!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Got one thanks

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    This one's a decent price as well. $18 @ BWS, $5.33 ebay

    Don't really like prosecco though

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      Prosecco is the new rosè it seems

    • Bought this one, not sure if I like Prosecco but I'll give it a go.

    • Got this one as the posted one has expired. Thanks guys!

  • One for me, thanks

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    code POSTIE doesn't seem to be working. get an error applying it 'This code can't be applied to your order'…

    UPD: incognito mode helped, weird though

  • Just recently got a box of these (Moscato for the missus) from buying a Bosch oven at HN.

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    I think this is also a reasonable deal for a Pinot/Rose which will be nice chilled once the weather warms up.

    • That's a blast from the past.

      On bottom of ebay description it mentions cartons or label could have water damage, maybe that's why so cheap?

      Worth a shot and sold out at for much more $ than this offer.

  • Where do i enter code?

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      On the keyboard

      • What if I don’t have a keyboard?

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      Had our u.s post pox registered as main address. All good worked it out with my keyboard cheers!

  • Good deal, thanks for posting

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    Was just looking for some cooking red.


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      Did I read "cooking wine" so is that what is for 😂

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        Yeah. Crack open a bottle when I cook. Sometimes, I even put some in my food.

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    Don't forget 1% cashback via ShopBack app! 'Postie' is an eligible coupon code for cashback.

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    Thanks! Really interested to see what this one is like - I try to keep a few cheaper "second bottles" on hand for when you've finished the nicer bottles but don't want to waste the good stuff on drunk guests.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a couple of cases!

  • thx op copped a case, these are great for gifts

  • Got one set for gift

  • bws have it for $10.50 in Melbourne

    • Have a link? I couldn't find it in any BWS stores in Melbourne online.

      • Dandenong South and Doveton

        • Thanks, so looks like it's not as great of a deal as OP makes out.

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            @SnakeDoc: So $63 per 6 vs $36 per 6 is a bad deal? Hmmm. Happy to sell you mine for $50.

            • @swalloweda: Have you or someone you know and can rely on even tasted this wine. Looks like a fairly new experimental blend under the Blass/Wolf Blass stable, so could be hit or miss. A lot of wines up to $15-$20 can still be disappointing and not represent good value for what you might expect. On the other hand if you know what your tasting and don't mind trying and experimenting with lot's of brands/labels/varieties/vintages, then you can find really decent wines below $15, even below $10, and for a mid week quaffer even $7 or less. I have never tasted this wine, and have never had a bad bottle of Wolf Blass or Eaglehawk ( also made by Wolf Blass and only $5.95 each @ Dans ), but just don't expect it to be a winner $15 or even $10 wine.

              • @ozhunter68: You totally missed the point. I was responding to @Snakedoc, who said it's not such a good deal as it was available at $10.50 a bottle elsewhere rather than the OP's $6. At $6 it's worth a punt for a recognised brand, but to say paying 40%+ more makes the original price somehow less of a bargain is… well, ridiculous. Which price would you rather pay? $72 a dozen or $126?

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                  @swalloweda: Cheers. I did not miss the point at all, regarding the numbers that is. Most of the time people prefer to pay less and like to see how high price can be and then feel like they saved more, like a true OzBargainer.

                  But my point was that the amount of $ you pay for a wine often does not define quality. So you could be better off paying full/normal price $7 for a decent bottle over a half price $7 ( down from $14 ) that is not living up to it's $7 price, let alone $14.

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                    @ozhunter68: Inspires me to start an Ozbargain dating app.

                    Suitor 1: Weighs 80KG (was 85)
                    Suitor 2: Weighs 80KG (was 160!!) SOLD OUT

                    • @Ulysses31: I like it, funny :-).

                      Only problem with going for the 80KG(was 160) is the possible stretch marks, so safer sticking to suitor 1.

                      Similar possible conclusion from my annalists above for the wine lol.

  • I can't seem to find this at Dan Murphy's? Anyone have any other price link comparisons? Wonder if it's really that good of a deal. That BWS link doesn't have it in any Melbourne stores.

    Also pretty average rating on vivino 3.1

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    Any deals on Brown Brothers Dolcetto

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    Any bargain on beers?

  • If anyone interested , good price for a single malt whiskey (67.95) . Selling 99.95 at DM!3134!AU!-1

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    Google shows Wolf Blass Blass Shiraz 2016 $10.50 at my local BWS. While technically speaking it is a bargain, I'll probably give it a miss - life is too short :-)

    • How does this one compare to a bin 555? That's my favourite cheap shiraz

  • Last eBay dozen was shithouse quality, these ones aren't the best tasting wine you'll get on discount. Good for cooking, midweek drink I guess?

    • Just wondering which wine you got last time that was not so good. I passed on this one too today, although that rose above could be worth a shot for spring lol.

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        RRP189! OVER 3600 SOLD! Australian Red Mix Wine Case Featuring Yellow Tail Shiraz (12x750ml)

        • +1

          Thanks. I'll avoid that one lol.

          I used to live a few Kl. away from the original Yellowglen Winery in Smythesdale 17 Kl. outside Ballarat when we used to wake up early in the morning from the huge wind turbines to blow away the frost in the early 1990's before they sold out to Mildara wines and gradually became more commercial and introduced cheaper lower quality wines, now down to the Yellowtail, which is only related by the name "Yellow" to the original quality vineyard.

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    i bought 6 x 6 thanks

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    I bought at grays online direct for $20 after using coupon code and still nervous about it being value for money

    • Great value

      Very drinkable and much better wine then others iv had at similar RRP

  • Showing OOS for me now

  • It is back in stock.

  • Aust Post very hit and miss with deliveries, expect to drive to the post office and collect it yourself.

    • I got a text from auspost saying that the seller has requested signature on delivery is necessary. I'm guessing because it's booze.

  • What's your fav cheap red wine?

    • Aldi duriff

  • +1

    Arrived today. Have a glass on the go now. A bit bland, lacking depth, but smooth enough. Definitely one to drink at home rather than seeking to impress.

    • Got mine today as well - for $6 a bottle I wasn't expecting much, but it's good enough for a couple of glasses on a weeknight.

  • Can't tell if bad wine or the bottle went bad. Has a sour taste and made a loud pop when I opened it.

    • I'd say it's gone off. But strange for a screw cap to go off.

  • Mine arrived today.
    I'm no connisuer but it's a perfectly acceptable drinking wine. Certainly not vinegar.
    I'm fact, I've found myself with an empty bottle very quickly!
    Absolute bargain at $6 a bottle.

  • Got mine today, very decent, lots of licorice and berry taste. Lol at the person above recommending Eaglehawk above this. This is quite decent.

  • I got mine yesterday. Having a glass now. Definitely not a great wine. Its a $6 bottle and I got what I paid for. I think they should almost give it away.

    • What's the cheapest red wine you recommend?

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